Lean on Me

Lean on Me

As I too grow and learn I realize on a daily basis how fortunate I am to have such a strong support network.

That includes you.

If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. Even if you only read these posts and leave a message, it encourages me. As we all grow on our individual path, we gather to us a loving community. A community that is always there, no matter what. A community that stands strong as individuals and stronger as a unit.

What kind of community have you gathered to you? If those around you don't cheer you on, offer a shoulder and even periodically call you on the carpet for not following through, then those my Dear Chatterer really aren't your peeps.

Those are what I call 'The Stand Ins' They are simply standing there watching. No real engagement. No real support. No real... well anything. Time to pull back a bit and allow room for true friends to enter.

Not sure how to go about this? Chat with Uriel; The Angel of Safety. Use his 'famous' Askfirmation -


Why is it safe for me to be me?


If you aren't showing up in your authentic yumminess, how can you attract those who really support you?


No worries, this big change most likely won't happen overnight, unless of course you are FULLY aware of these Stand Ins, like I was. YEARS ago, I had a bunch of friends, lovely women really, but deep down I knew they weren't my peeps. They would literally disregard the topics that were important to me and would often say 'There she goes again.' Insert eye rolls here please, very appropriate.

Well I knew they weren't true friends, but I didn't have a better offer. I was getting kind of miserable to be honest. I wasn't following my dreams and at that point I had just a mere inkling of what those dreams entailed. Sooooooo......

The Gang took the matter into their own wings. All four of those friends dumped me in the course of two weeks.

Yes really.

I carried on, went into the 'depths of my despair' (Anne of Green Gables fan here) and could have won an Oscar.

For one year.

Yes one year. However, in that year I did tremendous soul searching. I began to look beyond and get excited about other things that mattered to ME; energy healing, crystals, and of course angels... they weren't yet The Gang.

Am I glad I did! By the time we left the neighborhood, I thanked one of them in person. Deep down she understood. The kicking out of the nest was one of the best things that ever happened to me; unsavory as it was.

However, if you don't wish such a heart ripping experience, and yet feel akin to how I did, it may be time to start being a bit more proactive in YOUR dreams. A bit more proactive in coming out of the closet to shine your light, fly your freak flag and simply BE YOU.

You deserve a GREAT support group no matter where you and they live. Mine are literally scattered around the world. Family in Europe, Florida, California and more. Chatterers who have become family. I grin and shout HURRAH at your success ... that's no lip service; it's real. It's who I am.

Who are you?



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  • Artemis

    Hello Lovely Lady,
    and I totally understand and know how it feels to not be among true people. I think you are aware of part of my story. I left a marriage of nearly 30 years from being with someone who made sure life was about their needs and happiness. And something I made sure of and made it my responsibility because of my ethnic background.

    It took having a burnout after nearly 22 years of marriage to realize I had never been living for myself and the people who surrounded me were only around because of what they received from me. I had been a giving person all my life.

    Since separating my family told me it was my problem and my friends chose (who had been with me for over 25 years) to no longer keep in contact. So I am doing it alone. And I cannot deny it was life changing for me in deciding that my life and happiness was too important to keep giving away and to leave the marriage but never did I expect my family and friends to not be there also.

    But since all this happened nearly five years ago,I have grown and continue to be determined now more than ever, to be true to who I am and only have people who are true to me as part of life.

    I have had the pleasure and am so grateful to have come across beautiful people (as yourself) who have showered me with so much kindness and love and are guiding me through this life changing journey. And for this I am so blessed because I can feel their loving,caring heart when they shine their light to help me during this challenging time.

    I believe when we know who we are and we are true to ourselves is when we decide to be with people who are true friends.

    Sincerely grateful to have a beautiful true friend in my life. xo

  • Anna

    Oh, the depths my of despair (huge Ann fan and Road to Avonlea fan too :) Kindred friendship is one of my greatest desires. Been plagued by stand-ins all my adult life. Why is it so easy for me to have the perfect friends?! Thank you! ?

  • Vicki Simpson

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I’ve got very few people that know the real me and I cherish those dearly. It’s nice to have a group of like minded people even if we’re scattered all over the place!

  • Ruth Ann

    I just came out of the closet this last month and I am so happy that I finally did it (as Mother said it’s about time) (she is on the other side). Now all kinds of doors are opening up for me and I am so grateful! I have this feeling that one person who has been a mentor for a long time is getting ready to move on. Just because it’s time and I am hearing and feeling and telling my truth.
    Thank you Angels for being there for me and the Ascended Masters.

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