It Takes Courage

It Takes Courage
Dearest One ~
It takes courage to stand up for oneself in a world that is quick to point fingers and call you selfish for taking care of yourself first. 
It takes courage to speak with Love, not acidity. 
It takes courage to listen to another and not interrupt your opinions. 
It takes courage to take that first step in living a life you desire, and deserve. 
It takes courage to BE you.
Dearest One, it takes courage to pull away from the pack and run solo until others shift. 
I see you and know what it takes.
We are still a work of art yet to be completed. Look back and honor how far you have come. Honor the blooming gifts because you have had enough hiding, and your gifts are too big to keep tucked away. 
Think back to a time that was perhaps challenging as one of your gifts reemerged. I'm betting it wasn't an easy undertaking from start to finish. 
Every time one of your gifts comes out to play, you become challenged to grow or stay right where you are. 
Of course, staying where you are is illogical. Whether you think you are changing or not, you constantly evolve and blossom. 
Of course many changes you accept; you grow in height, your wisdom has expanded over the years, more if you expose yourself to various cultures and beliefs, and your hair! Your hair grows, falls out, and changes color over your lifetime. All of this you accept as a given. 
But alas, when your soul is stirred, you become immobile. This change excites you yet feels daunting because it feels bigger than you. That kind of soul-stirring is where we land today. 
It's the reoccurring dream you have that won't leave you. It may mute itself, but that is only temporary. Whenever it does resurface, it seems to scream louder and more incessantly. 
Have you noticed that? 
This dream of yours. I ask that you share it below. Seriously, please share it in the comments below. Once you 'speak it out loud,' you will feel a burden lift off your shoulders. This is because you have been harboring it in the darkness for too long. It is time for it to see the light of day and that takes courage on your part. 
Once you share your dream below, will you let others cheer you on? Will you permit others to mentor and guide you to the place you desire to BE? Will you take that first courageous step and BE genuinely you?
It's one thing to be envious of another. (Please note I did not write BE envious, for who wishes to be known as that kind of person?) It's another to BE inspired by another who continues to get up and show up regularly. The type of people who take classes, pulls back to marinade, and invest in themselves monetarily and time-wise to be a better version of themselves every day?
Those kinds of people are inspirational to me.
It takes courage to keep moving forward and not be a Couch Potato, Monday Morning Quarterback, or general wistful thinker. 
Yes, I've done everything I mentioned above, as I am sure you have, but they do not dictate my days. What directs and guides my days is my soul combined with guidance from all of the members of my spiritual team; The Magdalene, Yeshua, Poppa, Clyde, The Gang, Hetty, Sam, and, well, you get the idea. 
It takes courage to try something, knowing it might succeed as quickly as it fails. It does. It takes courage. If everything you did was perfect, what's the point of living? 
The balance of success and failure add to your experience, right? Those stumbles make the victories all sweeter! Sometimes it may feel like failure is your middle name, but consider each a step closer to THE success. 
It takes courage to keep going, I know. You can do it. 
Chat with your guides. Not sure whom to chat with? How about Metatron, The Angel of Motivation? 
Metatron oversees your soul star chakra and helps illuminate the spark within you so you are aligned with life, not politics, gossiping, and naysaying. Life. Your life. Metatron has multiple personas; some are pretty monotoned, while others are hilarious. He always brings forth the one you need to hear from the most. Lean in and listen openly. 
Metatron will encourage you to BE vulnerable. By doing so, you will find your soul tribe. The tribe that will not only cheer you on but will call you on your shit when you step off your course. That's a tribe worth cultivating.
If you have been with me for a bit, you know the stor when four friends dumped me in two weeks for no reason. Well, of course, the reason was that we were not a good fit. I long for honest conversations and exchanges vs. gossiping. I did not leave on my own, so Metatron took care of it. 
I became very raw and vulnerable for over one year, and sometimes it can still rear its head under the label of unworthy. However, each time it shows up, I have grown that now I can hug that inner child profoundly and tell her it's OK; she's safe to BE her true self. Take a deep breath, remember the truth, which is LOVE, and carry on. This is one of the many areas I assist clients; to BE courageously themselves and embrace the changes ahead. 
It can be scary but oh-so glorious. As you pick up the pieces you have let drop over the years and put them back in their place, you feel a click and surge of energy that you haven't felt in a while. That energy is helping to link all the other pieces together to assist you in moving forward. 
It takes courage to pick up the pieces. It takes courage to admit to wrongdoing. Sometimes that wrongdoing was ignoring yourself to keep the peace. 
No matter what, that piece is now back in place and takes courage. This brings us to our next angel.
Ariel, The Angel of Courage. 
As you may know, she is also my guardian angel and is forever in my ear, guiding me. It's up to me to heed her advice. 
Ariel does not oversee a particular chakra but works with all of your chakras to gently fan the flames of desire to prompt you into action to live life as you desire. 
She reminds me often that it is one thing to know of your desires but another to BE proactive in their creation. 
It takes courage to turn off the TV, put down the phone, and remember what is important to you. We don't have opposable thumbs to hold a phone. We have them to dig, write, perform tasks that were unthinkable centuries ago, and, of course, hold hands.
It takes courage to break away from the pack to BE. It's why I am always encouraging you to say YES, or NO as appropriate for your needs, not the needs or the padding of the wallet of another. Yes, I have a beautiful business I've nurtured, grown, expanded, and constricted as needed. It's a baby, an extension of me, and I offer the services, products, and courses to help you. I've implemented all I share with you in those courses within our life, and you know what?
It's pretty incredible this life of ours. 
Could it be better? Of course! Anything human-made can be better. I'm OK with that; it gives us more to look forward to next week, month, and the years ahead. 
It's your turn. 
Now, like right now. Declare what you want to change in your life, not the world. Your life. Then ask Ariel and Metatron how best to go about it. 
You'll thank them later. 
Sending you much Love,

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