New Horizons

New Horizons
Dearest ~
This is the last installment for this month’s focus on manifestation. 
I have a secret.
I’m not a fan of the word manifestation.
It’s true!
Society has built up so much pressure around this very topic. You have heard or read similar statements as those listed below:
  • You create your reality - Really? Does that mean if my life sucks, I created it? Great.
  • Your energy attracts your reality. 
  • Just BE in the vortex!
While each statement has truthful elements, can’t you feel the pressure to perform? I know I do!
In all this performing, the funnel between you and the universe tightens, making manifesting much more difficult. 
However, manifesting is a universally recognized word and one I’ll stick with in sharing tools with you, although the word, experience, is broader.
Do you agree?
If asked these two questions, which one feels more expansive and open to endless possibilities:?
  •  What do you wish to manifest?
  • What would you like to experience?
Life is about experiencing life, right?
Wouldn’t you LOVE to experience:
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Luxurious vacations
  • Ease
  • Inner Peace
  • Joy
  • Health
See? Not all desires are things. It is the emotions we attach to these things, but the more you permit yourself to BE, the more what you desire to experience in life can come forward and BE part of your life. 
Experiencing life is not about the accumulation of things. True, who doesn’t love a beautiful home filled with mementos from travel, family, and a life well lived and loved? But don’t each of those things invoke an emotion? 
An emotion of joy, happiness, love, contentment, recognition, etc.
That’s why it is so important to understand why you desire this or that. 
To know your whys.
It is why  The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation  exists and is ready for you to dive in. 
It may BE itty, but do not underestimate the power of the concise and thought-provoking tools provided within. 
It’s time you lived life as desired. 
Feeling the feels is one step in experiencing your dreamy life. 
Knowing your whys is but one step.
Those were offered up earlier this month.
Now you can dance with Haniel, the Angel of Manifestation, and implement the sacred geometry symbol, the Vesica Piscis.
Now you create your Heaven on Earth Reality.
Now you disregard what you have been told and what you need and focus on what fills the hole in your heart. 
Now you can do this and more so you can BE true to you and experience life as desired.
From your heart.
The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation
You simply won’t get a better deal for $23. That is not a typo. $23 offers you the tools I’ve used and now teach worldwide to thousands.
All that is needed is you and a willingness to remember, explore, and receive. 
You deserve this.
Sending you great love,

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