What DO these Symbols Mean?

The Angel Chatter™ Archangel Oracle Cards are amazing even me and I created them!

“Why?” you ask.

They are accurate. Even when I do ‘Quick and Dirty’ phone readings on radio shows, the cards are extremely accurate and thought provoking according to all the listeners that are calling in.  Many have left the show to quickly pop to our website to purchase their own deck immediately!  At expos, at least 90% of the folks that walk by to test drive them crack up with the accuracy – aka the kick in the pants reminder they get with just one card.

Then we go on to the symbols…

The symbols, which were give to me and a friend one evening continue to unveil their meaning and the depth of support ‘the gang’ has for all of us.  As you may be aware, the deck has 44 cards and within those 44 cards are 14 archangels.  Each of those archangels now has their own symbol that is exclusive to this oracle card deck.

Funny thing about these symbols, I completely know they are not of my doing.  I’m all about round and softness.  These symbols are very angular.  They, I now know, are reminiscent of Rune Symbols.  This is odd, for me, since I have never studied runes and have only recently have come to know about them.  Unlike runes, the Angel Chatter™ Archangel’s symbols are drawn in one motion.  Each symbol starts with a circle/dot and ends with a hash mark.

When they were conceived, I wasn’t sure why on this either, but simply followed the gang’s lead.  There is a method to the madness!  After the symbols settled in, the cards got printed, and started to sell, I finally had a moment to sit with them.  What DO they mean?  WHY are they important?  Oh boy what a charged question!  Let’s use Archangel Raphael’s symbol for our example.

You start deep in your growth; dig deep, dig deeper and shoot up to the light. This is symbolic for shooting up in your growth, your self-esteem, your empowerment.  Ah perhaps there is a set back that slides gently down and could drop you once again, but not needing to go as deep as you originally did.  The energy finally shoots up and out as you become the most beautiful authentic self possible.


Te Certification Course is currently a work in progress for those of you wishing to take the cards deeper into your world.  As always, I wish to give you the most bang for your buck and these symbols just haven’t stopped talking since the door has opened!

For now, simply remember, that you are loved always and in all ways.

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2 Responses to What DO these Symbols Mean?

  1. Driven to your blog through your guest post at Yogaindeals.com. Loved the way you presented about symbols. Keep going with your good works.

    • admin says:

      Glad you found us Stephanie! We’ve kicked things up a bit and have decided to blog at least twice weekly. Every Tuesday is ‘Ask An Angel Tuesday’. So post your questions here or send them to us directly – you never know what the angels want to chat about!


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