Doreen Virtues 'Demonic' List - 'A'

Doreen Virtues 'Demonic' List - 'A'

Many of you have heard, but for those that have not, Doreen Virtue has publicly denounced all of her teachings and therefore all of her products, classes and more. This has become very distressing for the thousands of people she has certified, purchased her many products and has gone so far to say:

 I don’t personally sell any new age products anymore, but other people continue to sell my old products, a maddening situation which is out of my control. 

She released a very comprehensive list on her site on January 31, 2019. 

Click here, Doreen Virtue's List if you wish to read the list yourself.

While the listing is alphabetical, it is not a true A-Z format as some others have insinuated. As an example there is no 'B' listing. Her list has hit a nerve with many within the metaphysical community. Many of who have not only been trained by her, but who were avid followers of hers. I was/am not one of them. I have never studied directly with her; I did take a class with one of her students years ago as part of my full disclosure. 

However, like many of you, I read some of Doreen's books early in my re-entry program. I found them comforting, although a bit fluffy, but fluffy is a great energy for it is soft and approachable. Perfect for the newbie and/or ones beginning to remember. 

Therefore, I had a few of her angel cards decks, which she now claims: (copied and pasted from her list):

Angel Cards – Demons disguise themselves as angels, and can give amazingly accurate predictions which tangle you up in a satanic web of deceit. The demons will give you a mixture of truth and lies, to hook you in and lead you to deception.

which then of course naturally falls into the category of:

Angel Readings – The Bible is filled with references to the angels. But nowhere in the Bible does it say we should call on angels. It only says that we should pray to God and he sends us angels. The Bible also warns that the devil disguises himself as an angel (2 Corinthians 11:14), so we need to be very cautious with angels.

What to do?

I have pondered about this often and have had in-depth conversations with The Angels. 

While not disagreeing that demons can and do masquerade as a lovable child, beautiful energy and more to pull you in, one must use discernment when getting information. Have I been fooled in the past? Absolutely! If you know of one who has ever claimed not to, please introduce them to me... seriously. 

It's recognizing the signs as they appear to you. The beautiful blond haired, blue-eyed girl in pig-tails is their give away for me. 

There is an old saying; if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Listening to illusions of grandeur is just that; illusions. What feels right to you? Not sure? This is one of the many things you can do:

  1. Sit quietly. Call on Archangel Michael - The Angel of Protection. Remember he is the Patron Saint of the Police Force in the USA. He is all about protection and much more. His sign is often heat, warmth that begins in the solar plexus region (one of his chakra connections) and radiates throughout your body. Do not proceed until you feel he is indeed present with you. 
  2. Place your hands over your heart. Yes, you probably have heard this from me before and you will continue to hear it from me, for it works! 
  3. Feel the beating of your heart. Focus on its pattern, its rythmn. This simple exercise relaxes your mind, softens your energy and allows you to enter your soul's space. Soul's space? Yes, for your heart is the birthplace of your soul. As this is your soul, it will never lie to you. It generates not only your physical lifeforce, but your soul's lifeforce - LOVE.
  4. If you are new to this process, start with simple yes or no questions. Notice how your body responds. Mine? On my 'yes' answers, I lean forward; obviously on the 'no' answers, I lean backward. Discover your patterns. 
  5. Begin to ask, allow the answers to show themselves, listen and do not argue. 
  6. IF still unsure, ask again, but perhaps word the question differently. 

Are Angel Cards 'Demonic' or 'Bad'?

In a nutshell, no. Never demonic in their original state; their creation. 'Bad'? ONLY if one becomes reliant on their guidance and messages to the deterrent of being reliant. In other words, one who doesn't move forward unless the cards are consulted. 

Do I use my cards personally? Of course I do! Do I use them daily? Nope. Do I consult friends who I trust? Absolutely! I typically consult a friend when it involves a big growth step for me. Is this a good company to connect with? Does this project make sense and in alignment with me? That sort of question gives me the butterflies for I know it could be a BIG deal in my world. 

So are angel cards bad? Of course not! Do you yourself have any decks? How many? Why not more? Simple answer you didn't like them. Still holds true. Are you suppose to keep Doreen's old decks? Honestly that is completely up to you. 

Some colleagues are keeping them, for they find value in the illustrations and messages. Others are so upset by her conversion that they have gotten rid of all of her decks. Why do so? If it helps you to heal, then do so. Others believe that all energy has power and therefore believe that if she now considers them demonic, that energy has seeped in. They refuse to give the bad juju away (think regifting) so have had a fire ritual in which all of her decks were cleansed in the fire. 

It's really up to you. Me? I have none of her decks and haven't for years. They simply didn't resonate with me. 

What about Angel Readings, are they now Demonic too?

