When signs come in, signs come in!

I'm sitting in 'my outdoor office' - aka the screened in porch.

A family of Mockingbirds have nested in a pine tree just off the deck. I've witnessed the male and female come and go for weeks; however the nest is up just high enough that I could tell if eggs were present or not.

They were!

Those babies have hatched and thanks to their parents tireless efforts, they are fed literally all day long! Each parent comes in, the babies cry out, fill their adorable beaks and the parent leaves.

You would think by now the parents would be used to seeing me; hanging out laundry, going to and fro, but noooooo.... They will sit on my deck railing and watch. They sit on our shed and watch. IF I dare get too close (aka hanging laundry) I get yelled at. 

The parents are working as a team. What a lesson! Neither one is pulling more weight than the other. They will sit on various structures in the yard; shed, railing, porch swings, neighbor's shed, etc. and talk. Yes really. One tweets out, the other responds. If a storm comes in, one sits on the nest while the other is close by. 

What a lesson for us. Working together for a united goal. Why do so many feel they are an island onto themselves with no support? Why do we allow ourselves to drift so far out that it seems, repeats SEEMS impossible to tether back in? Bottom line; why do we self-sabotage?

Easy, we don't feel we deserve what we desire. 

Just stop it!

You DO deserve all. While you may feel you are out to sea all by your lonesome, you're not. Just ask. Pop a note to the angels . Remember, it is not humanly monitored, so if you get a response, please let me know!

Join my Facebook group, Angel Chatter.  If you are already a member, start chatting!

Start meditating daily. Does this require an assigned time and have you doing all sorts of spiritual stuff? No. I meditate daily while walking Gabi. I poise a question to the angels just as we leave and let it go. I'm constantly surprised and amazed at what catches my attention on these walks. Don't have a dog? No problem, you can still use this philosophy. Works for me every time. 

I look forward to hearing from and wish you a message filled day!


  • Delia

    Thank you Angels and Chris, it is nice to be reminded. And I do meditate like that also Chris, at work, at home, at the doctor’s office, anywhere.

  • Crystal

    Thank you for sharing!! Definitely resonating message/ guidance!! ?

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