Take a breath, it's all going to be A-Ok

Dearest Chatterers ~

It's seems like we are always getting the news, 'it's time', 'get ready', 'your desires are heard' and yet nothing seems to be moving forward.

While it may seem that way, rest assured that all IS moving forward. your desires are being heard and acted upon and much, much more behind the scenes is going on. More than any of us mere mortals may ever realize.

Take these ever poignant moments and revel in the sweetness that life is offering you. I was recently visiting my folks and we had a blast doing a whole lot of nothing for a few days. We went blueberry picking, eating more than we actually bagged as you can tell below.


We took daily walks with the pups, Gabi & Gus chatting away being ourselves. We noticed loads of birds; the mockingbird serenaded us daily with his vast array of songs; frogs, crickets, robins and much more. It really does fascinate me how well they mimic life's music.The dogs would frolic on Magnolia Lane in the open fields resulting in Gabi never happier coming out filthy and smiling from shaggy ear to shaggy ear.


We ate copious amounts of food; clams, Smith Island Cake (sorry no pictures, will try better next time), fresh cantaloupe and more. Swam daily at the pool. I left there after one week feeling very rejuvenated. Much needed rejuvenation after our first major trade show; The Atlanta Gift Show.


as  you can tell - we were so not in Kansas any more! Imagine three buildings, each over ten floors PACKED with companies selling their wares to businesses across the country. This connects back to my opening; getting close, desires heard, etc. While the world was not waiting for Angel Chatter to arrive (Horrors I know), we did make sales, we did make incredible contacts of stores that I've been eyeing for years and there are some large companies very interested. It's just taking the step forward, allowing us to be seen and knowing what you have to offer, no matter what it may be, has great value. Disappointed? Initially I must admit yes. (I like to keep it very real), but discouraged? Not at all. Taking the time afterwards to regroup and rejuvenate is just what the angels ordered. We are now back home and orders are coming in because we believe in all Angel Chatter stands for;

inspiration and empowerment to live life on your terms


It's why I create each and every product. To help inspire and empower you. Help you live life on your terms, not anyone else's. If you haven't noticed our newest offerings and caught wind of the second edition of the oracle deck, check it all out. My favorite of the moment are our Sun Drops; Sun Catchers with Intention:



Take a few moments, connect and chat with the angels. Not sure whom to chat with? Doesn't matter if you know their name or not. Just begin to chat. Trust me, they take no offense of you not knowing their name, However, the more you chat with them and listen, you will begin to discern their names and much more.

All you have to do is listen.



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