Letting Go

Archangel Jophiel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

For those that follow and join me in conversation on social media, you know we most definitely lost a bright light in our family just over one week ago. 

My brother in law lost his battle against cancer. 

As most things go, it wasn't just his physical leaving that prompted this week's blog musing, but the messages underlying. 

The letting go.

The saying goody-bye.

The moving forward. 

Coronavirus is still here! Surprise, surprise. It's here to stay Dear Chatterer. As my youngest and I were just saying this evening; this IS our 'new' normal. Whether you are a conspiracy theorist (covid is nothing but a hoax) or realist (it's a very real virus), it is here.

Bear with me, for I am actively choosing to not live in fear (I do succumb - human after all), but I actively choose LOVE. With my 'brother's' departure, lessons came forward that now are screaming to BE shared. 

Letting Go

In order for any one of us to move forward, something must let go. Isn't it exhausting carrying around all those 'shoulds'? It's a heavy cross to bear so to speak to BE that consummate people pleaser. The one always there for for another and receiving no acknowledgement in return. The one that others run to for help, assistance and once given are off on their merry way once more. 

It's time to let go of those Shoulds! As mentioned many times before, there are truly very few shoulds in any one's life. Very few. There is, however always could. This is a very freeing mindset to latch onto for now you have choices of what you could do or not do. 

It is always up to each individual to chose what to do or not do. Every person is different, every scenario presents a new opportunity to grow and BE. 

However, old mindsets and ways of BEing need to BE let go. Actively choosing to stop the gerbil wheel of 'making good time' but ultimately going nowhere. 

Let's start with a biggie - The People Pleaser. So many have fallen into this deep hole of a trap. I should BE with them right now. I should do this or not do this in order to make them proud of me. 

Sound Familiar?

This is one of the many reasons one settles in life. Settle in relationships. Settle for who knows what else is out there. Perhaps I AM BEing greedy and expecting too much. Perhaps I've watched and read too many fairy tales. 


Love and Letting Go

Let's say you desire your soulmate/twin flame with you. Let's say you are already in an amazing love relationship, but could BE better.

Does one just light candles and expect change? Ummm no. Not making fun of anyone here and while my candles are quite powerful (thanks to the angel and goddess sigil infusion) and DO make an energy shift, one must take action in their own hands.

This is deep work. We've so much embedded within that we are truly unaware of how our thoughts are directing each moment within our personal, professional and social life. We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, and we are still growing and learning about each other and more importantly, about ourselves. Each and every day is a new adventure. Each day we respect where another comes from. Each day the other is given space to BE and explore. Each day the other is encouraged to go off and do what needs to BE done. Each day the love grows stronger.

This is shared to not gloat, but to point out that each day self work is consciously and unconsciously done. This is where I now lead you.

Today and the remainder of this week. Notice when you get triggered. Especially when triggered concerning LOVE. 

Do you feel:

  • Jealousy of another or their relationship?
  • Ignored by said Loved One?
  • Placated?
  • Taken for Granted? 
  • Ignored by wishes not manifesting?
  • And so on

Take note of the first trigger as it hits. Remember, as we are indeed all one, what occurs within you, occurs within me and occurs within another. Since you are currently the one triggered, sit with that emotion. Do not repress it! The more it is repressed, the more power it has over you. It will continue to dictate what you can and cannot do or experience or have. 

As you sit with it, ask when this mindset was cemented within your BEing. Allow yourself to go back in time to its occurrence. Sit with a younger you (even if it is just last week, you were younger then). Listen to yourself share their emotions. Allow that younger version to sit surrounded in LOVE. Encourage them to crawl into your lap to be coddled, loved and feel SAFE. 

This practice may take a few attempts, false starts and frustration. Keep at it. It is worth the practice and LOVE. 

How Does Jophiel Play Into This Equation?

When one is participating in the ongoing Big Reveal of one's self. What is left in its wake?

Joy filled Love. 

How does it get any better than that?

It doesn't honestly. 

Jophiel, as the premier go to angel for Joy-filled Power softly and gently infuses one with such joy that they are naturally empowered. 

Agendas of conquering the world cease. Agendas of having to morph, change, and/or alter another are a distant thing of the past. For one is so content with themselves, judgment of others slow to a halt and eventually cease altogether. 

Why is that? 

One learns and owns that ALL are on their personal evolutionary journey and one has no right to judge another prior to walking at least two months in their shoes along their path. 

Can you imagine, no longer judging another? Can you imagine a life where you aren't concerned if another is emulating you? Can you imagine life with fewer competition? Can you imagine life filled with more LOVE?

I can. I do. I live it more deeply daily. Do I slip? Of course, but honestly it is often via another's fear that I pick up on and listen a bit too intently shall we say. Once I dis-engage, which may take a day or more at times, I come back to center and remember. 

Thanks to the entire angelic gang and certainly Jophiel. 

How to Proceed

Make no mistake, as a human, this is a life long journey you are undertaking. There will always be layers to unfold and love upon. Some layers will be more stubborn. Some layers will slough off like a tattered clothing article. 

Every juicy layer is yearning to BE recognized and loved on. 

Now it is time to make an appointment. 

Make an appointment with yourself at least once weekly. This appointment is just as imperative as getting your hair trimmed, attending an exercise class and a physical. 


This is you honoring you. This is you acknowledging you. This is you putting yourself first, even for a bit. This is you LOVING you. 

For if you don't, how can anyone else honor, acknowledge, raise you up or love you? 

They can't until you LOVE you more. 

Archangel Jophiel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Sit with Jophiel's mandala above. My students receive a yellow calcite as part of their course curriculum and suggest you grab one as well. It's a lovely stone that softens the edges to allow that powerful joy seep in. 

Work with Jophiel now and forever more let's BEgin to LOVE one's self more deeply so we may collectively raise up another. 

Wish to have another guide you through this? I'm here for this very reason. To help motivate you and lift you up. 

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