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15 Coins - Angel Chatter

Here we are; one year since lockdown became a universal term that everybody got to experience. 

As predicted, the ugly surfaced from within. Whether we wanted to, or not, our shadow side came out. Our fearful inner demons reared their heads. 

Some of us lashed out in public ways. 

Some of us lashed out by not lashing out and kept it internal where it festered. 

Some of us cried it out. 

Some of us picked up a new hobby to avoid it.

Tactics far and wide were implemented to avoid thinking and remembering to ultimately become empowered. 

Then as things began to lift; vaccines becoming more easily distributed, hope began to loom.


Then Mercury hit in its retrograde dance. For most of us, it was an ugly dance. Elaine Bennett from Seinfeld danced better compared to this dance. 

Retrograde ended, a light dawned, and now a full moon and her energy is fast approaching this Friday, February 26. This moon brings with her a Clean Up Your Act energy. 

In other words, there is more work to be done. 

Enter 15 Coins

This is something I hashed out with my sister recently, who also has her own business. You may choose however many coins you wish for any given day. However, once your amount has been decided upon, stick with it. No early withdrawals or deposits accepted. There is no interest in this bank, accrued or otherwise. You need not spend all 15 in a day, but you can spend no more.

As each day dawns, no matter your planned itinerary, things can change based on the life and your energy for that day. 

  • Perhaps you didn't eat well and slept fitfully. 
  • Perhaps you slept like the proverbial log and have ample energy.
  • Perhaps you woke up and felt like Chatty Cathy.
  • Perhaps you woke up and have no desire to chat with anyone all day long.
  • Perhaps...

With all of these, and much more, things often don't go according to plan affecting your energy. However, you have 15 coins to spend throughout the entire day, so spend them wisely. 

Each coin holds equal amounts of energy. Each coin, once used, is returned for tomorrow's experience. 

Spending of Coins

Let's say you have a person in your life that is draining your energy. Perhaps they are argumentative, irrational, whiny, and cling to you like a life preserver. These kinds of relationships take multiple coins. For they are draining. 

Perhaps you go for a walk with a friend and return home refreshed. No coins were used in this transaction!

Perhaps you have many things to accomplish, and each task, while exciting, can be draining of your energy. Coins disappear, depending on the energy spent for each. 

Perhaps there are people or groups of people on social media that work you up. Feelings of anger, frustration, disbelief, and so on are felt with each post. Coins disappear.

Looking at puppies, dancing baby goats, or uplifting videos make you feel good. No coins disappear; unless you feel guilty afterward for not getting done what you had set out to do and 'frittered away the time watching baby goats frolic.' Then? Coins disappear. 

How to Use Your Coins

As already mentioned, you have assigned the number of coins you wish to spend regularly. Before you get too excited, you cannot have 100 or 50 coins per day. Keep it simple. Keep the count relatively low.

Sacred Scribes, my favorite number website, shares '15' is about making positive choices and manifesting our highest ideals and dreams. Fifteen encourages you to use your tenacity to achieve what you desire. Personally? I'll stick with 15. You do you and pick the number right for you. 

I LOVE my clients. I chatted with two mentees today and a single session client who is becoming a mentee. I LOVE and ADORE these goddesses. however, through the channeling work, I do for each of them, they withdrawal coins from my bank. That is an immediate three gone from today's total. If they are a whiny client, more coins disappear. 

I'm worried about a daughter in Texas. More coins disappeared. Our daughter-in-law is having a weird reaction to a vaccine—another withdrawal. My parents had their second shot today; another two withdrawn. My husband also got his vaccine today; you got it, another withdrawal. While excited that it is now better protected, there is always a concern about side effects. 

Therefore, today, I've had a withdrawal of eight coins, based on what has been shared here. There are a few more also gone, but that is more private. Currently, I have four coins left for today. Not bad since it is mid-afternoon. 

What is the PURPOSE of 15 Coins?

This is most definitely Archangel Chamuel's doing. Remember, Chamuel is the Angel of Self Love. This entire coin thing about honoring you, your energy, Every. Single. Day.

That's what it is all about. 

Suppose some relationships drain you—best start honoring you more. When we celebrate our time more, we always get more respect ultimately. Initially, it may not go according to plan because you are altering how you present yourself to the world at large. It is a form of detoxification. Just like if you cut down on sugar, you go through a detoxing process. As long as you stick to the plan, the results you desire can be achieved. Promise. 

By allowing yourself 15 coins, or whatever number you have chosen, you naturally become more selective of how you chose to interact with anyone, in person or online. 

THAT is self-love. THAT is putting your needs and dreams in the light. Perhaps not the spotlight, yet, but it starts with acknowledgment. 

Can you do this?

Of course, you can. 

I look forward to hearing how your 15 Coins alter, or not, your life going forward. 

Until next week dear Goddess, remember - YOU are remarkable!

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