Also in a nutshell, no. However, just like anything else, there are not so good readers, better readers and amazing readers. Years ago (talking close to 20+ years) my cousin was visiting and on a lark we went and had a reading. The 'reader' quickly jumped into the storyline that we had curses and more horrible things thrust upon on us and they could clear them for a big extra fee.

Not a good reader.

A good angel reading, in my humble opinion, is one that can confirm what is already known. It will offer ways to jump through those perceived hoops with grace and joy. Will offer inspiration to step into BEing more; BEing more yourself. All through a bit of angelic humor, Love and of course wisdom. There can be tough Love involved. Is he Mr. Right? Is she Ms. Right? and so on. The tough love is usually if you are asking, you already know the real answer, just kinda hoping you are wrong. 

Me? Since I AM an angel reader. I LOVE seeing my clients and students SOAR. I LOVE it when they get 'it' and skip along their life. I LOVE IT, when they are not reliant on me for every single part of their world, because they are BEginning to own their power. You decide whether that is good or not so good.

Don't Call on Angels?

Doreen states:

nowhere in the Bible does it say we should call on angels

While I will not argue that fact - not an avid Bible reader. What I will argue is that the very word, angel is defined as Messenger of God. If that's the case, and it is, why oh why or why wouldn't we call upon them for assistance? Why?

I call on them regularly as you well know. I often have a list of things to do on any given day, but they frequently monitor my energy and direct me accordingly. A variety of things; from what circuit to take while running errands, to blog posting, chores, writing, etc. 

Do Demons Exist?

Another, in a nutshell answer; yes. Have I dealt with them? Yes. Do I actively deal with them? No. When they interfere with my life, my clients life and more, out I come swords metaphorically wielding in battling. I do have rituals up my sleeve that can show them the door so to speak. The rituals I have are not for public consumption as there is not a 'one ritual fits all situations'; it is a case by case basis. It is not an arena that is for the faint of heart and when I feel I am out of my element, I call a friend who is well versed. 

I recognize their existence. Light/Dark, Good/Bad. There is always a balance. Therefore there is not so good juju out there. I just chose to not focus on it/them. I focus on growing the energy of Love for it always wins out. 

Bottom Line

Angels are not bad. They are here to help, assist, wing slap and Love on us. They are here to help empower us thus becoming closer to God/Goddess.

Is that a bad thing? I think not. You decide what is best for your path. 


Archangel Zadkiel's Channeled Mandala

Clearing Away any unwanted energy stemming from this post. 




  • Everly

    This is an old article but I’m sharing anyway. I looked her up after a deck of cards showed up in my interests. I’ve had Angel cards for years which is how I know about her.

    Take away the “beliefs” of Angels or Christianity and she’s a typical confused person who needs to bash others beliefs to give credit to her own.

    So she’s saying I’m doing demon’s bidding basically. Well, I know I help people and accept others regardless social class or religion. The Crusades were by “her people.” Murder is to take a life. That’s evil. We send people to prison for it. Must be of the devil.
    Her posts are like ramblings of someone suffering from mental illness. Paranoia is within everything she says.

  • Artemis

    Dear Christine, I believe we all have the right and choice to believe in what is true for us. And no one has the right to say their beliefs are the right way. They are right for them! But as for Doreen it is such a disappointment (and I was not aware of her change so thank you ) that her work was once filled with so much love and openness to the Angels and God. But to over write what was and condemn it now for the people who still believe and choose to continue with Angels, she has no right to do! A person that comes from love does not condemn or dictate their beliefs are the right way. A person of God and the Angels comes from a place of love and has an open heart and mind to share with all. We all have the right to our beliefs be it religious or spiritual. But we do not have the right to condemn another’s belief or work because we believe we are right. Only God has that power to be right not Doreen! And what does this say about her as a human being having shared so much with us in the past! A con artist! A fraud! How can she now stand denying all that she has told us all and put out there for us through her work. Being books,cards or seminars. So sad to feel that may be she has lost her true identity and her path! I wish her all the best and sincerely hope she finds herself again.

  • Linda-Joy Clarkson
    Doreen’s journey to say the least is most interesting and thought/heart provoking. Somewhere within her, it must be difficult to denounce what was felt as heart, body, mind and soul truth without integration of what she nows holds as her new truth. Words like discernment, trust, faith, understanding, compassion, belief and intention (to say the least) hold great meaning in the decisions of how I choose to respond. In my heart, I now hold a sacred space of love and light around Doreen as I did before, for I believe we all are connected through this energy of truth. I am grateful for the gifts I received and the lessons I continue to learn. I cherish all my divination tools as Source is my true and greatest channel. I smile as I gaze at the very first oracle card message I received as I began working with the cards. I was guided to receive this message along my beginning path and it is one that was true for me then and with a deeper meaning now. . . . You Are a Powerful Lightworker. It is safe for you to be powerful. Your spiritual power brings great blessings in loving service to the Divine.

    In loving service to the Divine, I remain.

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