How do you 'Click' In?

How do you 'Click' In? - Angel Chatter

You know, there are many authors, teachers, and coaches out there. 


What sets them apart?

They are daring to BE authentic and true to themselves.

Every time one is their true self, something within them clicks in. As each click builds upon another, people in their circles take note. 

In other words, their actions, inactions, and various forms of communication click in.

They demonstrate Uriel's mission in glorious technicolor; they dare to BE themselves and are no longer ashamed.

When to Pull Away from The Pack?

A pack is a lovely place. It creates a community of like-minded souls. One can rest and feel support from the others. A pack teaches one to work and live in harmony with other souls, which can be challenging but need not BE challenging. It can be challenging only for those who are stuck in their mindsets of lack or injustice. It's when one isn't willing to think BEyond what they currently hold as accurate to allow more to enter.

That is when a pack may BEcome challenging.

There are moments when one runs solo at times of introspection. Sometimes in moments of personal growth, but the pack remains. The pack remains to welcome you back from your 'foraging' and ingestion of new information. 

Then there are times when it is time to leave the current pack. The energy alignment no longer exists. You naturally feel the inner frustration build, and those darling goddesses are the warning signs to note.

One may gently pull away from one pack to quickly find their new pack as the recent matches their vibrancy. However, the old pack may call and beckon. It beckons, for it is comforting. There is comfort in that complacency of knowing what to expect at all times, even if you are not a fan of what to expect.

Does that complacency keep you from moving forward and shining your light? Have they grown with you? Or have they stuck in the old ways and very 3d dimensional thinking? Third dimension? Think ego-based; anger, competition, jealousy, judgment, gossiping.

The best way to know and own a decision that it is time to leave is asking yourself this question: 

When you interact with the current pack,

do you feel rejuvenated or drained after the interaction?

Simple exhaustion or rejuvenation will answer your question and hopefully empower you to stay or leave. 

If I leave The Pack, Does This Mean I am now adrift and alone?

By standing tall and leaving one pack does not mean you are now running solo in your life forever. However, it may mean you do run solo, but only momentarily. You may run solo until you have found your secure footing and are ready to embrace the following steps and beyond. 

Think about your life. You have changed over the years, correct?

Of course, you have!

Are you still friends, all your friends, from childhood? Most likely not. Therefore, change is a natural event in all lives. It's one to embrace rather than resist. 

Standing tall in your lusciousness is a beautiful thing. Take a deep breath and honor where you are now. Very quickly, your new pack will show itself. One that matches you energetically and perhaps challenges you for you now know there is the growth coming. 

Growth is coming and coming in significant, bold ways. 


Do not be intimidated by the many pack choices. Feel free to interview them. Try them on for size. Remember, they are here to help rejuvenate and support you. Embrace this knowledge, freedom of choice, and power.

Once found, embrace this new pack. 

Remember, you are not designed to live life as a hermit. Humans are pack animals by their very nature. You will never be alone for long, if at all. 

What About Mentors and Teachers?

They, too, will be part of your pack. They will lovingly hold up a mirror to remind you of whom you are. 

They will present a variety of ways to look at life. They will remind you that you are a goddess. They will share and share their knowledge freely, for their goals are to empower you. That is their plan. Their plan is not to belittle or play mean girl scenarios. Their objective is to rebuild your confidence so you, too, may spread your wings.

Once a program is complete, they may no longer be part of your pack. That is OK, for their soul contract with you has been fulfilled. 

The key is to find ones that speak your language and expand your horizons. You feel that click in energy. There is a connection, but not one of bravado or superiority, but one of sharing and camaraderie. 

How to Know The Click?

It's working, once again, with Archangel Uriel, Angel of Safety. Remember, his mission is the constant reminder that YOU are safe to BE you. 

It's frustrating at times. Collectively we have grown much. Yet, there is much more to explore! So many more facets have yet to sparkle to the outer world, and it's time. 

The Click happens when it simply feels right. One's initial reaction maybe I don't know why, but it just feels right. This is not uncommon to feel at the onset. However, before jumping into this or that course or that mentor, sit with the energy. BE forewarned, here come those blessed Whys again. 

Sit quietly and ask WHY. Why does this program, this teacher, this mentor feel suitable for me at this moment? This is not a leap-frogging scenario; jumping from one mentor to another with the same mission. Before you align with any, sit quietly and ASK. 

Keep asking Why. Often you have reached the truth when a sigh is released from your physical body. Another natural sign is you will literally feel your heart expand and yet feel a tad intimidated because you know growth is coming. Your limits will BE stretched. The things you know? Expanded and perhaps challenged. 

All is perfect when you own the click. 

If you are still unsure, chat with Uriel. He will joyfully help you clear away the cobwebs so you are comfortable making the next beautiful decision for your growth and evolution. 

Bravo YOU. 

Take the Next Step

If this is all intriguing, excellent. Take stock of your current packs. Do they still click for you? Remember, rejuvenate and empower OR depleting? 

Want to work together? I'm honored, and thanks for thinking of me! There are many WAYS to work; grab a book, join our Facebook group, book a session. See? Options from free to not so free. Each one is designed to help you, BE, well YOU.

Until next week, remember it's time for you to share your brilliance.

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