It's Time for YOU to Walk Through the Door

Archangel Metatron Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

Dearest Chatterer ~

Today is November 11. While it is Veteran's Day here in the United States; the day we honor our brave soldiers, like my brother, who have served with no ulterior motive. It is also a Day of Reckoning of sorts.


Yes, reckoning. 

When is the last time you said YES and truly committed to YOU? 

November 11

You may or may not have seen memes or mentions about 11:11.

That is indeed today. 

The Gang always uses the imagery of '11' as BEing a door in which one can now walk through into their mastery.

If that is the case, and it is, we have two opportunities daily; 11am and 11pm. 

However, since today is 11:11, we have an entire day to focus, dream, reflect and metaphorically plot our future. 

Metatron steps forward immediately to offer some serious butt kicking and to offer reminders to each and every one of you reading this post of WHY you are here at this point in history. 

THAT is a big question, is it not? 

WHY are you here? 

It does not matter your age, as I tell my mastermind goddesses, Louise Hay did not start Hay House until she was in her 60s! 60! What excuse do you now have? 

Honestly, not a one. 

Spend the remainder of today, or at least a portion of the day in quiet reflection with a journal close at hand. BE prepared to take copious amounts of notes. 

Ritual to Step Into Mastery

The first crucial step that needs to BE taken and taken seriously is saying YES and owning it. One may say they wish one million dollars or have their one true love by their side, or be the next 'cool' thing that hits social media. 

Each and every one of those dreams are worth embracing. But if all one does is dream and doesn't own this is truly what they desire, nothing will happen. One must, MUST say YES and then BE willing to do the work.


Yes, work. Self Love Work. Owning that YOU are the cog that holds your personal universe together. Embracing that you also must BE proactive in making those dreams a reality and no longer a dream. Getting rid of those mindsets that you are worthy kind of work. 

Can you commit to you? I certainly hope so, for each dream, when it comes from the soul is worth manifesting, living and owning.

Each and every one of them.

Second Step Into Mastery

Knowing what you want! This may seem somewhat silly for you have mentioned what you desire like a kajillion times, but do you really desire? OR are you saying you desire this for it sounds hip, cool, expected for everyone else may BE saying something similar?

BE honest with yourself. Really honest. What do YOU desire. This is where a journal comes in handy or at the very least a keyboard that allows you to write or type with abandon. 

Sit with Michael and thank him for the protective energies he provides. Sit with Metatron so he may come forward to remind you of your WHYS. Sit with Haniel for greater ease in manifestation. Sit with Chamuel, allowing yourself to LOVE you more to receive all that is desired.

Third Step Into Mastery

Now you write and write as if your life depends on it. For in a way it does depend on it. You are remembering what excites you. You are remembering your gifts that are meant to BE shared. You are offering details through the written word of HOW you wish to BE. 

Light those angel candles if you have them nearby. They have been proven by countless clients and customers to bring in the perfect blend of scent as well as energies to relax the mind and allow the heart to speak. (If you don't have them, they are 35% off starting Thursday, 11/12 until midnight Sunday - no code required for the discount).

You may also wish to put on music that can relax the mind and allow the heart to wander and speak more freely. 

You may have a beverage of choice from which you may sip.

In other words, create the mood so you can settle in with no interruptions. 

Now write.

Fourth Step Into Mastery

Review your word, phrases, dreams. Let the knowledge that you have spoken seep in. Let the knowing cascade over you allowing you own this or that. Even if the 'owning' is 2%. 2% is much better than the goose egg of ZERO. With each revisit, you will better able to raise your percentage a bit here and a bit there. 

Will you allow the vibration of you to raise?

Fifth Step Into Mastery

Now is the time for work. Now is the time you are to BE proactive in creating your dreams into reality. 

Now is the time you perhaps take a class to further your knowledge in that arena. 

Now is the time you perhaps hire a mentor to personally guide you through each step personally for you. 

Now is the time you work in creating the perfect life for you. 

What Angel to Chat with?

Metatron who else?

Archangel Metatron Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

His mandala is very much in your face as need BE at this very moment. He says, if you are reading this post, you are ready and it is time to get to work. 

Will you agree to this?

Be forewarned he can be a tad, ahem, pushy at times! He is pushy, however, in the most loving way possible while taking no prisoners. I know from past experience only too well. 


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