Black Moon, July 2019 and what this means for you.

Archangel Auriel Mandala- Angel Chatter

What exactly is a Black Moon? A Black Moon is the term given to the second New Moon in any calendar month. 

This lunar phenomena happens approximately every 29 months. Think about that fact, that is only once every 2+ years! This one happens to occur during Mercury in Retrograde (remember Mercury does not go direct until August 2, 2019). But wait there is more! This specific Black Moon also is happening during the annual Lion's Gate. Lion's Gate window is from July 26 - August 12, 2019 climaxing on August 8, 2019. Therefore, the energies will continue to BE intense for the next week. You have been forewarned. 

What does all this mean for you right now?

Lots. Read on as I break it apart and put back together. 

Physical Symptoms During the Black Moon

Just like the rest of Mercury Retrograding, utter exhaustion is highly likely. I got hit and hit hard. In fact, I did something I rarely do; cancelled my LIVE bi-weekly call with the Authorization Students. I need to BE present and I knew I couldn't. 

In other words, rest up, honor your energy levels and move forward quietly. 

Believe it or not, a tad of physical bloating may be happening at the moment as well. Even though you are eating properly for you. Your beautiful sacred vessel is holding onto all the energy that is coming its way to help you better navigate this and your future. Don't worry, it will leave as quietly as it appeared. 

Think of it as Mercury Retrograding on steroids. Not pleasant certainly, but navigable. Not sure of other symptoms? Check out two recent blog posts of mine that went into greater detail.

Lion's Gate and Black Moon

Hold onto your hats, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is just BEginning. I've been saying this for years and hopefully you've been listening... NOW is the time to BE. The time of creation is now. Creating a new way of BEing. If you are reading this, then YES you are ready to shift gears and move forward. It is up to you to allow vs. fighting the change. Get rid of the crap that you surround yourself; clothing, food, relationships (yes I said relationships), the ways you think (key word here Chatterers; think) you are BEing... 

You did implement change in recent years. You embraced it, but it seems to fall like a lead balloon. 

In other words, you took steps forward, and it did serve you. 

For a while. 

Now? Not so much. You've outgrown it. You processed it and guess what? It very well could now be draining you. Yes, the very thing that uplifted you is now draining you. 

It is a true time of endings and beginnings. 

It takes a bit of digging deep to unveil this 'thing'. You can do it, if not sure, reach out and let's chat.

This thing - let's delve a bit deeper here and loosely define itIt once brought you great joy and kept you motivated as one of the ways you would BE recognized for your gifts. It propelled you forward with excitement, but now while it may be lovely for it to happen, it no longer drives you. You've grown so much in recent years. Your essence is still the same, but now expanded for you are BEcoming wiser. This thing may have taken much energy out of you in its preparation and birthing and it was a monstrous big step for you and was very needed at the time. However, now when you dwell upon it, you may find you hanging your head, feeling overwhelmed and pulled in multiple directions. These are valid clues that it is either time to revamp those dreams or walk away from those specific ones. While it may seem ridiculous to walk away from the very thing you've worked so hard on, if you are honest there is something that excites you more now.

BE honest with yourself. 

Once you recognize what it is, it is rather uplifting, freeing and very liberating, when you chose to walk away or revamp.

Don't be shy and worry that folks will think you are all willy nilly and can't stick to one thing. You must do what is right for you and you alone. Why now? This is serious transformation time and a golden opportunity to step forward and claim your soulright vs. birthright. What are you here to do?

Wrap all this up; Black Moon, Lion's Gate and Retrograde

This is not an excuse to pull up a bottle of good vino, but I won't say no!

However, it is time to allow inner marination. What exactly does that mean?

It means it is time to allow your ideas to marinade. What makes sense for you? Grab your journal. Write every single idea that comes to mind down. Even the ideas that may not light you up initially. This process helps to release the overthinking that is going on at the moment. Best to keep all of these ideas in one space; hence your journal. A plethora of ideas will be coming at you fast and furious and it could seem overwhelming, unless you write them down. Once you are emptied of all current ideas, literally highlight the ones that seem to call to you, light you up, make you stop and dwell - even if only for a moment. In other words, you may find yourself thinking what if. Jot those highlighted ideas down on a fresh page. 

On another page, write down what you LOVE to do. Me personally? I LOVE lighting people up; inspiring and empowering them to BE. Then and only then do I branch out. What are my gifts? Listening, chatting with angels, honoring another for whom they are, not what I wish them to be. What are yours?

BE extra gentle on you and your expectations of what you are suppose to do. Remember to BE. Get a massage, energy treatment, forest bathing and more. Gentle is the key.  

What Angel to Chat with during the Black Moon?

Auriel, the Lunar Angel is the key angel to chat with at this juncture. She not only oversees the moon, but can help to illuminate the correct path for you, metaphorically as well as literally.

All you must do is ask and shhhh... allow her to answer you. Then, Dearest Chatterer, you must BE quiet in order to listen. Listen with your heart. Listen with a sense of openness that you didn't know you had within you. Don't judge an idea because you've 'been there, done that' or 'it's stupid', or 'how could I?' or 'too costly' and so on. 

Listen openly. For by so doing you will save yourself countless hours, days, weeks, months and perhaps years of frustration. Why years? The energy at this moment is going to stay with us all well into 2020 and culminate in 2021. 

So yes, years. 

Archangel Auriel Mandala

You obviously know where to find me. We have one very special private weekend remaining for this year. Will you say yes to you? 



  • Sharon Finston

    This is completely spot on. Thank you so much for sharing your love, healing and guidance💖

  • Vicki Simpson

    This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for your insights…. especially about changes that work for a while… so many feelings and emotions that this moon is stirring up.

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