Mercury's Retrograde Dance for July, 2019

Archangel Raphael Mandala

Fasten those seatbelts Chatterers, this promises to BE biggun' on all fronts; physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually.

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Physically?


One often gets tired during Retrograde. It is part of the detoxing process. Be extra diligent in eating habits (as enticing as they are, stay away from comfort foods). Set strong bedtime hours and adhere to them. Same with wake up hours. The more regimented you are during retrograde, the more you empower yourself. 

Listen to your body's energy level. As much as you desire to go on that 2+ mile walk, can your body handle it at this moment? Perhaps scale it back a bit? Only you can answer that.

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Mentally?

Seemingly Scattered Thinking

When Mercury does the backward dance, our thoughts seem to go all willy nilly and can't get a blessed thing 'done'.

Or do we?

Instead of pushing forward, spend time in reflection. In other words, meditate. It is the calming of the mind that soothes the soul. As you dwell upon the scattered thoughts, your brain fires up and is raring to go, but revs in place. Not very gratifying or calming in my book. 

All those thoughts that charge at you - are they begging for attention or releasing? it's rather that simple. Why not get into the habit of asking:

Do you wish to BE released?
Do you wish expansion and are you helpful in my mission?


When they respond that it is time for releasing, place your hands over your heart and send love to them. Before you know it, these thoughts cease to have power over you. 

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Emotionally?

Oh Woe is ME!

Serious Pity Parties are common place during retrograde. While it never hurts to go down, for it does help to dig up what isn't serving, it is not helpful to wallow and BEcome the Queen of the Pity Parties. Just isn't pretty from any angle. 

Dig Deep Chatterer!

Bring the trowel, pick and shovel for releasing is the game this go round. Look at 'it' with fresh eyes and heart. Why is it surfacing now? What has it taught you? How are you shifting to allow this mindset to go bye-bye into the ethers?

This is a perfect time to have a session with a trusted coach, massage therapist, etc. They need to BE trusted as they must BE strong enough themselves to hold space for you while you release emotionally. 

How Will Mercury in Retrograde affect you Spiritually?

Put it this way, if Mercury has affected you physically, mentally and/or emotionally, it is affecting your spiritually?

Feelings of giving up, throwing in the towel, leaving, etc. are unfortunately common during Mercury's Retrograde Dance. 

You may second guess all things spiritual. WHY is this happening to me, locally, nationally, internationally?

WHY? Who could allow such nonsense to happen? WHY? Sound vaguely familiar?

I go back to meditating as a tool to not only get you through, but to center you. 

If you've not meditated previously or don't feel comfortable, give my guided meditations a whirl.

 What Angel to Chat with During Mercury in Retrograde?

Raphael, the Angel of Healing!

Why Raphael? First off he governs the planet Mercury. True Story. 

Secondly, does one not go through copious amounts of healing opportunities during Retrograde? Of course one does. Then why not go to the angel who is extremely well versed in healing on all levels?

Archangel Raphael's Mandala

Focus on Raphael's Channeled Mandala above. His sigil is woven into the design as as all of the mandalas. Therefore, there is great power within. If you are having a more than usual hiccups this retrograde, I strongly suggest (for they ARE powerful and therefore empowering for you), his candle, medallion and bracelet. Of course I'm always here to help you through via private sessions - we have one Private Weekend still open for 2019... 

Why the Urgency Now?

Many reasons, but the biggest that comes to mind is that when Mercury does go direct, it is on the heels of the second New Moon in July (July 31 if you must know). This is prime time for New Beginnings. Take the suggestions noted above. Build on those suggestions and above all else, remember to BE. 


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