New Moon and Her Energies for November, 2017

New Moon and Her Energies for November, 2017 - Angel Chatter

A glorious New Moon is coming Saturday, November 18, 2017.

This is the second to last New Moon for the Year of Transparency, the theme of this year; 2017. We most certainly have had plenty of opportunities to witness another's actions throughout the year and better understand the whys. Why they act(ed) as they did (typically through the energy of fear) and through that we've learned a thing or two about ourselves.

However the angels have switched the mirror. The mirror now faces YOU. No judging allowed, but take a deep look at self and ask:

How are you BEing true to you?

How are you BEing proactive in your dreams? 

How are you BEing?

How are you Allowing the inspiration to propel you forward?

Now is the time to BE transparent with self. Take a look back - long past or recent past and see how things that were not serving you left. This isn't always an easy adventure, but remember, no judging - it is what it is. However, the time for NEW is now. This New Moon is already showing itself to be quite the powerhouse and is churning up a 'slough' of things that need, well sloughing off so we may prepare for 2018.

The Year of Love.

What are you doing that you LOVE?

How are you expressing your LOVE?

The deeper question beckons... How are YOU loving yourself?

It is time.

Time to allow love for self to gurgle up, be recognized, embraced and settle in permanently.

Remember, loving self first is not selfish, it IS imperative. This is indeed a directive from Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. She will work in tandem with Auriel, the Lunar Angel to help illuminate the right path for you and you alone. Together they join forces to ease you into loving yourself more which only empowers you to go after what you desire and then allow yourself to receive it. 

This weekend holds great energies, it is the tail end of 2017, The New Moon, and more, are all converging to assist YOU. To assist YOU in living the life of YOUR dreams, not anybody else's. YOURS. That's how cool, special, remarkable and AHmazing you are. 

How can you help kick start this?

By making a Vision Board. Make a Vision Board of how you wish to live life. Make a vision of all things juicy for you; food, love, travel, fame, fortune, log cabins, meditation, yoga, wood working... well you get the idea. All things YOU. Allow your soul to wander and remind you of what you desire. Often times images come to mind that we have long forgotten about or suppressed because it felt silly. No more. NOW is the time for you.

Are you ready?

Will you listen to the beating of your heart and allow yourself to soar?

I hope so.



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