How can I find the peace and joy now?

How can I find the peace and joy now? - Angel Chatter

With today's events brimming over with fear, ego, sadness and yes even hatred, how can anyone find and embrace love and joy?

Oh boy. It's not apparently easy, is it?

There is an old saying, 'Peace begins with me' 

It's a nice saying, isn't it? Difficult to feel at times though, isn't it? Take it easy on yourself, you are human and as a human will encounter human thoughts and emotions. The key is to not become them. Yes, this means experience them, but don't identify with them.

I can DO angry, but not become anger

I can DO sadness, but not become sad

On the reverse, I can become Love

I can become joy

I can become forgiveness

Who knows what propels another to act in such ways that they wish to kill others? It's unfathomable to me. How has hatred become so embedded in one individual that they feel that this act must be accomplished? 

I simply, as a human, cannot answer this.

However, after chatting with the angels last night, at the prompting of a dear Chatterer, this is what they shared:


Dearest - as the energies continue to magnify and lighten, the lower, darker energies are going to do their damnest to stop all from ascending and lighting the soul. Rest assured that this too shall pass. While this may sound trite, take heart and heed. Stay focused. Meditate, pray - whatever word you resonate with. Connect with us. There will be more global tragedies, they have yet to climax, but by year's end, will begin to dwindle in frequency. All starts within. YOU. You make the change within you and it does have a trickle affect outwardly to the world and universe at large... For those of you who are empathic, anger will become a new 'friend'. Self care is the utmost importance for all, but most of all you at this time. Avoid large public gatherings (no this does not mean 'they' win, but rather you stay here to help as only you can to lift the light and shine for all.

Stay true. Stay strong. Stay love



For me, it further deepens the lesson of being present. Listening to another. This means no multi-tasking. This means listening to the nuances of their voice or written word. You're sensitive, you can feel the underlying meaning of what they say. Finger pointing is so not allowed (that's all ego), but listening and responding from the heart. If you need an extra moment or two to respond, take it. The world will be better if all would listen, just listen without judgement. 

The world is changing. The energies are very heightened right now. The light is winning. However, the darkness of course does not like it and will do its best to stay alive. It's up to each one of us to pick up the mantle of love and be present.



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