New Portal Opening...

New Portal Opening...

Chatterers ~

July 4th is just a few short days away. It also is the night of a New Moon. How fantastic is this?! If you remember, last month the Full Moon was in alignment with the Summer Solstice. This month, the moon's cycle is in alignment with a portal of energy heralding in NEW. A Day of Independence to be sure.

Who says energy isn't afoot?

Who says doors, gates, pigeon holes aren't opening for all to step through and shine brighter? It's true, it's all happening. This of course completely annoys the lower energies who are doing their best work (or so they think) to keep us all 'fat and stupid'. Not to dwell on their energies, but here are some things that may arise courtesy of your local lower energy:

* arguments

* lack of sleep or too much

* feelings of insecurity, self worth plunging downward

* eating without thought contributing to the foggy brain, lethargy and entering the 'fat and stupid' arena.

Now let's flip this energy to benefit you: Stand true to you. Be a bit more mindful of what you are eating. Honor your body's needs. It's all part of the program, but bottom line, do not give in to those energies; that's exactly what they want you to do; give up.

Spend a bit of time outdoors. Reconnect with nature and all she offers whether it is a ferocious storm like the kinds we've had hit our island lately. How cool is this though, as the storm raged yesterday, and I do mean rage, my neighbor was sitting outside underneath his carport enjoying the entire show. Smartest move in the world? Perhaps not, but he was reveling in the energy. I on the other hand stayed safely inside with Gabi and enjoyed the lightning show. Today we've already taken a beautiful walk before the sun intensifies and saw many happy flowers. Oh, almost forgot to share that since I've been grounding more and remembering to stay ever present, I get to witness two nests in our yard that now have beautiful babies chirping the day away. 

Spend time just for you. Whether it is in meditation, bike riding, journaling, etc. Something to allow you to be present which then helps you to connect back to you. These acts help to quiet the mind (ego) so you may settle more in your heart and see the underlying truth of all. 

Between now and the 7th, write down some things you would like to switch up and become 'new' again. Whether it is stepping more into your power, latching onto your dreams with both wings and committing to never letting go again. You deserve your dreams to manifest and now is the time.

Will it be easy? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Some, most actually, is up to you and how your mindset is and how proactive you are. Remember you are human and life is about having those blasted (or is it blessed?) life adventures so we all can grow and become more empowered. It's up to us how we act and react to each one individually. Not backing down, but perhaps explaining better to allow more to understand where we come from. 

Wrapping all this up; Welcome to YOUR Independence Day! Welcome back to you! Welcome to the brightest and most beautiful life ever.

You so deserve this.

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