Magic IS in the Air!

Magic IS in the Air!
Today contains GREAT Magic
The magic started as soon as we opened the door to embark on our morning walk, Zeke and I.
On our doormat was a beautiful butterfly, catching its breath. I’m so thrilled Thuriel (Angel of Animals) had me look down before stepping out; because the butterfly laid precisely where my foot would have gone. 
I was unsure if the butterfly had died or was resting. So Zeke and I lingered for a few moments, and I just admired the magnificence in a creature so delicate and small. Within moments, it walked, yes, walked a few steps. 
It flew off into the great beyond.
What a gift we had just witnessed!
Just in case you are unaware, butterflies represent transformation. This sign was not only in our face but stilled long enough to get a few photos so you, too, can embrace the transformation that is upon us all. 
Drink in its beauty, strength, and resilience. 
It’s pure magic.
It was not lost on me that this butterfly showed up the day after we released The Itty Bitty Course on Manifestation. More on that in a few. Stay with me because the magic continued this morning and throughout our afternoon.
Our neighbor, with whom I typically walk in the mornings, has been out of town.
She’s lovely but very intimidated and, let’s say, unsure of my channeling gifts. With that in mind, I don’t threaten her with talk of channeling or my world unless it can loop back to hers. 
It’s called respect. 
With the ongoing heat in our area, scheduled heat index topping 107 today, Zeke and I haven’t wandered in the woods lately. Nor have we gone into the woods with our neighbor who likes a particular route. We stay the course, so to speak; the trek is sure on timing, so we arrive home before the heat settles in.
Ahhhhh, but she was not here this morning! The woods and magical deities have noticed her absence and beckoned me since her departure.
It was too hot. 
Along the main path to the park, there are ten entrance/exit points. Some are linked in a few steps, and others take you on a path for over one mile of winding terrain. They are all fabulous, and I've encountered distinct deities in specific parts of the park; White Buffalo Woman, an Enslaved Woman named Hettie, Clyde, The Cyclops, and more.
The woods were screaming at me as we turned around to go home.
We need you in here! We miss YOU!
Zeke concurred and pulled me toward the nearest entrance.
Zeke is pushing the agenda of Forest Walking NOW
Okay! We headed to exit/entrance #9, knowing the path to exit/entrance ten was short. 
White Buffalo Woman began chanting as we crossed the field to the entrance. Alright, I started chanting in an ancient language. I’ve had folks with true native American heritage listen in, and they agree it is ‘the old language’ which dates back over 100 years, as our best guess. 
Once again, I'm honored and blessed.
We walked from entrance 9 and bypassed exit 10. I knew we had an unmarked exit just ahead of us. 
White Buffalo Woman sang and sang and sang. 
The song felt like a blessing. Not only a gift for me but the woods and all of humanity. 
Including you.
I regret not recording it for you, but relax into her energy now. Permit your heart to open to a blessing from the heavens and her.
This is the kind of magic that is available to us all now.
They were not done with me yet.
WE returned home, and it was time to prep for my hair appointment, getting out of sweating clothes for starters. The Magdalene repeatedly screamed at me to wear her necklace and share it with the hairstylist. 
Off I went to get the hair trimmed and connect with This goddess who is so our tribe. She is gentle, robust, and very open. 
I shared The Magdalene's relic with her. She stood quietly in her energy and reverently gave it back with a response; I need to go see her.
Mission accomplished.
As she was finishing up my appointment, she got relatively quiet. Keeping in mind, we chatted like old friends the entire hour, even though this was my second appointment with her. 
Her next question floored me:
Do you ever have people just wanting to stand near you in your light? 
It’s just magnificent.

I'm Honored to BE near you.
I was, for once, speechless.
She then gave me a bite-size piece of Dove chocolate. Of course! One must never say no to chocolate! 
I opened the wrapper, and lo and behold, you see its very crumbled but powerful sentiment:
We are fast approaching Lion’s Gate. It’s the annual energy portal on August 8, but its intensity varies yearly depending on the other planetary alignments. 
In a nutshell, it is a VERY magical moment.
♥ Lean into it.
♥ Relax into your power
♥ You are a Manifesting Magnets on steroids right now
Now sure how to better manifest? I have tools for you! 
I offer in this course tools not shared before. Therefore, if you are a current student of The BE You Program, this is new for you too! 
We are all rushed these days, no matter how great our intention is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. 
It happens to the best of us.
Therefore the formula for The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation and all those that follow is:
 * THREE Modules that include:
  • Three videos
  • Three sets of pdfs that you may download or file away or both
This course is yours to keep forever. 
One of the best parts?
It is ONLY $23
YES, there are no hidden zeroes here -
This is not an introductory price. This is the price
from now on. It’s time EVERYONE has access to this juicy wisdom in smaller nuggets at very affordable pricing.

One more time, here's the link:
If you know someone who would also benefit from this, thank you now for sharing.
Please accept this wisdom and loving, lean into the power that:
YOU are worthy of all YOU desire 
It’s your time
Sending you great LOVE,

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