Maid, Mother, Crone

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Maid, Mother, Crone

Each title given to a woman, a goddess if you will, represents a particular time in her life.


The Maid

A maid is someone untouched, yet to explore the universe let alone the world at large. She is just beginning her life adventure without the confines of continuous parental support. She can be fierce in awakening. She can be timid. She can be filled with ideals and dreams of where life is to take her. The world is her oyster that she has yet to crack open and is just beginning to allow her true beauty to come forward to be savored not only by her, but those lucky enough to be in her presence.

A maid is one that can also wear the title of Good Girl. Eager to please, do what is expected of her at times to the demise of her spirit and essence. 

How often has one done something out of they were expected to do it? I'm no different, although through a great deal of soul searching and digging, I too am slowly releasing all of those maiden expectations bestowed upon me by society. 

As a Maid, embrace the uniqueness of the world that surrounds you. Revisit those gorgeous Rose Colored Glasses not in the vein of denial, but to truly see the world for what it is and can offer. It is with the virgin mindset that one knows deep within their hearts that all is possible. 


The Mother

A mother is one who has become the matriarch of her immediate family. She is the nurturer, the in house Madame Curie, Chauffeur, Juggler Supreme, Dietician and more. Her place as the primary caregiver is how she is often identified and labeled successful; how clean is her home, are her children happy, can she do it all and still look magnificent? These are the kinds of questions and constraints modern society has put on the modern Western goddess.

Are these fair and obtainable expectations? Before you answer, remember, so many Mothers now work outside the home in addition to their domestic Goddess duties.

As a Mother of children who are now fantastic adults, I can attest to how I wanted to be perceived. I was a domestic goddess and wouldn't given up that time at home with them for all the tea in China. However, did I obsess over how our home looked? I would like to think not, but in reality I most likely did. As one who is greatly affected by color, those archaeologists are going to have a field day when they start scraping the layers of paint off of any given wall. Let's just say I was not one to sit home and eat bon bons as tempting as they are! I was in a constant state of flux decorating, chauffeuring, nursing and more during those blessed years, but i made sure I had on my makeup! True story as much as I would like to think otherwise...

If you are in that Mother stage can you think of how society has morphed you? If you are not in that Mother stage, can you think back to your childhood and see it via your mother's eyes and point of view. Is it more of being a good girl with more responsibilities?

If approaching the Mother stage, what would, if anything would you do differently? How do you wish to BE seen, heard and valued as a Mother?


The Crone

Lastly the Crone. Crones have aged, they have wrinkles to prove it, gray hairs have emerged. They have experienced life in all sorts of various nuances and are ready to share their beautiful innate wisdom for those that wish to listen. They are not as strictly guided and persuaded by the contemporary role models. There is a sense of freedom and sass that exudes from them. They shall wear purple divinely. They have shed their good girl persona and now dance like nobody is watching. They shall laugh with aplomb for they know life is indeed fleeting and best to embrace all its glorious nuances while they still can. Their wisdom? Better than most college courses. However, the question remains, who asks for their advice and better yet who truly listens?

This is society's dilemma, who listens to the elderly? Who may think they are doddering fools and are there to be humored? A Crone is a luscious and empowered woman. She knows when to shut up. She knows when to listen. She knows when to plant seeds that can allow others to come to the conclusion that is meant for the moment, crossroad, destiny. 


The Good Girl Gone Wild

What I have learned is that age has nothing to do with what stage a woman is labeled being in. When one embarks on a new journey, they are full of trepidation, excitement and have shouted YES to the universe that they are ready. They are a maid at this point in their life. It does not matter if they are in their 90’s, 20’s or somewhere in between. They are beginning anew. They are cracking open yet another oyster.

As one becomes comfortable with that level, that stage of her life, she then becomes the mother. The mother’s job is to nurture others, to care for others often times at the expense of her very own well being. The Mother is there for her children helping them to soar every higher as they prepare to leave the nest of security. Children are purposefully put in italics for who hasn’t felt responsible for a friend in need, a student, a family member at some point? Through the care offered to them, are suggestions not made as a teacher would to a student or a mother to a child?

As the Mother begins to master this stage, as they encourage their childen to graduate and fly, the Mother morphs into the Crone. They are now ready to teach, go beyond and bring back new information for those that are willing to listen and embrace. They stand more firmly in their power. They know how to sway with the wind and yet be very comfortable with whom they are.

Remember, at any given moment you too are The Maid, The Mother, The Crone.

There is a subtle line of definition between each phase of one’s life and at times One may represent all three on any given day depending on their individual life circumstances and situations. Dancing with ease between the three may not be the most easiest of waltzes. However, when one begins to recognize the nuances and the brilliance of each stage, the dance becomes oh so much easier. 

Hasn’t there been a time in your life you felt like you were doing it all… alone? Rest assured that perhaps while you were humanly alone, you had the help of your angelic guides, the elementals, personal guides, dragons, unicorns and more to assist you, carry you and often lighting the way for you. 

To follow your bliss, your joy, your love?

Don’t each one of us yearn to be protected? Yearn to be recognized? Yearn to be loved? Whether that love is perceived from beyond, or in person it doesn’t matter. For love traverses all timelines, it traverses all lives, all dimensions.

Love is love.

It’s when one Begins to love themselves more - it will never be enough for all humans have this thing called ego. Ego loves nothing more than to keep us ‘fat, dumb and low’. However, when love enters, the maid can then creep out of her closet and allow her light to shine. When love enters, the mother begins to remember who she is and takes small steps to honor her first. When love is embraced, the crone may share her vast wisdom with more grace.

It’s a funny thing this thing called love. We all yearn for it. We all crave it and yet we will ultimately push it away in fear of the other shoe dropping. In other words of getting hurt.

It’s the Art of Allowing. I challenge each of you reading this to put you first. Chat with Archangel Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, more often. Chamuel’s directive is to remind you:

 Loving yourself first is not selfish, it is imperative.


Take time daily to honor who you are, no matter whee you are on your journey. Take time to breathe. Take time to be rid of what no longer serves you. Take time to embrace your unique divinity with greater joy and love. For what you have to offer is oh so worth knowing. If you need a bit of push to get there, pop me a line, I love helping goddesses emerge and shed their good girl personas

I remain,

Christine Alexandria


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