Manifestation Time

Archangel Haniel Mandala Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Manifesting is a buzzword like no other. 

Law of Attraction

Vision Boards

Pretend Shop

All are valid keys to assist in helping you to remember your true desires. 

The key is YOU.

What are YOU Manifesting?

We are manifesting all the time. Repeat:


The key is to BE aware of thoughts and words. 

This morning, while working with a mentee, I lost count of how many times the word need entered her conversation. 


Say that word out loud. How does it make you feel?


The pressure to perform?

The pressure to please?


As I told her, there are very few needs in the world. The top one on everyone's need list at present ought to BE wash your hands.

First Homework for the upcoming week - Step One

Take note of how often you think of the words




Just make a notation. You've thought or said these words. They are already floating around in the universe, so no back-peddling. There is no word exchange/replacement yet. This is simply an exercise to wake you up.

Try this for a minimum of three days

Just three.

This builds a sense of awareness from within. You naturally raise your vibration by BEcoming more aware of the life you live. Things BEcome less rote and more vibrant. 

Step Two

On the fourth day or the day of your choosing, BEgin to stop your speech or thought. Simply stop and catch your breath. The more you do this, the more you begin to release how much pressure you have been putting upon those beautiful shoulders of yours. 

By stopping your speech and thought patterns, you are BEginning to rewire your synapses. You are breaking a habit that has been ingrained for many years, perhaps since childhood. 

This step won't take long to prep you for the next because you will naturally scramble for a word to replace these evil words

Step Three

When ready, take the next step—replacing the words. 

When the word should enters, replace it with the word COULD.

When the word need enters, replace it with a variety of words or phrases, such as:

  • get to
  • can
  • am lucky to BE able to...
  • and so on

By literally switching out the words, you start to take your power back. You BEgin to own your life vs. your life dictating and owning your every movement. 

Why do this? 

The two words given as an example in this week's post; should and need put enormous pressure on you. 

You have to do itwhatever it may be. There is a need. A should that says you must. There is no freedom within those words, no sense of choice, nothing that empowers your movement. 

However, by implement the word could as an example, you now are given choices. You could do this or that. OR you could not do this or that. You have choices. Indeed choices you then must stand by. No longer may you pawn off your actions on something else because of the should in your life. Because you are gaining more choice in your world, you can also choose how you wish to live your life; hence manifesting. We'll get more to that in a moment. 

By replacing the word need with various choices (pun intended), you raise your vibration to one more of gratitude. Certainly, having to need run errands may be a hard push to say you now get to run errands. It is a privilege! You have a car! You have money to purchase what you desire, whether it is food, decor, clothing, etc. You have funds to drop off that dry cleaning or the children at a sporting event, or; well, hopefully, you get the idea. 

Instead of needing to wash those dishes, make it a game of blessings! I am fortunate and blessed on many levels. One is that my amazing husband cooks the majority of our dinners. So I get to clean up the kitchen when he is done preparing me food. I love the pots, the pans, and utensils (he often leaves a rather large mess) but fill each one up with gratitude because the food was prepared with me in mind! I put love into the counters as they get wiped down. If there are leftovers, they go into a reusable container to be enjoyed another day. Even if you are cooking for one, there is no need to make this an act of drudgery. Pour love into the foods as you prepare them. Crank up the music and dance your way into BEing! This naturally raises the vibration of the food that you are about to digest. Why not work from the inside out?

How does this wordplay alter what I manifest?

By altering your words every day, you naturally become more aware of life in general and, more importantly, your life. 

As you become more aware of your life, your desires also become more apparent. You think more of what you desire vs. thinking what you desire. Remember, not everyone is destined or desires to wear high-end clothing or live in a 10,000 square foot home. It is your life. Be proud of what you desire, for they are your desires. 

No matter if you do desire that 10,000 square foot home or a studio apartment or log cabin, be clear that it comes from your heart, not something you should have to be respected. 

By altering your language, it does become more evident. As you become clearer, you find jealousy is lessened and eventually diminished. As you become clearer, you cheer on others and their dreams. As you become clearer, what you desire has a much higher percentage of becoming a reality for you.

 Enter Haniel, Angel of Manifestation

Haniel oversees the etheric heart chakra, the true gateway of heaven and earth within each one of us. Haniel also oversees the lungs; the very place we breath and offer life back to us. Use the breath work I share often under Haniel's tutelage;

  • Four counts to inhale.
  • Hold for four counts.
  • Exhale for four counts.

This has been proven to help relax the entire essence of your BEing. Of course this will also help you BE more aware of all within your life; language and desires included. 


Haniel Mandala Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Take a deep breath now and focus on Haniel's mandala. Repeat as necessary. You've got this. 

Care for more assistance from them? So many options! Take the next step, grab my latest book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance, book a session, join our growing community and participate in The Course that is proving to change lives. 

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