Do not allow another’s fear to define you.

Do not allow another’s fear to define you.
This summer has been one for the records, if you are at all sensitive or empathic.
It may seem the world has gone topsy turvy, and while I won’t disagree, it is easier to see why things are as they are when I settle in.
However, there is often a, however, fears that are gurgling up like a volcano ready to erupt.
These fears deserve to be recognized, for fear is accurate; you and others.
Have you had anyone in your world lash out at you? I have recently, and it ain’t pretty. But when I pull away from the drama and do not permit myself to get sucked in, I can openly say it is their fear coming out, and for whatever reason, I was the lucky recipient.
Funny how things go.
I am complete and whole as I continue to pull back and meditate on the situation itself and beyond.
Remember, so often, the fear that comes up isn’t the fear but gurgles up in the only way possible.
Settle in, Dear Chatterer.
First, let’s backtrack just a bit in a more abstract situation. What causes an ulcer?
If the stress isn’t released healthily and left unacknowledged, eventually, it gives birth to gastro issues such as an ulcer. Or it may surface as high blood pressure, heart disease, and so on.
The same works for anger.
Often when one lashes out, it can be due to outdated mindsets ready to be healed and loved, but the mind, oh the mind says - NAH, we’ve kinda liked this control, and we’ll keep it going for a while longer.
It finally needs to erupt. Much like a volcano with so much built-up pressure.
Another example is road rage. Does it do you good to yell at cars when they are stuck in traffic?
All that does is continue the cycle of unease and drain your energy in a nano-second. Why attempt to control a situation that is out of your hands? Do what I do; crank up the music and become entertainment for the cars lucky enough to be around you!
The same would hold when another lashes out at you. It can be paralyzing if you allow it to define you. You could immediately make yourself smaller, insignificant, and energetically curled up into a tight ball.
Don't. You are far too brilliant to allow yourself to become small.
At the moment, they are in a safe space to vent. And vent, they do! Attempt not to take it personally (that IS the big take-a-away here and more on that in a bit) and send them lovingly on their way.
Since you are my client of the moment, the following is a tip that The Gang has brought forward:
Zadkiel’s Tutelage:
💖As always, call on Big Mike for that spiritual protection. You most likely will feel his signature sign; heat. Want more Big Mike? Take the free course!
💖Then call on Zadkiel. Remember, he oversees the Violet Flame, and all the Violet Flame does is transmute the crappy energy and put it back to its original state of purity. Envision yourself and whoever has targeted you OR the source affecting your energy within The Violet Flame.
💖Since there is no agenda except for healing you, this is permissible. You invite the others into the Violet Flame, but it is up to them to join you or not. You cannot force them to enter - that is against their free will.
💖Within the loving energy of the Violet Flame, you will be shown the source of the outburst, whether they have joined in for the healing or not. You will most likely be surprised when you realize it wasn’t you or your actions or inactions.
💖It was their fear, pure and simple.
💖Stay within the Violet Flame for as long as you need and desire. Please remember that you may be tired once this ritual is over, so allow yourself the gift of time to relax and heal.
💖As the ritual comes to a close, your heart will feel lighter. Tears may have been shed, and that’s OK.
💖To close, place your hands over your heart. Feel the pureness encase you.
💖Give thanks.
💖Drink copious amounts of water to assist with the flushing out of the toxic energy that was residing.
As you emerge from the ritual, you have taken your power back and own that another cannot define you, your actions, or your inactions.
Because what has been shown to you mirrors what is within you, ensure your thanks are genuine.
Know the root cause could be linked to abandonment, lack of recognition, feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, jealousy, low self-esteem, and so on. How does this lower energy exhibit within your personal life as an extension of you?
Remember, no judgment here because you have those issues, too, just like everyone else. Best be honest with yourself.
It just varies in intensity and awareness.
Next up
As you now agree that you also have these imbalances, let’s focus solely on you.
Repeat the entire ritual shared above, but only you are in the Violet Flame.
Witness the times you felt abandoned, angered, unworthy, etc. These energies could take multiple sessions to be revealed. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, so take your time.
The slower and more conscientious you are, the more lasting the results.
What next?
Your next step all depends on you.
The ritual shared above was downloaded for this post and no other. It is my gift to you.
I hope you use it.
It’s powerful, and you may use it for the rest of your life.
Do you desire more focus, guidance, or wing holding?
Contact me
Together we can shed those mindsets, ignite your brilliance, and have you soaring in no time.
You are so loved,

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