Appreciate the Lull

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

The energies have shifted, again. Many of you have reported in to share how you are feeling this shift; almost like the light at the end of the tunnel is FINALLY BEginning to glow and glow brightly.

This energy shift certainly kicked into high gear on the Lion’s Gate. This is an energy portal that happens every year on August 8. Due to other planetary alignments and combined with the world is metaphorically still sleeping due to the pandemic, it was a tough one indeed. For whether you have been consciously exploring or not, you’ve been digging deep and the crap is rearing its cute head to be released via forgiveness (think Ho’oponopono the Hawaiian technique I’ve been suggesting for years), loving self more and then allowing the manifestations of your desires to inch forward to BE recognized, received and embraced. 

I too bottomed out, again. This often hits me out of no where. However, I’ve learned to not fight the good fight and pretend it is not happening.  

Why? It only prolongs the inevitable and the pain lasts longer. 

For on the other side of this ‘ick’ is clarity, expansion, joy and much more. Wouldn’t you rather dance in the joy and expansion vs. having fear as your dance partner?

Me too.

The Window of Opportunity

However, look upon this moment as a Window of Opportunity. 

The opportunity is NOW here for you to say YES to you. Say YES to your dreams. Say YES to expansion, clarity, joy, LOVE and even prosperity. 

It’s time. A golden moment to set into motion the next logical steps and beyond to help you get where you desire to BE. How you wish BE and lastly what kind of experiences you wish to have in your very personal life. 

This window is not about to close; however the next round of turmoil is not far around the corner. What is coming, they aren’t showing me, but turmoil is indeed coming; again. 

Plan now. Plan for the logical; full pantries and freezers. See those you can NOW for who knows what the future is bringing. Lastly, take those concrete steps forward for you whether it is for a business you are growing, cementing romantic LOVE in your life, better health and more. 

It all starts with speaking your truth.

Throat Chakra Clearing

Just this morning I had my two of my mentee clients. What was ironic, or not, was both were experiencing some throat chakra issues.

In other words, having a bit of difficulty speaking their truth. How do I know this? I’m that good ;) and because my throat got clogged and once they owned it, my symptoms disappeared and then they began to cough!

Cool right?

However, this is also part of the universal energy of the moment. It’s time to speak your truth. If you feel like this is an issue for  you, let’s play.

Place your hands lightly over your throat. You can continue to read. Repeat:

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me


Thank You

This is the Ho’oponopono prayer ritual and is more powerful than you may realize. Today’s session is complete if you can verbally, meaning speak out loud, your biggest dreams you wish to experience. 

If, however, you find your voice is wavering, sounding a bit too soft or more coughing is experienced. Go back to the BEginning.

Repeat as necessary. 

Time for Collaboration

Earlier today I went for a ‘Get Lost In The Woods’ adventure. I had a few pressing things on my mind and tossed it over to The Gang, aka the Angelics.

As I was ready to return Home, I received my final answer. I encountered not one but TWO does! But wait there’s more, traveling with them were TWO fawns!

While this may not seem totally noteworthy given that I was in the woods after all, it is rare to see them at that time of day (1pm if you must know). Even rarer to see a combination such as this. 

It got more interesting. 

One doe stayed with the fawns. Constantly knowing where they were while keeping an eye on me. They would scamper back with some unheard communication if they wandered too far. 

The other doe? She stood guard, no matter where I was. She stood her ground and watched. She was the sentry for this group and made it quite clear. ‘Don’t mess with us.’

It wasn’t until I crossed the stream that all four relaxed, a bit. The Sentry still stood her ground, but was a bit more relaxed. 

They were, without a doubt working in tandem!

It’s time for us too. Time to hire a mentor to take you to the next level. Or a healer to assist you in clearing out the lower energy crap. Or a coach to walk you through to the other side. 

It’s also time to support others. Not necessarily via payment, but emotionally. Cheer a friend on! Listen as they share their dreams. Softly wing slap them if warranted. Remind them of their worth, value and gifts. 

It’s time Dear One, it’s time. 

Chamuel’s Message

Dearest One

It’s time as Christine has shared.

It’s time for you to put yourself first. I know this goes against the very fiber of your BEing, as you are one of service to others. But first in line you must step up into. This is not to say you push others out of the way. That is not your style, nor ought it BE. Stepping up to BE first to remember whom you are.

Allow the memories to flood in.

Allow your power to inch forward.

Allow your gifts to glimmer every so slightly and more strongly.

We urge you to say YES to you. For if you don’t, no matter how much we place in your path to receive, it will go unnoticed and certainly not received.  

Loving yourself first is NOT selfish

It IS imperative.

 Allow us to guide you to your teacher, mentor, healer, friend and more. 

Prepare for your future. 

Dream bigger, yes bigger than what you have limited yourself in believing you can achieve. 

It’s time. 

We love and honor you daily. 


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