Let's Take 'It' Nice and Easy...

Archangel Shamael Mandala, Angel Chatter

Who hasn't gotten strung out while traveling at some point? Whether it is in the car, bus, train or plane? Come on, admit it. You know you have, at least once.

As we traveled, yet again, for a metaphysical show last weekend in Massachusetts, we were in the car for over 20 hours total. 

I got to observe ... A LOT. 

What I witnessed, sadly, is that so many are stressed, short tempered, and racing everywhere while really not getting there any quicker than those meandering... as in me.

What I saw in this frenetic race

We drove through towns which of course had stop lights. More than once, folks were zipping in and out like they were on the Indy 500 Raceway only to be one car in front of us at the red light. 

Now I have done this dance before and I'm sure there are times, when I am not as present as I would like to BE. What I've noticed a lot on those days or in those moments is that stress begets more stress. I become more frazzled, short-tempered and let's just say it ain't pretty.

More car horns were honked this past weekend than I have heard in a long time and no not at us. It didn't matter which state we were in; New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, etc. Frustration was high no matter the highway, town, or parking lot. 

One may 'blame' the full moon energies.

One may blame the portal on November 11 (11/11 portal).

One may blame that it was.... perhaps simply not BEing present with life.

On The Other Hand

On the other hand I also witnessed countless folks just plain clueless. This is not meant to be derogatory, but simply an observation. They were off on some planet and simply not aware of their surroundings. 

This mindset was in full swing on Monday during our return trek home. I was driving (a rare event) and we had just crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge. A van was in a lane to my right. They were driving much slower than need be for the traffic flow. I was told to give them space. 

They continued on, melding into our lane. Stayed. Drifted left over another lane. Stayed, drifted yet again and succeeding in cutting off a car who luckily was BEing and slammed on their brakes, albeit horn honking, hands raised in frustration.

They continued to drift into the rest stop parking lot, while talking on their phone that was held up to their head! Why? 

Now not knowing her story and certainly haven't walked two moons in her shoes, whom am I to judge? Perhaps she was completely overwhelmed, lost and ready for a cry fest. 

As I saw her inch into the parking lot, I wished her well, called upon Big Mike for added protection and carried on. Does it make sense to continue to fester? Of course not. She had no idea she was annoying people in multiple lanes.

I know there are plenty of rest stops below this one, as well as places that are not 'official'. All it takes it BEing open to new ideas. 

It's just one example of not BEing.

What to DO?

Yes I said 'do', but you know we're switching it to BEing as soon as possible. 

Truly there are days that scream stress; late getting up, coffee spills and more than the typical share of traffic. Have you ever noticed that on those days there also seems to be an above average of cranky going around?

Like attracts like.

Law of Attraction. 

Ick begets more ick.

That is not to say any of the above; coffee spilling, gnarly traffic etc isn't cause for angst, but one need not build upon it. When you take one incident for what it is; spilled coffee - is it really the end of the world?  Certainly an article of clothing may be soiled or a floor now requires moping, but the end? Not really.

Traffic? Is it something you can change? Of course not. There are ample traffic apps out there to help you hopefully navigate a clearer route (we've used them to circumnavigate traffic at a stand still and IF I can do this, so can you), but it's up to you how you react to each and every situation. You may interpret it as you now have more time to listen to your audio book. You have time to look around. You have time to practice your car karaoke. You might as well as fun as much as possible in a non-desirable situation and ease the heart as well as the mind.

Will you be late for a meeting, appointment? Perhaps. Odds are you do have a cell phone and can magically call, calmly to explain the situation. This may allow you to turn around for it's been re-scheduled or arrive when you can. It is what it is and cannot alter.

Is it always this easy? Of course not, but it is still up to you how you address, act and react to these kinds of situations. 

Do you chose to exasperate the stress or do you chose harmony? The Art of BEing?

What to BE

Take a deep breath. Take another. For good measure, take a few more. 

Take such long deep breaths, you feel your shoulders relaxing and can hear your heartbeat. 

This small but powerful action greatly helps to center you. Do the events change? For the most part, no. But what does change is the energy around that event. You embrace the things you cannot change and willing allow to take those moments to re-center yourself and look at the world anew once more. 

If you alter your energy field, it does alter the energy of those around you. Will it shift everyone? It has the potential to do so for energy trickles outward. One shifts and that shifts another and so on and so on and so on. 

Smile and the world does smile with you. Of course it helps greatly if you smile sincerely vs. with a grimace.

It shifts how you are treated. People are more willing to exhale and go along for the ride vs. waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

As an example, years ago I was at Jiffy Lube for an oil change. While the car was parked in line, it was hit. It was hit by an employee. The tension was palpable; the entire staff was waiting for me to blow. Customers who had witnessed the event were watching and taking notes on how to sue Jiffy Lube. You could just feel it. My first question? It was to the employee - 'Are you alright?' She practically crumpled in relief. I was most definitely NOT mad. Concerned? Yes. Mad? Nah - not worth it. The car was already hit I couldn't change that fact, but I could change what happened next. Next came the conversation as to how the car would be repaired and a loaner for me. All was resolved within an hour. I'm not kidding there was a body car place literally right next to Jiffy Lube. An estimate was had, delivered to the car rental and on my way.

Breathe and carry on. 

What Angel to chat with and why

Shamael, The Angel of Harmony, willing steps forward to remind ALL to Go With The Flow. 

As the angel who oversees water and music, can you embrace the flow connection? Harmonious energy is a much better way to chose to live life, wouldn't you agree vs. drama, angst, fear and anger?

Listen to your heartbeat. As you hopefully understand by now, this is the birthplace of your soul. Your personal cadence. When you keep step with your cadence, life is smoother, more joy-filled and peace? A way of living.

Archangel Shamael, Angel of Harmony - Angel Chatter

Focus on Shamael's Mandala above. Feel it gently pulsate infusing your body and soul with harmony, peace, love. Feel the essence expanding to every cell within your physical body. Feel it radiate beyond so all who may be in proximity of you begin to relax as well. 

Take those deep breaths. Enjoy the ride. Remember, very few get a ribbon for arriving first. Life is truly a journey, embrace every juicy morsel of it.




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