Sometimes one can get side-tracked

Archangel Metatron Mandala

Who hasn't done the proverbial 'squirrel moment' in their life? You know the moment when everything falls to the side and all you can see is the beacon, beckoning, calling, enticing. 

I know I have and it bit me again just this week. 

It happens often for all when you feel the engine revving, but you aren't going any where. It happens often when you know there's more but can't seem to get outta the way. 

The Story

I'll keep names out of this. I was approached by a coaching company to help me thus allowing me to help more. Of course I AM interested! I know without a doubt I'm here to help millions - no small order, eh? So anything that I could finesse, hone in on, etc I'm all ears. 

The basic course resonated with me. So stay tuned for subtle and hopefully empowering shifts coming your way. 

I was then 'gifted' another coaching call. Okaaayyy. I kenw it would be an upsell, but didn't expect it from the get go. Immediately I'm told how great this company is and all of a sudden I'm gifted with a scholarship, the initial money investment would roll into this course, etc etc blah blah blah. 

The KEY turning off point was when I was blatantly lied to. My investment would be greatly reduced yada yada yada... HOWEVER with the switcheroo being while my initial money investment was knocked off this total, it was still paid! Me thinks I smell a rat. 2 + 2 is not equalling four here... 

To rephrase,

Let's just say $10 was initial amount. The new total was $60; factor in the scholarship and reduction it came down to $30. However, when you factor in the initial $10, it was really $40. Something that kept getting glossed over during the 90 minute call. 

Bottom Line

Once I sense this one lie and honestly it took my husband to point it out, all bets were off. If this is happening now prior to sign on, what would come down the road?

Talk about a sour taste in my mouth!

How to switch this around

Bottom line - listen to your heart. When one feels those heart tugs as the next best thing since peanut butter, it is a great time to pull back and heart on it. 

Take that moment and BE. Ask The Gang for a sign. BE clear on what kind of sign you desire and why. BE open to receiving and accept the message. Don't let the ol' ego tell you that it really wasn't a sign and just your imagination so you keep following.

Once I declined, a vise that I was not aware of, released. Of course it then prompted this blog post as a way to help encourage you and remind you to listen.

My promise to you

To only offer you more, an upsell, if I believe it to BE of value to you. I'm here to decrease my karma and increase my dharma - so lying or pushing doesn't get me any where. Agreed? 

I promise to always give you my very best whether it is in our very amazing Facebook Group, other social media links, private weekends, mentor packages, products, and well you get the idea. I really believe your success is my success. While many say this, I mean it from my heart. My students are really grasping this as I cheer them on and more. In fact, one even said 'you really mean you ARE happy when we succeed!'... why YES I AM! Why? One it makes me giddily happy to see another embrace their essence whether it is car upholstery, coaching, jewelry, cooking, art, angel readings, trash pick up... everyone has a gift that is meant to share. 

I really don't care who you were in a past life - that an $1 gets me a cheap cup of coffee. I don't care what you do in this life as long as YOU are thrilled doing it. I don't care what kind of house you live in, as long as YOU are happy living there and it reflects you. I really don't care how much money you make or don't make; and let's repeat this once more - as long as YOU are happy. 

Seriously - isn't it time more ARE happy to BE? To BE a true reflection of themselves, doing what they love and how they wish to BE doing it? 

I think so. 

What Angel to Chat with

Metatron. Why him of all angels? Metatron is instrumental in so much of our lives for he oversees the Soul Star Chakra. The place about six inches over your head. He helps you to stay the course; your course and ultimately BE. 

Combine his energy with his twin, Sandalphon (Earth Star Chakra and six inches below your feet) and they merge where else but your heart. 

Throughout this very little latest adventure of mine, they chatted and chatted and chatted with me. Helping to ground while uplifting. Helping to stay centered within the heart space. Why is this combination important? Listening to the whisperings of your heart only leads to the truth and helps you stay on your soul's path. You learn along the way. True at times one needs another to help them for humans are not solitary animals by nature, one needs the assistance of another to remind them of their greatness, their gifts and more. One needs periodic cheerleaders and hand holders. 

Metatron and Sandalphon combined will help with all of this and more. Need a real flesh and blood person? I'm here to help you.



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