Moving Forward


Don't you desire better? Don't you wish things, including people, could, well, just be nicer?

Don't we all.

No matter what you desire to change, it must start within. 

One, including YOU, must acknowledge the beauty, Love, and joy within before permitting oneself to move forward.

This may be a difficult pill to swallow, but if you wish to move forward and create and BE the world's change agent, you have no further look than in the mirror.

Moving Forward

Taking small steps forward makes the path more comfortable to navigate. 

Think about a child as it learns to walk. They stumble. They fall. They take small shuffling steps. 

One step at a time. 

Their arms flay out to help keep balance, and this tactic works!

In a short amount of time, the stumbling and shuffling expand into sure-footedness. The arms are lowered. The smile much wider. 

Before you know it, they are not only walking with confidence but running!

The morale being that slow and steady wins the race. Taking smaller digestible steps leads to confidence and big smiles.

Think about one area of your life that you would like to improve. Now? yes now. There is no time like the present to take stock of how your life has been going. Look at it and own that you, yes YOU, are the cog that holds your life's wheel together. 

Therefore, it is up to YOU to change the trajectory of your life. Before you start plotting small steps to enact that change, read on to see what The Magdalene has shared.

The Magdalene Shares

Just this morning, I was chatting with The Magdalene; she shared, once again, the difference between the third and fifth dimensions. 

To recap:

Third Dimension Mindsets:

  • Fear is the catalyst.
  • Anger is the base that fuels actions and inactions.
  • Judgment of others; dress, weight, skin coloring, sexual orientation, income bracket, education (or lack thereof) and so on.
  • Lack as a motivator; the mentality that there is not enough.
  • Blame onto another. You are blaming others for what is wrong in your life.
  • Hatred to the point of destruction not only of things but people.
  • Jealousy
  • Angst

Who hasn't felt at least one of these emotions in their life? I know I have. The difference is recognizing it/them as a lower vibration and own that is not who you are at heart. If you are in my world, no matter how close or far out, you are born to LOVE, not hate. You were born to lend a helping hand to another, not to divide. You were born to bring joy and support to the world. You were born to stand in the Light, not in the shadows. 

Never forget your true essence. That essence? LOVE.

Fifth Dimension Mindsets:

  • Love IS the motivator - Love of ALL. Knowing that all lives do matter, but not until ALL lives are honored, recognized and LOVED.
  • Support to another, cheering them on
  • Knowing it is AMPLE for ALL, not just a select few. Why? You know ALL do not desire the same thing because when each owns their worth, they choose what is right to them, not what they think will feed them or raise their public status.
  • Grace Always BEgins Inside. One owns that it starts within. 
  • Knowing each action affects another, no matter innocently or mindfully.
  • Living life consciously not to harm is a mantra.

Whether you conceptualize, understand, or own the 5th Dimensional Mindsets, it is where all desire to BE. In many ways, it is our innate homeostatic; to LIVE life from the center, which of course is Love. 

The burning question is this: What do YOU do to live this life?

Moving Forward

The Magdalene then shared three areas to focus while living life:

  1. Love
  2. Courage
  3. Integrity

What energy are you using to fuel any of your endeavors? If it is less than LOVE, it is time to rethink. Sit with this. This implies no gossiping, no backstabbing, no wishing another ill. LOVE. Love does heal all. Allow it to steer your ship. This includes the smallest of actions to creating a business and beyond. What is fueling your actions? If it is lack and implementing just to get ahead, that is the third dimensional thinking. If it is with Love to help raise another, you are on the right track. 

Are you acting courageously to speak your Truth? Are you moving forward on your path? Repeat your path. Does this action that you are stepping forward on fearlessly start with Love? You see, each of the three steps mentioned above is just that; steps. One builds upon another. 

Are you acting with integrity? Or has the wave of lower ilk swept you up? It can be easy to be swayed to lower energies, specifically if you are an empath. However, BEing an empath is not excuse to not stand tall in Love and with integrity. 

Repeat, not an excuse. Use your empathic gifts to stand taller in Love. Use those brilliant gifts to know when to pull back if getting sucked in to the lower energies. Use those cues as a nod that regrouping is needed while implementing Acts of Self Love. 

The time to come out of the shadows is now. 

Now is the time to stand in Light. 

Now is the time to stand in Love. 

Is standing in Love and Light a cope out? In many ways, yes, it is. I'm weary of people stating 'Love & Light' and then doing/acting/being the exact opposite in the next breath. It isn't enjoyable, honestly and rather exhausting watching the charades.

However, a real light casts no shadow. It is a beacon for others to find, explore and BEcome empowered in their own time while using their gifts in acts of service. 

True Love has no judgment. Love is Love, after all; no conditions. Use the term 'Love' freely, but wisely. Do not utter these powerful terms unless you mean them.

Implementing these two words more often into your vocabulary is an Act of Awareness. Do you mean what you say? Then act like it. If you do not mean them, you then are not speaking your Truth. 

Loving Truth demands to be spoken, and eventually, it is heard. 

It is time.

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