October New Moon = The Portending

First, let's define the word portend. Good ol' Webster has it going that something momentous is coming. This could be calamitous. This could be glorious. This could be a mix of both. This is happening NOW. Much, MUCH has been fluffed up just in the past month from the personal to the global stage. 

Look around you. 

Just in recent weeks the #MeToo slogan has surfaced. Goddesses across the country and globe are stepping forward with their story of MeToo. The air is getting cleared. 

Just in the past few days in our Facebook group, Angel Chatter,  words were flying back and forth regarding the pneumonia vaccine. The air got cleared on many beliefs.

Last week, in another Facebook group (which shall remain nameless) another confronted me that perhaps I wasn't channeling the angels, but instead a lower energy for she had never heard of angels being channeled before. In years past I would have retreated thinking I had done something wrong. Not this time. I LOVED this exchange for it showed me how much I've grown. I stood my ground lovingly and spoke my truth. Quite a few 'liked' the comment (one never is really sure who reads these things, so it was refreshing) and she never did. In fact, she left the group. Oh well. I offered her love and she ran from it.

Many are experiencing thoughts of anxiety.

Many are experiencing thoughts that simply won't and can't be true. 


The lower energies, as I call them, are having a BIG last hurrah and getting folks scared plain and simple. They are throwing challenges in where challenges need not exist. They are throwing in dramas where none is necessary. In other words, they are being and acting and doing the essence of a brat because they know they are losing the battle against the light.

YOU are the light.

It IS time to stand tall.

It IS time to BE proud of who you are. Acknowledge all that has happened in your past for it has contributed to who you are at this moment in time. While I may not know you personally, what I do known is that you are extremely cool and very deserving of all you desire. How do I know this? The Gang has told me so and they never lie to me.

That's it plain and simple.



Remember, true light casts no shadow. BE you and you are the light. 

In the meantime, I am using my Moon Ritual Box and I am to share my intent for the coming cycle:

I promise to BE

I promise to help all to BE

For together we create a Web of Love that none can conquer.



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