In the aftermath of Notre Dame and Her Message for me - for ALL

In the aftermath of Notre Dame and Her Message for me - for ALL - Angel Chatter

Like many, my heart sank when I heard of the news of Notre Dame ablaze. Her Lady (for that is Notre Dame means) was burning! We had been blessed to visit Paris years ago and yes attended mass in this very sacred place. 

Like many, for my students and I have been going back and forth, we felt a sense of calm almost a detachment from the fires. Now this may sound cold and harsh, but it's not. For what is a building but a vessel. What is a vessel? A container to hold, preserve something.

I chatted with The Magdalene quite a bit on that day and I will share as much as I can what was told to me, but first, let's set the stage a bit.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, like many sacred sites was not a new location to hold sacred ceremonies. In fact, Chris H. Hardy shares in her blog (yes I had to hunt and dig to find some sort of proof based on my intuitive findings) that indeed Notre Dame Cathedral was previously the Gaul Pillar of the Nautes - a Temple to the Goddess Diana. For those unfamiliar with Diana, she is the Goddess of Animals and The Hunt and is often overlapped energetically with Goddess Artemis. Artemis is also the Goddess of The Hunt and wild/domesticated animals. She is also the daughter of Zeus who is King of the Gods. 

What is special about this particular location? I know, but have yet to find written proof that this location is a Nexus Point; a location or intersection if you will, of energies. I deep in my heart believe it the nexus point of at least two ley lines that bring forth the energies of the Divine Feminine. 

Think about it, if Notre Dame was previously the Gaul Pillar of the Nautes, both are dedicated to women; Diana/Artemis and Our Lady. Our Lady? Yes, that is literally what Notre Dame is translated to mean. Many believe that Our Lady is to mean Mother Mary. However, I believe, as do many others it is Mary Magdalene. 

Mary Magadalene's connection to Notre Dame

Hear me out in this theory in which I am not alone.

If you feel connected to Mary Magdalene, you are in great company. Magdala may mean from Magdala as the location, but Magdala also means Tower. As you begin to BEcome more observant in icongraphy, you will BEgin to notice more and more towers as they connect to Mary Magdalene. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

 What graces the front of Notre Dame? True many things, but one is often drawn to the TWO towers atop the cathedral. TWO. Why two? Many feel/know that she was indeed married to Yeshua. The Divine Union. What is a couple but a union of TWO. Balanced in energy. Strong and empowered and equal.

Together they form the union that creates the base below them. All else is dwarfed by their presence.



Another nod to The Magdalene, as there are many within is a statue of a woman just in the entrance in the tympanum.

This woman holds a banner and an urn, is crowned and stands tall, empowered as she looks upon you. How does one know this could be The Magdalene? Look over her. There are yet four more towers. This is a woman of power and means for she wears a money pouch. Mary Magdalene, those paintings known to BE her often include such things as urns, towers and money. Why the urn? it holds sacred oils used only for ceremonial work. 

There is movement within the statue for she is not simply standing, but her right foot placement indicates movement forward. In other words, this is woman on the move and is quite comfortable in her power.

Truly a representation of the Divine Feminine.

Do I have your attention now?

It may be years before anyone is allowed back into the Cathedral, if ever in our lifetime, but do your own research. Once you jump in that rabbit hole it is hard to deny the presence of The Magdalene within Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Healing and Moving Forward after the Fires

Honestly I could not watch the fires consume the building. I saw more than enough via social media. However it did force me to go within and meditate and I promise I'll share a bit of what she told me in a few. However, look at the image below as shared via social media:


Most quickly see an image of a person. If you can't, soften your eyes a bit. Many jump to say it is Jesus/Yeshua. I'll put it out there; Is it Him or is it Her? 

Notre Dame will rebuild. Many have already come forward to donate massive amounts of money to get it started. 

Mary Magdalene's Message

As I went into meditation and began to ask her the whys, she was quick to jump in with the following:

As with all things, one gets accustomed to what is before them and no longer see the true message or significance of an event. Think about your day, do you no longer see the clutter on your kitchen counter? Do you no longer stop and see the beauty of what is before in nature? Do you no longer see what is what is literally right in front of you?

The same goes with my cathedral.

Yes mine.

The Divine Feminine is rising. It has been rising for decades, but now more than ever more need to see and hear The Truth. Why does it need to rise? Balance. This is not a situation where women overpower men. Rather it is a union built upon equality. We are the living representation of the sacred union displayed in the Vesica Piscis. Each maintaining its own individuality, but creating strength through Love in their union.

Regarding the fires of Notre Dame; many sacred objects were saved from the fire for future energy work via viewing. The energy that is conveyed through all sacred artifacts is the energy of Love. Those held in Notre Dame are no exception.

That is what I represent.


For Love has no boundaries.

Love has no conditions.

Love is ALL.

As this cathedral was built upon Love; the true union of both, it shall be rebuilt and endure. As the truth begins to emerge about me and my beloved, the artifacts saved will take on a new meaning for the truth shall emerge to BE seen and heard by the masses. 

We, as you, are the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes to shine more brightly and empower more people through nothing more than Love. 


In Closing

I do believe she has called us to arms! Arms open wide for hugging, empowering and of course LOVING. She has shared with me many times that the energy of LOVE is empowering. LOVE starts within by acknowledging and loving one's self first and foremost. By honoring one's gifts and by not belittling self or others. It is an understanding that there are many viewpoints and roads that lead to Love, but once arrived all speak the same language. 

One learns to BE. One learns to listen vs. hearing. Listening with not just an open mind, but more importantly an open heart. Accepting where another is within their journey and honoring it and never rushing them to another point. Holding space if necessary to allow them to regroup and take timid steps forward. Encouraging them to do so, but never challenging them to do so. Never telling them to get over it and move along. All emotions have validity and the sooner they are honored, the sooner one can move forward with greater confidence. 

Perseverance and endurance are required for this Love Journey. Standing tall with a smile on your face, tears in your eyes for you are filled with great joy and of course Love that infects others to acquire the same feeling and BEing. 

As I write this, Her candle  is burning brighter. The energy of the room is quite full and I am at peace. As I do not have a mandala for her, yet, I offer Chamuel The Angel of Self Love to help you hold space for YOU in LOVE.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala



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  • Heather

    I don’t know what you believe but I know that Mary Magdalene is very close to Mother God (and I don’t mean Mother Mary) although the 3 are very close as well. While I don’t doubt you talk to Mary I also believe you talk to God. These are her words as well, as well as many of the women on the other side especially including the female angels. Not to leave any of the men out concerning love but the women (the feminine) have a certain essence. Love is powerful, God is love, and that’s what all of Divinity stands for, peace & love for it is Her that brought it here.

    Your last statement of perseverance and endurance being required for this Love Journey hit me very hard. I have been talking quite a lot with Jesus lately. He & Mary loved each other very much, it is deeply emotional. I have been “channeling” the time they were together upon this earth & beyond.

    Love is the single most thing anyone on the other side and beyond would have you remember, always, in all ways

    Thank you for writing this

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