Are You?

For 36+ years my husband and I frequently ask the other:


Are YOU Happy?


This may seem like a trivial question to ask, but when asked consciously and with an awareness, it can go deep.

So I ask you:

Are YOU Happy?

Are you happy with how life is 'treating' you? 

Of course you know full well, that how life treats you is but a reflection of how you are treating life. 

For example:

Things Do Not Make You Happy

I've done retail therapy.

I'm sure you have done retail therapy. 

In the long-term does the article you purchased make you happier? Does it make you feel richer? More loved? More  whatever?

In my case, most of those items did not fulfill me once they were purchased, in our home, their tags off and often sat.

It sat gathering dust whether on the hangar, bookshelf, table, etc. 

Until the next retail therapy excursion. Not once did it do the trick and I often felt emptier and unfulfilled when it was all said and done.


People Do Not Make You Happy

Now this may seem counter-productive, but stick with me.

My husband cannot make me happy. I adore and LOVE the man, but he is not responsible for my happiness. Certainly he can make me laugh until I have tears in my eyes and me snorting in laughter.

BUT he can only unleash the happiness I am willing to experience. 

People can uplift you, but they cannot categorically make you happier.

People Cannot Make You Sad

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if someone cannot make you happy, they can also not make you sad. 

Certainly, there are people who walk the earth that are on a natural Happy High and spread their happiness. Many receive that happiness and it rejuvenates them.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people that seem to live life under the proverbial gray cloud; spreading doom, gloom, and conspiracy theories like it's halloween (oh wait, IT IS) and handing out candy. 

It's up to you Dear Chatterer on how you receive each.

Do you chose to BE happier?

Or do you chose to live under a gray cloud? 

With each choice, your path becomes clearer. It becomes clearer especially when Love, Joy and all other empowering energies are infusing with you. Even on those days when you get tripped up with sad news, you are able to scramble out of it more quickly and see the many resolutions. 

Happiness is my kind of drug. 

YOU Get to Decide

It's all about YOU. Always has been, always will BE.

I recently had some students AND clients remark that I have given them the tools, rituals, practices to enhance their life. 

It's up to them to use, or not. It's up to them to implement, or not. It's up to them to accept them or not. 

So you see, it's up to YOU. 

It's about showing up daily and doing the work. Now there are plenty of days where the 'work' is relaxing and entails doing absolutely nothing. That's called regeneration and falls under Chamuel's, Angel of Self Love, jurisdiction. you simply cannot go full steam 24/7. 

Seriously, you can't. 

The more you tend to you, the happier you become. You are recognizing you and that my dear, is a form of LOVE. 

The more you understand your WHYS - why you wish to experience this or that, the happier you become. Why? You no longer are envious of others because now you better understand what makes you tick. 

The more you activate your dreams, the bigger the door they can waltz on through. It's up to you how often you activate them. Me? It's daily. Seriously, every single day I'm activating them through my talk, repetitive thoughts (I've changed them over the years and can certainly help you as well).

This is driven by Haniel, Angel of Manifestation. She reminds me regularly of not only my why's, but helps to anchor and root them in my consciousness. 

The more let yourself out of the closet, yes that closet you have been hiding in, the HAPPIER you are.

True story.

Share Whom You Are!

If you continue to scroll on social media and not share your thoughts, how will people know the real you?

If you pine away while scrolling wishing you had that life, you are hiding. How can you life manifest if you aren't activating it?

Here's the truth. You BElong. You deserve to have balance, creativity, and of course LOVE in your world. 

The thing is though, you won't have your version of all you desire, unless you share whom you are! 

Starting now.

Share here, share on my social media channels.


Let's connect at a soul level. 


Me too.

Let's raise your Happiness Vibe through the roof, shall we?


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