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As The World Turns - Angel Chatter

In case you haven't seen it, be sure to pop over to my profile on Facebook and watch the channeling that happened earlier this week. I would LOVE to read your take aways and reaction.

The Magdalene spoke. 

Of course with a war raging, I would have bet money the topic would be peace. 

It was not. It was better than peace.

She spoke of LOVE. 

This is the platform upon which The Magdalene stands; LOVE.

She always has and always will.

The Power of Mary Magdalene

Many think that she was a harlot. She was not. The church rescinded that 'truth' back in 1969. However, it's a deep seated falsehood and one that is still brought up as an argument to besmirch her power to this date. 

Imagine a lie being spread about you for over 2,000 years to the point the majority who walked the earth believed it. Even though the truth has come out, it is difficult for others to grasp and own. A battle continues to be fought to right this wrong. 

Take that scenario about you and your life. What 'truths' have you purchased only to realize that they were indeed a falsehood. Are you still having difficulty in overcoming their power? 

We'll address one of those a bit more below, so stay tuned. 

Above it all, The Magdalene has persevered. It is one of the many energies that she is known for; perseverance. 

Perseverence can be defined as:

Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

The Magdalene has persevered for centuries. She has often stood alone in her power; Love. She has often cried tears of frustration for the truth was not being heard. She has never stopped and will never stop. 


She stands for LOVE. 

What is this thing called Love?

Let's put to rest that Love has no conditions. It never has and never will. 

However, once again, over the centuries, humankind made Love conditional. It is so engrained that so called experts still use the phrase, Unconditional Love. People around the world utter phrases such as:

  • I love him/her, but
  • I Love you, did you...?
  • It's true unconditional Love. 
  • I love them, wish they were thinner, more successful, taller, shorter, quieter, etc.
  • Even a rogue greeting card will print unconditional love

See her point? It's a disease this thing called unconditional Love.

  • Love is profound.
  • Love is pure.
  • Love has no conditions.

She now challenges you to heart before you speak. Are you making your love for another, or worse you, conditional?

It's okay to acknowledge that you have or perhaps currently are. It's the first step in rectifying this monumental oversight. Together we can change it. 

Pearls and Crown

You may be wondering about this week's image; the crown with pearls surrounding it.

Pearls are one of The Magdalene's symbols. They represent the wisdom that is gained through life's experience. Just as an oyster knows it must create this object, the luscious pearl. It is wise to do so for they are ridding themselves of a parasite. This wise bivalve naturally creates a pearl to protect them from the parasite; this of course brings them good luck in the arena of health for without the making of the pearl, their shell becomes weakened.

A pearl represents this and more; protection, wisdom, and wealth in the sense of riches beyond your comprehension. The riches will not only be the 'green stuff' but riches as in a rich and rewarding life. 

Can you see why pearl is just one of her symbols?

As for the crown, she deserves one, as do you. 

It's time for all to BE recognized for their natural gifts. It's time all became secure in embracing love, owning love and BEing Love. 

Wouldn't you agree?

Including you.

Our Promise

Together The Magdalene and I are sharing her wisdom. There are ample historians out there in the world and we will not infringe on their wisdom and training. 

She wishes to share the truth of all truths; Love. 

It is why we are now gathering people from around the world and are joining us in Respite. This is the beginning of her mystery school. Once again, this is something that has been in my energy field for well over ten years. It morphed, went to sleep, rose, took a big detour and is now back. 

Consider this your loving invitation to join us for as little as one month or for a full year. In case, you are not aware, we have lowered the price; greatly. It is about reaching as many as possible so they too can raise their vibration and become a Love Hippy; someone who bucks the preconceived system of what Love stands for.

Don't you agree that it's time to protest against unconditional and conditional Love and let Love stand on its own merit?

I hope so.

It's that powerful, wouldn't you agree?




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