Happy Women's Week!

Happy Women's Week, or better said 

It's Goddess Week.

I was curious about the revelation of Women's Week; where did it come from, when did it start, and so on. 

The bit of research that I fell upon lead me on quite a fun journey, hope it you as well. 

History of Women's Week - The Rumor

Some believe Women's Day/Week/Month resulted in the honoring of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911.

It did not. However, if you are unfamiliar with this fire, let me share.

In 1911 workplace ethics? Let's just say, were few and far between. As example, at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, various stairwells access were locked to prevent employees from taking unauthorized breaks. It was as if working close to 70 hours a week wasn't warrant enough to take a break. 

Yes, 70 hour workweek were quite common then. 

At the close of the workday, Saturday, March 25, at approximately 4:40pm a scrap bin caught on fire in the cutter's room, on the eighth floor. This bin was estimated to hold about two months worth of scrap; highly flammable. 

As the fire began some were able to escape via an elevator and an exterior fire escape stairwell. The stairwell soon collapsed due to the heat and many of the women fell over 100 feet to their death. The elevators were able to make three trips to the ninth floor, but then became compromised due to the heat from the flames.

Over 140 people died; the majority were women. The youngest was 14 and the eldest 43. There were about 70 who survived, including the two owners of the building who were acquitted of the fire during the trial. 

The results of the fire did bring about massive changes in working conditions and fire escape routes; which had to be unlocked at all times. 

Because the fire took place in March, many speculate this is the reason March has been declared Women's Month. It may have something to do with it, but the breadcrumb trail ran cold to confirm.

Women's History Month - The Facts

It appears to have started in the United States and has since trickled out to countries across the globe. Most will celebrate in the month of March, but Canada celebrates Persons Day on October 18.

It all began with a woman's alliance group in Sonoma California. 

In 1978, Gerda Lerner, along with the Women'a Alliance campaigned for one week's recognition. Within two short years, the local recognition morphed into a national week of recognition of all the contributions women have done within the country. Goddesses such as:

  • Susan B. Anthony and the right to vote
  • Harriet Tubman- Abolitionist and political activist
  • Lucy Stone - first woman in Massachusetts to get a college degree and activist
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton - women's activist who propelled the first women's convention to talk about women's rights and equality

In 1987 Congress declared a month-long recognition of women.

We are women, hear us roar!

What are YOU doing?

The Magdalene has decided to join in the conversation this week. Talk about a goddess who persevered, is/was courageous and yet lived a life filled with grace. 

She shares the message that is not only applicable to blossoming goddesses, but for all human-kind:


I stand before you today to remind you

that within you is greatness.

This greatness may not take you to international conventions 

red carpet events, etc. 

but will take you on a journey of self discovery

to inspire others through your actions, words and by simply BEing. 

Your journey will remind you of your truths, 

Your yearnings


Your strengths as well as weaknesses. 

Each component within you propels you to your greatness.

Not the greatness of another.

Not bending to the whim of another. 

But fortifying to stand tall and BE you. 

Will you walk with me and say YES to you?

You are here in this moment of time to not spread words you do not mean within your heart. You are here to spread words to help uplift another. You are here to embrace non-judgment. You are here to assist in the raising of the world's vibration. You are here to BE you. 

Will you walk with me?

As The Magdalene has shared, we are all here to BE ourselves at this moment. It is one thing to spread 'Love & Light' (one of my least favorite terms by the way because of its overuse and diluted power). If Love & Light is your thing, what are you doing to spread it? 

Your challenge, for we all seem to like a challenge, is to enact a daily ritual to raise the vibration of not only ourselves, but to share that with others, no matter how big or small that circle may be. 

Are you up for it? I know I am. If you aren't sure, let us chat and I can help redirect you and your beautiful energies back to your center of BEing.



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