2021 = Year of Grace

2021 = Year of Grace - Angel Chatter

As you may know, The Gang, aka the Angelics, offer a word for the upcoming year. This is a word we can individually as well as collectively call upon as a constant reminder in our own evolutionary/ascension path. They have been offering their word to me for the past five or six years. Honestly, I cannot remember when it started. It was one of those patterns and routines that just snuck in and wasn't aware that it would BEcome an annual event when it started. 

A bit more of the back story. Many of you also know about Gabi, our yogi doodle who left two plus years ago. She was and still is, an instrumental part of my business and way of thinking thanks to her name and all around yogi-ness vibe. She taught all who knew her personally, or through me, that Grace Always BEgins Inside. She plays a part in this 2021's word.


Let's face it, 2020? Shitshow no matter which side of the political line you dance with. No matter what. We've all been collectively been told to 'Stand in the Corner and Think About What You've BEen doing.' Did you argue with the corner standing, or comply?

We've had ample, AMPLE opportunity this year to reflect. Check our bellybuttons for lint, and reflect deeper.

Hoping you have listened and pondered; a LOT. 

Why? Remember 2020 IS the Year of Allowing. How much have we allowed ourselves to delve deeper and listen broader? This is not listening to those we are already in alignment with, but views from other camps - no matter if political, witchy, new 'teacher' etc. but LISTEN with an open mind and heart. For when one listens, one is more easily able to see the truth and non-truths in all situations. It is when one is only listening to what is already in their belief system that anger typically ensues and a closed mind and heart follow close behind. 

Why is this important? To BE open? IF you aren't deliriously happy with your life at this exact moment, change is desired. Change is only able to filter in when one listens to new concepts, ideas and BEgins to allow shifts to occur. One BEgins to implement the change from within. One BEgins to allow possibilities, new concepts and ideas to BEcome part of the 'What IF' arena.

What IF I did this or that? What IF they were right? What IF I didn't do this or that? What IF ...

Allow. It is this allowing that heralds in the new. 

Those are that steeped in anger and more at this moment are certainly not allowing. They are are of the belief, based on their outward actions, that they are the only ones correct. Period. 

Now we all know that isn't true, right? We are, after all, human! Humans are far from perfect, BEing that we are indeed perfectly imperfect. Which takes us back to allowing new ideas, concepts, ways to BE to enter. 

They challenge you again. Will you allow?

There is certainly still time

2020 is not over, true we are in the last quarter, but since time is but an illusion, we collectively as well as individually, have time to shift. 

Shift into allowing. Shift more into BEing. Shift back to our authentic self. 

Ahh... therein lies the ticket. Shifting back to ourselves. For when blame is placed on another for our perceived misfortunes and plot in life, who is the common factor? Not sure? Go look in the mirror. 

It's that simple. If we are not content with how our life is running at the moment, the tough love that comes from, well the heart, is that each one of us is responsible for how we can run our lives. Yes, there may be some things out of our control, but we have much control in our personal life and it's up to each one of us to hire a mentor, take a class, meditate, exercise and more to BE empowered.


Please say yes to you and allow the new to enter, no matter how minute the shift.


Hopefully by now you are pondering a bit about your own life and what may happen going forward into the new year. 

If not, I apologize for not wing slapping more eagerly. 

Think about how you have been 'beaten up' this year. Not only you, but all of humanity. In many ways we are experiencing a breakdown of the highest order. This breakdown was necessary. Necessary in the sense that as we BEgin to put pieces back together, we use new pieces.

Pieces more filled with LOVE. 

Pieces more filled with Joy.

Pieces more filled with the essence of BEing.

In other words, Grace.

Grace is not just a ballet term where one can effortlessly twirl, leap and more. Grace is a state of BEing. You may desire to use more medically related terms such as homeostasis. That is a state of BEing in the physical where all organs are running in union and harmony.

But it comes down to Grace.

Allowing one's self to BE.

Allowing one's self to sit quietly.

Allowing one's self to imagine what the world could be if things changed, but owning that it starts with each individual committing to change. Change from the inside out. Living with JOY, for you may chose JOY right this very moment. Yes, in the midst of the chaos 'out there' you can chose JOY.

Will you allow it to enter?

Only YOU can answer that question. Only you. 

Going Forward

While Gabi may BE gone physically, she will be making many appearances in the coming months as will The Magdalene.

What a combination!

Gabi, her name is the acronym for Grace Always Begins Inside. Wouldn't it stand to reason she will be a constant reminder of Being? Of course she is. If you have a dog in your world, you know this only too well. Pay attention.

The Magdalene? This is another ballgame altogether. Our journey, hers and mine, has been unfolding for well over a decade and I am finally owning that she is a large instrumental part of my life and how through her actions, words and channeling I can empower others; just like you. 

For she empowers me. She is the epitome of Courage. She is the poster 'child' for perseverance. She is Grace Walking personified. For she never gave up her mission. She never stopped; never. It is through her a new card deck, book and full on course will Begin to emerge in the coming year. 


For now, sit with Grace. If you are unsure of what it feels like, ask Michael to stand guard while you explore. Allow yourself to settle in. Place your hands over your heart and allow that vice that has been placed over your heart in the thoughts of protection to pry open. Allow that openness, no matter how small to BEcome permanent. Allow the tears, no matter how small to confirm the steps you are now owning and taking will help to catapult you further along your path, more than you realize. 

The crazy ride will continue, but if you own you, it BEcomes much easier.



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