Mercury Retrograde February-March, 2020

Chamuel Mandala, Christine Alexandria, Angel Chatter

Well it's here... again, Mercury is doing its retrograde dance. 

What does this literally mean? How and why does Mercury go into retrograde? In a nutshell, Mercury is one of the faster moving planets in our solar system as it can perform its sun circuit in just 88 days. Yes, 88 days. So while it does appear to BE going backward, it literally is not. Its trajectory seems to keep pace with us momentarily although the visual says it is backward. 

As example, if you are driving along and a car passes you, it is obviously going faster. However, if it slows down and you then pass it, it can appear to be going backwards. This is the Mercury dancing its Retrograde. 

Mercury Retrograde In a Water Sign

The first retrograde of the year, nay DECADE starts in Pisces, a water sign, but ends in an air sign, Aquarius. 

How will this affect you and those around you? If you are Pisces, you shall feel it even stronger than many, but all will have heightened intuitive 'hits'.

Pay attention. Pay attention to how you are guided. Pay attention to the many signs you get throughout each and every day. I promise, you are getting far more than you realize.

This is a prime time to take classes to enhance your intuition. May I suggest the Angel Chatter Authorization Course?  While we are starting after Mercury goes direct, it is a great time to commit to going deeper and understanding more the signs you are already getting. Seriously, I can't make this up - the stars are truly aligned!

As the retrograde dance ends in an air sign, Aquarius, there will be yet another shift as we traverse these coming weeks. This latter half will cover more communication; do more research before committing to that class, signing a contract, etc. New ideas will be bombarding you during this time. So new they just may seem revolutionary in the scheme of things. 

Go with it all. 

Both the beginning and end will be intensified for those that are actually Piscean or Aquarian within the zodiac world. You may wish to buckle seat belts a bit tighter for it has the potential to be quite the ride!

Mercury in Retrograde and your electrical toys

If you haven't already, back up your computers! Immediately. You may thank me later if there is a crash and those vital documents are lost, or could have been lost. 

As I mentioned in the Facebook Live in our sacred space known as Angel Chatter, try not to purchase any new electrical toys; printers, computers, TV, exercise equipment, ovens, refrigerators, sewing machines, etc. during retrograde. There is a chance that something will break at some point down the road that wouldn't normally have. Don't ask me, it's an energy thing. IF you can hold off, do so. It's only a few weeks. 

I've had friends that had their TVs go on the fritz during retrograde and they simply didn't around to replacing it only for it to go back to normal once mercury went direct. Weirder things can and may happen.

Go with the flow as much as possible. Keep your sense of humor. 

Mercury in Retrograde and YOU

Memes abound during retrograde. They range from pulling the blankets over your head to consuming copious amounts of wine and/or chocolate and everything in between. 

None of that really serves you and actually keeps you in the lower vibration of fear. 

Instead, let's refer to this time as a gift. A gift, an opportunity, to go within and remember. 

Remember what motivates you. 
Remember what turns you off. 
Remember your whys, oh those blessed whys.
Remember your dreams.
And so on. 

What a gift mercury does give, if one allows to perceive it so. The best coaches, teachers, mentors in the world can only help those that are ready to move forward and have finished the majority of wallowing. Truth. I'll will never lie to you; therefore clients have left me for I wouldn't tell them what they ultimately wanted to hear. If I did that, that's a dis-service to us both and besides, that's not how I roll. 

Mercury and Balance and Angels

As Mercury does trigger emotional points, energetic points and more, it can be easy to BEcome frazzled; muddled in thinking and at times sluggish. 

Before you go leaping off the proverbial ledge, catch your breath and grab a cuppa. BIG heavy sigh of release is also needed. Go ahead and exhale NOW.

Yes, as in right now - EXHALE...

There ya go. 

Now call on Big Mike for protection for you are feeling more vulnerable in recent times. 

NOW you can call on Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. This is imperative for you now. As you have been busy juggling many plates and tending to others, you have allowed yourself to be left in the dust. 

Please stop that practice. Please. Stop it NOW.

Remember, it's their journey, not yours. Theirs. You can offer help, assistance, direction, but unless they ask, you are better off talking to your hand, at least it will wave at you. 

LIfe, in general and certainly during Retrograde is about balance. All of us work, all of us then must play. All sleep, all must awake. All eat, all must fast.


Ask your sacred vessel what it needs to support you more fully. 

Chamuel will assist, if you ask and then allow her to answer. As always, it is up to you to implement the suggestions, or not. 

Until next week, I wish you calm adventures, exciting moments and much love.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


Focus on Chamuel's Mandala above as you meditate. If you need more, get her guided meditation here.

Keep moving forward, place a smile on your face and know you are BEing heard. Now allow yourself to receive the very guidance you ask for. 


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