How much do you Love...Yourself?

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love Mandala

This is a topic I am passionate about and of course it rears its head on a regular basis.

Why? I want to make sure you understand the importance of Loving Yourself more and more and more. 

Why? BEcause if you don't love yourself, nobody else can.

Rephrase that; Nobody can love you more than you LOVE yourself.   

This is a very, very true fact. 

This Journey of Self Love vs. Self Loathing and back to Self Loving

So many, so many unfortunately are told since childhood that if they think of themselves first they are selfish. If they think of themselves first, they are greedy. If they think of themselves first, they are now undesirable. 

Pashaw. Everyone is born desirable, lovable and more. What changed was societal programming of the contrary. 

Now it is time to rebuild. It will take time to love yourself more. The breaking down of your brilliance didn't happen overnight and it won't rebuild itself in a day or two or three.

In fact, it may take the rest of your life. That's OK in my book. Really? OK?

Yep. For every layer that is put back into place and honored, another rears its cute little head requiring more love. 

Remember, all are perfectly imperfect. Including me. Including you. 

Each step that reclaims our juicy essence systematically breaks down the loathing aspect. Loathing is a funny thing; it masquerades nicely. It has been stealthily woven into daily conversations so much so it is a badge of (bad) honor to utilize these phrases: 

  • If I could.... I'd be...
  • If I was.... I'd be....
  • If I hadn't, I'd be....
  • If I had, I'd be....
  • I shoulda done....
  • I shouldn't have done....

See? All very judgmental and that equates with self loathing. Of course it can unfortunately go much deeper. Much deeper. 

Let's just start with one tactic.

Should Vs. Could

Many of you that have been chatting with me for a while, know this is not a new concept. Nope not at all. Years ago, YEARS ago I tell you, the angels shared this with me:

When one should something and doesn't

One then feels guilty

When one should do something, but doesn't wish to, but does

One then gets angry

One always COULD

When one coulds, you free up obligations and now are left in control. You may choose this or that, OR not this or that.

Freedom is the key 

Right off the bat, your newest assignment:

  1. For one week, note often do you think or say the word should. Just note, observe, etc. No judgment, it is what it is. You may be quite surprised at how much pressure you are putting on yourself. Then again, maybe you won't be surprised. 
  2. The week following catch yourself and switch should to could. Note how your body reacts. At first, it may not be overly happy, I'll not lie. It can be intimidating and sometime scary to begin to take control over your actions and thoughts. 
  3. The next week, slow down your speech and consciously begin to incorporate could into your vernacular. This one act alone is more freeing than one may realize. Just one word switcheroo and you are well on your way to acknowledging your needs, desires even more.

THAT is one step closer to loving yourself more. 

One step... but trust me, it's a biggie.


When is the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? I'm not even using the other "L" word here (LOVE in case you are curious). I'm talking liked

Just yesterday, we were somewhat excited to hunker down inside our home for it was scheduled to pour, storm and pour some more allll day. We got a whole lotta nothing. However, in this hunkering phase, I went grungy; sweatpants and one of my fav sweatshirts. This is one of my not presentable for viewing attires. I had a LIVE with my students last night and let's just say I like to look somewhat presentable for them. 

I fluffed up my hair, put on a tad of make-up (gloss and concealer if you must know) and unclipped my hair. Not bad, not bad I said to myself... Egoic? Perhaps, but remember, if I don't like the way I look, nobody else will either. I've never met a truly ugly person. Truth! Within each and every soul there is beauty. 

Real beauty. The one that only make-up enhances. 

I challenge you now. Go look in the mirror or reverse your smartphone camera to look at yourself. Look at those luscious eyes. How do I know your eyes are luscious? Because they are the window to your soul and your soul is luscious. 

Why is all this Self Love so Important NOW?

If you recall, The Angels, aka The Gang, dubbed 2019 The Breakthrough Year. 

What better breakthrough can one possibly have than to Love themselves more?

Seriously, what better breakthrough?

  • When one LOVES themselves more, one goes after what they desire with greater abandon.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, they allow themselves to receive the accolades, the riches, the love, the health, the joy that they desire - for now they truly embrace the fact that they deserve it.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, they really don't care what others may think of their lifestyle, their homes, their car, etc. BEcause they know how and where they live reflects them.
  • When one LOVES themselves more, life is embraced on all levels and if something doesn't work out right the first time, they take it for what it is; a lesson and try again. 

Isn't that a great start on why you should; yes that word was chosen specifically and is one of the rare shoulds of life -  You Should LOVE YOURSELF more!

Can you imagine what could transform, birth, happen if you loved yourself a bit more? Try it!

What Angel to Chat with Regarding Self Love

Hopefully you know by know I am referring to Chamuel, THE Angel of Self Love. Chamuel oversees the heart chakra and resonates with the color pink. Pink is the color of self love. Pink also happens to be the color of Rose Quartz, the premier stone of self love. Pink also happens to BE one of my favorite colors. 

Chamuel. This is without a doubt the lesson that has given the majority of my students the most run for their money. That's a great thing for they are allowing themselves to dig deep and are honoring the process. For that I am very grateful. 

Take heed Dearest One and allow yourself to LOVE yourself more. Take one step today and another tomorrow. Grab some Rose Quartz; jewelry, raw form, polished - it doesn't matter. Of course you know I offer a bevy of Chamuel products; candles, jewelry, sun drops, guided meditation and sceptres. All were born to help you LOVE yourself more. Want to dig deeper? You know where to find me to schedule some one on one time.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, Mandala


Meanwhile, meditate with Chamuel while gazing upon the channeled mandala above.

Until next week, put your right hand on your left shoulder. Put your left hand on your right shoulder. SQUEEEEEEZZZEEE real hard. Consider yourself hugged. 

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