Actions Matter

Actions Matter
Hopefully, by now, you are leaning in and permitting yourself to shift your mindset and energy so you can live your dreamy, magical life. 
It's time to take action that is not busywork.
Before you go off and purchase the next ten LOA (Law of Attraction) books that show up on your feed, or purchase the next best crystal (so many from which to choose!), or ….
Listen to what you need. 
Often it is best to pull back momentarily to remember. That's a form of action. As a society, we've been trained and programmed to keep busy and excel in all we do. That, of course, is not possible. Setting aside time for reflection is equally important as doing.
It's time to remember your whys. 
Why do you desire this or that? 
Pull out a piece of paper and give it a headline of just one desire. 
Now write.
Why do you desire it? Start your sentence with the word 'because.'
Complete the sentence.
Write Why
Because I...
Rinse and repeat until you have illuminated why you desire 'it.'
You shall reach the root of this particular why and the ultimate motivation may surprise you. 
Sit with this perhaps new-found knowledge and then ask yourself what sort of action/inaction will help you experience this with the greatest of ease. 
It must BE noted at this time to ask yourself this question:
Are my desires selfish
Do they also enhance the lives of others?
Let's use the desire to win the lottery. While it may sound quite selfish to some, if you use a portion of your winnings to empower another, winning the lottery jackpot could benefit others. You could start a scholarship fund, a charitable organization, support your local food bank, etc. There are many ways to assist a worthy cause(s).
Suppose you desire to improve your health. This most certainly benefits others. Why? It naturally enhances your relationships. You feel more vivacious, and that effortlessly exudes onto all you encounter. As you feel more energized, you experience a new level of self-love and naturally have more to offer to those you Love. 
If you desire a new car, consider the ease that has entered your life. Your car is reliable! It is comfortable to drive. You may use that car to transport others, carpool, help a friend in need, haul stuff, etc. 
You see, even though you desire it, it can help others!
Yes, BE true to yourself and your dreams, but I strongly suggest you also look beyond and how it may be of service to another.
Once you go a bit deeper with this in mind, how you will experience/manifest your dreams into reality can become much more accessible. 
You have begun to open the funnel a bit wider to permit the flow to you. 
Now you are in a better frame of mind to gently be guided to take action. 
Let's get started.
If you feel you are still waffling, I don't know my whys, and what I want to have or how I wish to BE arena, I strongly suggest you grab The Being You Journal
Based on reviews, this journal helps you remember more about yourself and your whys and lovingly lets your sparkle, well, sparkle. The journal offers daily prompts that take you on a self-discovery journey so you can remember your gifts, power, and, most importantly, Love towards yourself. 
I go back to this journal annually to remember and peel back another layer, ready to step forward so I may inspire and empower more people across the globe. See? I just don't sell stuff; I practice what I share. 
It takes moments a day to sit, reflect and write. Aren't you worth a few moments of your time so you can live life on your terms? I know you are.
Moving on.
Let's say you are clear on the above and are ready for your next step.
One of my favorite manifesting tools is something I call The Future Present Journal. Grab a clean notebook that makes you smile and that you can dedicate yourself to this purpose and this purpose alone. 
Let's chat about romantic Love. Say you wish to enhance your romantic relationship or have one. 
The protocol is quite simple:
Feel the feels. Feel the Love pouring out from another, just for you. 
Write what it feels like down in your journal. 
  • Write it in the present tense.
  • Write every detail down; scents, sights, what you hear; music, words, utensils as you eat, the hum of the dryer, etc. 
Do this daily.
Each day may vary. Never force your pencil/pen to move. This is imperative. Sometimes what you think you desire isn't really it. Sometimes it is merely a launching pad to something better suited for you. Allow your soul to speak to you through the mighty pen. 
Sometimes you may write a similar scenario over and over again. Keep going. Frequently it is in nuances that the magic happens. 
As you know, we moved to our forever dream home over a year ago. It has everything and more we desire; a transom (window/opening over a doorway), pocket doors, proximity to woods in which Zeke and I wander, first-floor living, and, oh, the gardens! 
You get the idea. 
It's our home. 
It took us more than a few years to create this beauty as ours. 
It took consistent work/play/dreaming on our end. We used our imagination. We watched countless home improvement shows and discussed what we liked and didn't like. We looked at maps - where did we want to land? 
Some things were a given; soaking tub, spaciousness, and being close to family (no airplane rides for us). 
We cast a net wide and zeroed in. We talked, wrote, and dreamed. 
The house fell into our lap as the housing market exploded and final prices exceeded the asking price. We strolled in and got our home way under asking.
It was ours, and she was waiting for us. 
So is your dreamy life. 
What actions you take help to not only align you better but open the doors wider. 
Money is always a hot topic; everyone desires more. 
To create more money, let's look at how you currently are spending your money. 
I am constantly shocked by the lines of the fast food places. If this is you, you may get annoyed with me here; I send the message with Love. You can make a quicker, more healthy meal for less money than what you are in line for. It takes a bit of planning as a harried person, it feels like this is one thing you don't have; time, but you have more than you realize. You could meal plan and meal prep on Sunday. Making your meals during the week much more effortless. Back in the day (how I have yearned to use that term!) I would purchase a chicken roaster and bake it on Sunday. I ate that bird Monday through Friday for lunch at work. Dinner varied, but I saved thousands by bringing lunch throughout the year. 
We all desire nice things. But do you need all of it? Indeed, feel free to shop online, but before you purchase, wait 24 hours. Unless it is something you ran out of; vitamins, etc. Sometimes that urge to buy whatever is in your cart is forgotten a day later. That is your soul telling you it's not needed. 
It may be better to spend more on less. Higher quality items will last longer. For example, I've shoes that have been resoled at least twice, and there are no signs of them wearing out. 
Think before you spend. Take half of what you would spend and put it in a separate place to save for your car, pay off a bill, that dreamy vacation, etc. 
These actions put you in the driver's seat and keep your dreams front and center. 
I've also read stories where people who desired to BE rich would go to one charming bar in a hotel. They would order one drink and savor it. As they nibbled on the free bar goodies, they watched the rich saunter through and felt themselves there one day. They didn't do this just once, but it was a ritual as often as their wallet allowed. They stayed focused and wished to live this kind of life.
Guess what? One day came, and they remembered.
It's putting yourself in your future, feeling it, and knowing it is lighting up your soul. 
You can do this too. 
It takes a bit of creativity. 
Perhaps working more closely with Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation, and creating your Heaven on Earth reality. It's why she/he/they prompted me to create The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation - a hyperlink so you can access tools that have helped us personally to create and live our dreamy life. I still use these very tools, by the way. 
It takes breaking the mold and stopping doing what you've been doing, especially if life isn't going according to plan. 
Remember one of Einstein's more famous quotes:
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over
And expecting different results.
If you wish to shift your life to one that is more of one that lights up your soul, have you excited, and one you only thought possible in movies, it's time you shifted and allowed. 
And that is our topic for next week, allowing. 
Let me know how your creative manifesting juices are flowing. Feel free to share in the comments below. I'd love to cheer you on. 
Until next week, BE true to yourself and go grab The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation.

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