Can You BE Soft In Your Power?

Think about it, dear Goddess, can you BE soft in your power?

In a nutshell? YES.

However, so often, one, including you, mistake softness for weakness. 

That mindset couldn't be further from the truth. 


Let's face it, the world feels topsy turvy right now and feels as if it could all go up in a puff of smoke in a nano-second. You are not alone in those thoughts. 

Then they directed me to go in the opposite direction. 

Softness, nurturing, empowering, healing, Grace, and transformation.

Let us dance a bit with a member of the calcite family. If you are new to calcites, you are in for a treat!

Years ago, I never really gave them much thought; they were soft in their energy! I desired (or so I thought) big, bold, brazen. Kick me out of that shell, shine that spotlight on me! I'm here, let's go!


It was red calcite that got my attention, and since then, I have never looked at them with such disdain again. Red calcite aligns with the root chakra, the chakra of safety. It's the old saying You are safe to BE you. It is one of Uriel's, The Angel of Safety, chosen crystals. Mainly if you have been hiding or are unaware of your gifts, no matter what they may be. 

Working with it along with Uriel helps to continue to unleash my gifts in ironically, bolder ways. Bold? Yes, because red calcite softened and helped heal those fears of being a freak and reminded me to BE. 

Like I always remind you. 

The moral of the story? Softness can lead to empowering energies. 

Can Softness Be Nurturing and Healing?

Without a doubt, softness is aligned with nurturing and healing. Have you ever been hugged? 

Being encased in a hug that envelopes you, supports you, and allows you to relinquish all power for that moment? There is nothing like it. 

That hug in itself is healing. Just a heads up, a real hug lasts longer than five seconds. Give into that hug for at least 30 seconds for it to take effect. 

It's the softness that lures you. It's the softness that breaks the barriers that have been erected overtime to protect and hide you. It's the softness that pries open and reminds you of your worth. 

There are enough hard a** folks out there. This time, allow softness to win and triumph.

Can Softness Be Transformative?

YES! As mentioned above, the softness lures you in. It can coddle, protect while healing. Isn't healing transformative on its own?

Of course, it is. 

But imagine being soft daily. 

Imagine feeling the luxury of softness around you. No more harsh edges to navigate. No more eggshells upon which to walk. Imagine feeling that hugging energy surrounding you every single day. 

That is transformative. 

It is the softness that can change the world. By allowing in the softness and giving it permission to integrate and transform from within, you change. Change in the sense that you are more comfortable in your skin. You tend to your mind, body as well as soul. You replenish your internal reservoirs, and then?

You begin to transform others by merely Being you. 

The power of softness.



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