From our Heart to Yours

From our Heart to Yours - Angel Chatter
Dearest ~
The world is vying for your attention 24/7 or so it seems. 
I believe from the deepest portions of my soul this is WHY The Magdalene has come forward through me, and others, to raise the vibration of the world. 
She is raising it through LOVE of course. 
She offers this message now for all who wish to receive it:
My Darling Child
Now is not the time to wallow in the what ifs of your life. 
Now is the time to pull back and remember
Remember your power
Remember your gifts
Remember your strength which is, of course, Love. 
My Darling Child, 
The world is undergoing a birthing process, that has not been experienced in eons. 
This process is painful, 
But stand strong my light.
Stand strong. 
As this is dictated, tears of joy stream down my face for I know you are beginning to remember. 
No matter your vocation while you are awake,
You continue to serve all of humanity while sleeping.
Whether it is in offering comfort
Or slaying those monsters
Or something in between
Your energy is changing and shifting the masses. 
Never believe for a moment it is not. 
It is.
Sit quietly for a moment and feel my hands upon your heart. 
Feel it opening your heart wider to receive your desires.
Feel it opening to empower you.
Feel it opening so all that is not serving you has a large door in which to leave you.
You may place your hands over your heart and breathe in this knowledge and Love for as long as you desire. 
WE are always with you.
My Beloved and I. 
I remain,
The Magdalene
The Magdalene shares great LOVE for ALL. 
Repeat that for ALL. She holds your deepest desires and dreams close to her heart and slowly infuses you with a great knowing that she is always there for you. She lights your path to make your dreams manifest with greater ease. She infuses your energy with the highest vibrations. She hears your prayers, your pleas, and yes even your misgivings. 
She does not judge. 
She is here now. Right now to assist all who come forward. It is why she has pushed me to create Respite with The Magdalene. Our twice-monthly gatherings so all present can benefit in real-time with an infusion of her energy. 
She will answer your questions. She wishes me to share that she knows of your deepest dreams and is still uncomfortable in verbalizing them. Therefore, questions may be sent in prior to our gathering and she will address each of these anonymous questions with only the grace, wisdom, and love she contains. 
It is within her container that growth happens. Within her container, you are offered moments to relax so you may remember not only the desires you have pushed away but to own your power. 
You are here to help humanity. The size of your platform matches your energy; therefore, it may be large or small. Never fear, you are creating waves of change throughout the world because that is woven into your soul’s DNA. 
To learn more about The Respite With The Magdalene and to join us, please click the link below:

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