2016 - Year of Transparency

2016 - Year of Transparency

2016 = Year of Transparency


It's been rather 'funny' lately, the angels keep sharing with me the theme for our upcoming year. It went from Authentic, to many other things that I can no longer remember. Why are they so indecisive? Well they really aren't! The reason for the constant changing of meanings is that we keep changing energetically.


Don't get me wrong, we've much to experience and learn from still, but the masses are tired of the 'old' and ready for REAL.

What is real? That is a very loaded question, wouldn't you agree? Pay attention to the upcoming months; who succeeds who seems to fall from grace of the masses. It's all becoming clearer and clearer who is speaking truth, who is ready to retire, who is speaking in webs - basically fear to hold you in that state of un-grace.

It's time for grace to begin anew. It's time for all to embrace who they are and what they are here. Gabi certainly does. Remember, her name is an acronym for:


Grace Always Begins Inside

 Gabi - Grace Always Begins Inside

This beautiful yogi dog has inspired many, including me, to be true to themselves. It's through her innocence, her joy and yes her love that continues to affect everyone she meets.

Are you ready to be transparent and let us see YOU? Are you ready to receive what you desire? 

Are you ready to be you?


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