Silver Lining

Silver Lining - Angel Chatter


I read a post online last week that has stuck with me.

I'll paraphrase its sentiment, and it went something like this:

If you have spent the previous year isolating due to the pandemic, 

you gave up a year of living.

Oh Really?

Seriously, do you feel like you gave up a year of your life staying home-ish and not gathering in public?

My Thoughts and Musings

I will admit, at times, I felt very isolated, missing my family terribly because I did feel the world had turned upside down on its head and who knew if it would ever go back. Of course, our children are all adults, and we don't see each other every weekend let alone every month, so not much changed; it was in our perception that changed the dynamics. Did I feel like I was not living? In rare moments, yes. Overall? Not at all. 

HOWEVER, I did bottom out a few times throughout the year; not bad considering a year in 365 days, and I only hit bottom a few times; in hindsight, I'm glad I experienced them. 

Really? I hear you mutter. Are you glad you had moments of bottoming out?

Yes, I AM glad they happened. 

Here's why:

Those moments when I did cry and did bottom out made me think. Those moments got me to sit with my guides, the angels and The Magdalene, and their thoughts. Typically I got a bit of a hug, and then some comeuppance dialogue would occur.

They would remind me that I was picking up on the world's woes and making them my own as an empath. They would share comments such as; 'Here's a list of things you can do to wash it out of your system so you can stop whining and do you what you are here to do.'

They reminded me that we are very blessed, and this was an inconvenience to us personally. I would then get challenged as to what I/we could do to help others. Volunteering in some capacity is a sure-fire way to lift your spirits, and it is recommended highly.

The Flip-Side of 'not living.'

We stopped mindless activities. 

In the year spent in isolation, more or less, I learned how to live as was vital to me and us as a family and couple. 

Because stores were closed by us for a bit, retail therapy became an 'instant' faded memory. No longer did we aimlessly wander through stores to purchase something we didn't need. It was refreshing!

No longer did we plan and plot out every waking moment to fill it with festivities and diversions. 

No longer did we eat mindlessly. Okay, that part is not true. Just making sure you are still reading. We did eat mindlessly, more than we may care to admit. However, we are taking proactive action in addressing that at this very moment.

There were phases the phone was an extension; constantly scrolling for the latest updates and news. What a downer of energy that is! I'm happy to say I'm well under two hours a day and only reach beyond that time when it is a heavy client or filming day. I now sit outside to eat. I experience forest baths with just me and them. The phone gets put away after a particular hour of the night. If anybody wants to talk to me, they have to go through my husband. 

I remembered to live more at the moment vs. enjoying endless activities and occupation of time doing something else. Each moment within life is designed to be savored. Because of this, I've been blessed to witness a fox family emerging with their kits, an owl graced us in the backyard, and we had a moment or two of conversation, right now, the Cardinals are singing in the rain, and it's a glorious thing to hear.

I learned to trust my intuition more than ever, and it grew exponentially over the past year. I'm frequently amazed at the trajectory of client calls. Every client has grown in her power, not to mention the life changes with all the active students. 

In essence, I learned to live again.

No Expos in 2020

Due to the pandemic, we did not vend, speak, read at a single expo last year. Don't take this the wrong way, but we LOVED it! I had been saying for a few years that I didn't wish 'to do' shows any longer. They are very time and energy-consuming. VERY. Unless you are a vendor, it's hard to understand. To put it mildly, a two-day show is a minimum of four days worth of energy and time commitments.

2021 is obviously upon us. We had whittled the show schedule down to possibly three shows this year. Two shows quickly got dropped due to circumstances beyond our control. The last? We are not doing it either. 

We are now officially Show-less! Based on this juicy fact, I'll be clearing out the closet again and getting rid of some fabulous dresses that were 'show clothes.'

Initially, having the show carpet no longer supporting us was a few minutes of scary. I won't lie. It was. NOW I have to make this work - see? Mind talk. Why? Angel Chatter is working just fine and, in fact, better than satisfactory because I took time out last year to rethink it all and how it is best I serve. A few moments of scary quickly turned to YES. We are doing it! We put our intentions out there, and they have happily obliged us!

We have learned to live more at the moment and can make the kind of impact we are destined to make from primarily our home's comfort. THIS revelation would have never happened had it not been forced upon us. 

Did we give up living? Not a moment. We gained over a month of living on our terms. We are now dreaming of where we wish to live and how. 

How did you fare?

Do you feel as though you gave up a year of life? Were there moments of glitter, sparkles, and major AHAs as you sat home? 

If you experienced those kinds of moments, you shifted into a higher energetic resonance; the fifth. Remember, the fifth dimension is one of non-judgment, non-anger, non-competition. It is living in LOVE. There are multiple moments of NOW to experience and the quiet? It's one of your best friends. 

If you are pining over a year lost, perhaps it is time we chat one-on-one so that you can see the Silver Lining in all of this perceived 'mess.' As a side-note, I am saddened you feel as though a year has been wasted. 

Enter Haniel

Haniel enters once again for a multitude of reasons:

Breathwork. This has been talked about many times before but bears repeating again and now. 

  • Inhale for four counts
  • Hold for four counts
  • Exhale for four counts

This exact method is used by the US Navy Seals. This fact was discovered years after I channeled this formula by the angels. If it is good enough for the Seals, it is good enough for you. This process brings you back into your body. It helps you to focus. It brings in clarity so you know what your next steps can BE with greater ease. 

Thoughts. This is a law of attraction classic. Pay attention to your ideas. When you find them rambling into unsavory territory, implement Askfirmations.  By having to rethink the thought and put it 'right' into an Askfirmation state, you break the chain of lower energy thinking that quickly derails each of us. 

Manifestation. Also, an LOA classic. We reap what we sow. If we are putting out unsavory energy, what do you think we get back? Unsavory energy, in case you were wondering. If you are putting out positivity, what do you think you will get back? Positivity. It takes work to be angry, sad, and judgmental. We are naturally designed for ease; therefore, when we are happy, supportive, forward-thinking, it is easier because it does come naturally to us at the core. 

Which tactic of Haniel's will you implement first? 

Much to ponder this week, and hopefully, you shall. 

For now, I wish you sparkles, sunshine, and much Love.


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