It's Called Choice

Archangel Chamuel Mandala, Christine Alexndria

You may not be able to choose how you feel, but you have the choice of how you react.

Every day we are given choices. A choice to act/react, speak/silent, love/hate and so on.

As example:

We can cut our thumb on the metal wrapper of a wine bottle (this happened to me over the weekend by the way, so a very real example) We may scream in frustration, curse and carry on. Or we may go, ohhh that hurts and put a band-aid on it so it heals properly. 

Does either reaction example change the situation? Nope, cut is still there. However, which do you think will garner a quicker healing? Which reaction will allow you to move forward with more Grace, Love and Joy? Which will allow the moment to fester and create a shift in the paradigms of your reality?

You choose.

Take another example, traffic. We get stuck in traffic; happens more often than one would like, right? However does complaining about it speed things up? Does enjoying the ride speed things up? In either case no, but the choice is yours on the mood you wish to BE in and share with others either in the car and/or around you in traffic. I've personally been known to break out in spontaneous car dance just to humor others while entertaining myself.

Give it a try. You will not only lift up your spirits, but those that see the 'crazy person' dancing like a maniac in their car. 

Certainly there can be more life altering and horrific things and events in one's life. These are things that I will not emphasize here in an effort to not encourage more energy towards what has happened or may happen in my life or yours. 

Life is but a Choice

Every single day we are offered opportunities to stand in our power or check our bellybuttons for lint. 

Every day. 

There are days, certainly, when one is overloaded on the To Do List whether it be domesticity calling, work, family obligations, etc. However, every day a choice is presented to take a step forward in reclaiming our divine power. 

We have a choice to live or not live. We have a choice to act upon our dreams. We have a choice to sit and moan about another's success and/or work in ways to discredit them or we have a choice to cheer another on knowing there is ample for ALL and it is not a race. Trust me, there is no blue ribbon for 'getting there' first. 

Every day there are choices.

What If...

What if today you began a ritual in earnest that started with Gratitude? A listing of all things you are grateful for that already exist in your life? As of this moment, one of our cats, Schroeder, is deeply snuggled into my left arm as I type. How can not BE grateful for such trust and love? 

If every day BEgins with gratitude, you will find less to be weary of, or jealous of, or ...  for you have filled your vessel with Love, Gratitude and literally counted your blessings that you are now energized to pursue more of your dreams. 

All it takes is a low percentage of daily focus. Low as 1-5% focus from you on your divine plan and dreams. Imagine if you focused daily 5% of your energy towards that where you would BE within 365 days? Imagine on some days you focused more and how far along your path you would BE.


What If...

Start today and repeat daily for the rest of your amazing life. 

Enter the energy of Love, Self Love to BE exact.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

Chamuel is a somewhat quiet angel, but oh the power! There is indeed gerat power in that gentle quiet. Think about it, when someone tells you, even in the most loving way possible, that it is time you take care of you first and foremost, what is your typical reaction?

Based on clients that have needed to hear this, the instantaneous result is a curled up body and welly eyes. They know, but are immobile to move forward. It seems daunting and dare I say selfish?

Therefore, Chamuel's energy while soft, is constant. She will remind you that all you desire from the heart; not jealousy, pain, envy, egoic illusions of grandeur, FROM THE HEART can be yours. 

She will assist you daily during your moments of Gratitude to uplift your soul, raise your mental and emotional awareness to heights untapped. It is through the energy of Love that all prevails. 


Love may squash the egoic mind which serves you unsavory, low self esteem thoughts. Love uplifts, never squashes. Love is the truth, never lies. Love has no conditions.

As with all things, there is a crystal connection to Chamuel. She will nudge you to the correct crystal that is best for you. Perhaps a rose quartz, morganite, kunzite or rhodonite to gently allow love of self to come forward. All of these stones are gentle in their energy and exude waves of Love like nobody's business.

it is time Dearest One to Loving Stand In Your Power. Allow YOUR Light to shine and know you are already prevailing.


Archangel Chamuel Mandala; Christine Alexandria


Loving Yourself First is Not Selfish, 

It IS Imperative


Chamuel reminds you constantly that you indeed have free will and therefore Freedom of Choice. 

  • You can choose to leave a toxic relationship, or stay
  • You can choose to eat more healthily, or not
  • You can choose to exercise, or not
  • You can choose to say YES to you, or not
  • You can even choose the volume of which you say YES - whispering or yelling

The choice is really all yours. The more you can define what it is you truly desire, magic can happen for now you are BEing more clear. Otherwise life continues to throw Options A, B, C, D and so on at you for you are unclear in your directives. 


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