Could this be your 'Once In a Lifetime Event?'

Could this be your 'Once In a Lifetime Event?'

Tomorrow, Monday, June 20, 2016 marks this year's Summer Solstice. Did you also know it is the night of the full moon?


Moon Energies



The last time this occurred I believe was in 1967. For some of us, we are blessed to have it happen twice! The next one is not until 2097 ... so indeed this is the last time for most.

What does this mean for us energetically?


How so? The sun is very masculine in its energy; fire, hot, intense, receiving. Think about it, have you ever used or heard the phrase, 'The sun is draining me today?' Receiving; it takes back. While the moon is very feminine in its energy; soft, illuminating, giving. One of the more common phrases associated with the moon tends to be 'Wow! I couldn't sleep at all, the moon kept me up!' It gives. It helps to illuminate your path - Thank you Archangel Auriel. 

The summer solstice, as you most likely know is the longest day of the year. The sun shines the brightest and the longest. To balance this act, the full moon is also the strongest, the brightest at this time.

Therefore, this once in a lifetime event is the perfect day, to focus on balance. Creating more balance in your world. Perhaps even going so far as to garner insights on creating your heaven on earth reality.

I strongly suggest you meditate today on your desires (don't forget to call on Archangel Michael first for that added protection). Ask and be honestly open to receive the answers (some may not be the ones you desire or think you will get). Are you pipe dreaming (pie in the sky kind of mentality of wishing, but not being proactive?) or is this truly your mission, your passion, your destiny and you find yourself doing something regularly towards that goal?

Start with a yes or no question and build from there. As you get more comfortable with each answer's truth, build upon it and ask another and another and another. As you get more proficient, you may then ask more in depth questions that will allow the angels to offer more details, etc. You are the most important person in your universe; therefore, no matter how long your meditation takes, you deserve that time out for you. No fair asking questions about a loved one unless they directly affect your day to day living. This is situation all about you.

Chat with Auriel to help more brightly illuminate your chosen soul's path. Ask her to shine brighter the folks that are of your tribe whether they be your cheerleading squad or mentors, or ....

I would also gather all sacred objects right now and put them in the energy of this day. Outside if possible. I've already gathered all of my crystals and honestly, they are getting giddy as they feel the energy building, this energy of balance of the feminine and masculine.

Such a beautiful gift at this moment when all seems to be going topsy turvy in the world. What a gift to take time out for you and set your intentions strong by getting clarity with the help of the angels, of course. 

Let me know how your meditation goes!

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