Beware of 'False Prophets'

Hopefully you missed me! We were gone for a week in the sun and honestly we were both so very tired that I knew any posting would turn out in gibberish. While away, many magical moments were encountered that I had plan on writing about those, but some recent events in my world, and most likely yours, have cropped up and that is where The Gang, along with The Magdalene, wish me to focus this week. 

The definition of prophet is: 

A person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God.

Read that again. An inspired teacher. 

With so many experts out there in our 'Woo Community' and beyond, it can be difficult to know who is the real deal and who is ultimately spinning fabrications. 

Let us go over this a bit, as they share with me.

How Do They Make You Feel?

Here, the definition of 'they' is the leader, mentor, teacher, author, coach, etc. you may be contemplating working with.  Perhaps you are thinking of reading their book or taking their class. 

Do your research. After reading their posts, are you filled with hope for your future and feel empowered, even if only slightly? Maybe you BEgin to wonder and imagine what you could do with your life? Perhaps you feel a bit excited about the endless possibilities that are filtering in? In other words, hope and empowering energies filter through to you. You find yourself even doing a bit of day dreaming with the mere thought of what could BE.


Do you feel less than? Do you feel bile building up in your solar plexus region, your place of power and feel somewhat deflated or even worse, defeated? Do you find yourself second-guessing your belief system? Do you feel somewhat belittle that you are not enough? These kinds of leaders, and there are plenty, feed on your fear. They are not about empowering you, no matter what they say. Unfortunately they are on an ego trip of their own 'legend-ness'; you know legends in their own mind scenarios. 

Remember, we are ALL perfectly imperfect. We all have off moments or days, but when it is consistent, you get a handle on whom they are. 

Your Boundaries

That's just it, your boundaries. How much are you permitting another to enter into your world? How much are they affecting your energy? How much is being asked of you?

How are you feeling? Your boundaries, your feelings, YOU matter. Don't let another tell you otherwise. 

Many Masters, Many Teachers

To coin the phrase, there are many teachers out there. Just as there are many books, coaches, etc. All have their own gifts. 

Therefore, you have the gift of choice. Whom do you chose to work with or read?

I've had over six mentors and teachers since I started this business or thought of starting it. Six. I've learned something from each; sometimes it was what I didn't want to do later. They were very controlling, kinda like a mean girl, knowing better and not really willing to help as they said they would. 

Oh boy did that annoy me! 

It annoyed me once the class was over, I was dropped like a hot potato. Insert sad face. It made me think I wasn't worthy, wouldn't it you? Some scenarios may seem silly on the surface, but their actions/inactions spoke volumes of who they are. 

Their sense of superiority is annoying. True, they may be an expert, but a dash of humbleness is human and rather divine, wouldn't you say? As a perfectly imperfect person, isn't there always more to learn? Of course there is!

My promise to you is that I will always show up. However, my boundaries are also defining and will tell you when a deeper one on one session is best for you and me. I will gladly give you spur of the moments hits, if applicable (this is NOT a call for free advice messages - I will ignore those!). 

I remember the teachers that reached out afterwards and the mentors that really did come through with their promise. 

What mentors, teachers, etc stand out to you and why?

Sit with that call to action and think about your past, our past, and past with others. 

Look Beyond

As you now hopefully a better grasp of your world and, ahem, leaders, look around with fresh eyes and heart. 

Who is spinning tales?

Who is spinning truths?

If you still aren't sure, it is probably a tale. The truth always inspires higher thinking, a way to expand your horizons in empowered ways. Truths never belittle.

If you still aren't sure, let's go back to the standard:

  • Place your hands over your heart
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe deeply and softly
  • Ask your question.
  • Do you feel constricted?
  • Do you feel hopeful?
  • Do you feel expansive?
  • Do you feel...?

Remember, since your heart is the birthplace of your soul, it never, ever, EVA lies to you. Listen softly and openly for the truth to come forward to BE heard. 

The Magdalene Shares

As a prophet in my time

It is time to BE heard again as well as recognized for the truth that is within the truth.

I speak not in riddles, but in layers.

The surface is one layer with a truth woven in.

The deeper truth is just that, deeper. 

It lies beneath the surface so only with those with eyes and hearts open will see and embrace the truth. 

You have entered a new phase of your life.

Now is the time to activate your truth and share.

Now is the time to listen to ancient truths as they come forward from new leaders.

It is your time.  


I will not expand on her message, for I believe it stands on its own merit. However, I will close with this week's post by wishing you great LOVE and knowing where to go next on your journey.


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