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Change is a funny word, don't you think?

We all seem to crave better (which is change), but often do our darndest to stay in the comfort zone of where we are simply by not doing anything to facilitate the change.

This very topic was the crux of last night's LIVE chat with the Authorization Students... sorry can't share the video with you, for it is only for the students of The Course. However, I can share some key points that will hopefully propel to take steps to allow the space for your change to come forward.

Why do we avoid change?

Pure and simple, we are lazy. We really are a lazy breed. Think about it, how much time do we spend in front of the Boob Tube, aka the television? More hours than we would care to admit in most cases. What can we possibly accomplish when we watch TV? Okay, there is the occasional needlework project or puzzle, but for the most part, not much is accomplished with the exception of a clocking ticking by.

Implementing change means work. Implementing change requires a bit of effort, sometime BIG effort, and other times, very little. Change is change and that means something requires effort. 

Humans, in general are a complacent bunch. We LOVE to complain about something, but rarely take the next step to make it different. Why? In order to take the next step(s), we need to go out of our comfort zone, that little imaginary box that we have built around ourselves that constitutes our lives. We don't wanna do that. 

Where does change start?

Sometimes change is initiated from an outside source; a death in the family, a move for business purposes, health. We have to adapt to 'this' in order to make life bearable once again. Notice the word bearable was used vs. thriving.

However, when one initiates the change for whatever reason, it actually becomes easier. Why? Because we thought of it, got excited and decided to move forward.

Change starts within. Change starts with a knowing that something isn't working any more and in order to make it work better again, one needs to shift. You shift when you realize something needs to change. That realization begins to blossom and grow and at times gnaw at you until you do something about it.

Believing it or not we are constantly shifting and changing. Simply by standing still at a checkout counter, we are shifting, we crave balance and yet often actively consciously run from it.

Where to start?

I LOVE clutter clearing. I frequently will become a whirling dervish of sorts and start going through drawers, closets, cabinets, bookshelves and more to empty.


Yes, as an example, the bookcase in my office has six shelves. Each shelf has space for at least two books to be added. However, most shelves can easily accommodate another five. WHY so much extra space? It is a sign to The Gang that I am open to more wisdom, information, knowledge to come forth in my life. In other words, who do I think I am to know everything?

Allow a sense of space to infiltrate your sacred space to allow more of what you do desire to come forth.

How to proceed

Create your own space.

Many years ago I had a friend visit our home for the first time. As typical, I gave them 'The Nickel Tour' - you know a quick tour of the house. As we finished, I awaited the accolades of how pretty it was, etc. 

Crickets could be heard chirping outside.

Instead her first comment was, where is your space? I was dumbfounded. MY space? I had the entire house! Ummm NOPE was her answer. Your children each have their own bedroom, your husband has an office AND a woodworking space. 

Ummm... I have a closet that I use as a sewing area? Does that work?

I dwelt and hearted on this 'dilemma' for a few days. A family conference was then called. Their response was similar to mine: YOU have the entire house. Ummm no I don't. Thankfully they listened. Plans were then made to take over the guest room. A bookcase was purchased; yes the same one mentioned above. Did you know my energy was so scattered that I had multiple copies of the same book many times over!

True fact!

This room became my space. A space so sacred and honored that every one asked if they could enter while I was in there. 

It was heaven.

Morale of the story? Where is YOUR space? A spot to call your call, where you can have your things about you. That are treasured, referred to and more. A space where you can dream, nap, create and more.

Why Bother?

Well if you don't bother, nobody else will lend a helping hand. You must take the first, second and sometimes third step and beyond so folks notice. 

They will notice. I promise you. They may even balk (remember we are innately lazy and don't like change, even if that change is someone else changing).

However, once you begin to take those blessed steps, the universe conspires, conspires I tell you, to assist you in all of your heart based endeavors. 

That is why you bother.

For until you do 'bother' with you, life will continue to be stale, unassuming and rather boring and at times frustrating. 

The End Result

The end result is never really known for life continues to unfold and change.

However, once you say YES to you, be rid of the things that no longer juice you up, make you a priority at least 50% of the time, you will BEcome a more joy-filled, love-filled, prosperous-filled YOU. 

Isn't that worth following through on?



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