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Space Clearing - Angel Chatter

It's a snowy day here in Williamsburg. The Christmas decor has been dismantled, stored and now is tucked away waiting for it's return much later this year. 

Izzy, the latest winter storm here in the States, is quickly approaching. Music is playing; Sunday morning jazz, and it's a perfect day to clear the energy of our home. 

Of course The Gang wished me to share.

What is Space Clearing?

As with all things, I offer my interpretations of this very sacred ritual to help inspire you to Become more empowered. 

My rudimentary definition of space clearing is taking the crappy energy and turning it into pristine energy that helps us to focus, relax and BE.

Space clearing rids your sacred space of those energies that can contribute to low energy, illness, thoughts of unworthiness and more. I often hear:

'I have crystals to clear. Why do I need to actively clear the energy?'

Great question.

Even though...

  • Our home is filled with large amethyst geodes that constantly clear the energy, I clear regularly.
  • Each room has a piece of selenite that is also space clearing and inviting in The Gang, I clear.
  • Angelic sigils are embedded to protect, love, inspire, heal, and more, I clear.

Even though we have all of this going on, and more, I still clear the energy of our home.

What Contributes to Low Energy in Your Sacred Space?

As we live our life, things happen. Energetically happiness lingers. Ease lingers. Love lingers. 

We also experience:

  • Illness from the common cold to the more severe.
  • Low energy folks; commonly called energy vampires, you know the ones who drain you just by being around you.
  • Argument energy. How often have you had an argument and are still stewing days later? It's called a grudge and can slip into revenge territory.
  • The constant barrage of the misinformation we expose ourselves to via social media and 'news'. When this kind of energy becomes all consuming, how can anyone think clearly let alone permit themselves to shine with unabashed energy?
  • Death. The husband of the previous owner of our home died a few years back. We did not know this upon the first walkthrough and yet I felt intense sadness as I walked through their bedroom. So much so the real estate agent and my husband both noticed. This is one of the few times I lit up Azrael's candle to help him move onward and go Home.

How can you function at your most optimum levels with this kind of energy literally surrounding you? Honestly, you can't. You get bogged down. You eat more unhealthily. You are lethargic; exercise less. You become the Couch Potato Supreme Ruler and are somewhat miserable, but can't get out of your way.

You contribute, unknowingly, to the vicious wheel of crappy energy and there seems no way out.

Ahh, but there is dear Chatterer, there is.

Enter Space Clearing

If you are familiar with space clearing, you most likely have heard of or have used sage. I too, was in that camp for many years, but then learned that sage can contribute to certain energies becoming stronger. As an example, we had a young man living with us many years ago and every time I saged our home, it was pleasant, for a day or two. 

Then? All hell would break loose.

It was ugly and scary at the same time. 

It was then we began to create our sacred aromatherapy line. Having always been a huge candle lover, candles were destined to BE part of the exclusive product line to help you live your life. (Remember, all of my products at the very core are a tool).

Enter Zadkiel, The Angel of Transmutation, who works with St. Germaine and oversees the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame has one purpose and one purpose only; to transmute. It takes crappy energy, anything not of LOVE and transmutes it back to its original state of purity.


It is the only product I use to clear the energy of our home and other spaces. If you have been to my lectures at the many metaphysical shows we've attended, you will have witnessed me prior to the lecture spritzing the lecture hall. It was getting cleared thanks to Zadkiel. He was clearing out any lingering energies from past participants whether it was speakers, attendees, or volunteers. 

This allowed all who were now present to stay present. They often commented how good it felt (they hadn't seen me spritz) and how awake they were feeling. This was especially poignant if my lecture was in the mid afternoon.

The Sacred Ritual of Space Clearing

Once again, this ritual is shared as The Gang has shared it with me. Only two tools are required:

  1. Zadkiel Candle as discussed above.
  2. Angel Candle of choice. As an example, when preparing for our VIP Weekends with clients, Chamuel is pulled out to permit our client to receive the massive pampering, healing and channeled messages all weekend long. If a family gathering is occurring, Jophiel steps in to empower everyone to stay in their JOY as we gather. If it's just 'us' Shamael often comes out to play to remind us to stay in balance in all areas of our life.

That's it. No drums. No feathers. No bowls. If music happens to be on, that's cool, but I don't go out of my way to play anything specific. 

I will confess that if I feel like I need cognitive back up, I will wear a Classic Medallion. I wear them on those moments when I am perhaps a bit more tired and 'need' that reassurance from the ego standpoint.

Steps to Clear Your Energy

Read completely through prior to starting.
  1. Call on Big Mike, Archangel Michael for you newbies, for protection. You will feel his presence typically as additional warmth.
  2. Light your two candles. You will hold the Zadkiel candle as you move about each room/space. Don't forget the main entrance/foyer and hallways and stairs!
  3. The Intention candle of choice stays lit within the room you are in. It infuses the new focused energy as you clear out the old. It too moves from room to room with you. If you feel called to have more than one angel candle lit for intention purposes; it is not unheard of! I sometimes leave one in the last room it was used and light up another as the energy switches focus. Just remember to go back and blow them out once complete. I often bring the entire entourage used to the common area, once complete, to cement in their energies and allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar prior to blowing out the candle.
  4. Start at the bottom level of your sacred space. The basement if you have one. If there is a crawl space like we had while living on the island, start outside and dip the candle into the space. If you live in a Muti-level dwelling (apartment housing as example). Ask Michael to block you above and below from your neighbor's energy. Ditto to townhomes.
  5. Enter from your front entrance, not the side entrance or garage door. The front entrance. From that door, go to the left side of your home in the far left corner. That is where you start.
  6. You will be working in a counter clockwise direction. Think of it as unwinding the energy.
  7. Do not miss cabinetry, closets, drawers. They are great spots for energy to scamper to and hide. Do not gloss over these spots.
  8. As you finish the first room, proceed to the next, going in the counter clockwise direction. 
  9. Repeat for that entire floor.
  10. Once a floor is complete, proceed up one level.
  11. Rinse and repeat.
  12. Once complete with all rooms, closets, drawers, etc and all the levels, close out the ritual. A simple closing sentence of gratitude is all that is needed. 
  13. As you go from area to area to clear, recite a prayer, invocation, whatever you deem to call it, akin to:

Only energies of Love are allowed to remain

All other energies are hereby demanded to return to your master and do no harm to yourself, others, my family, .....

Feel free to repeat this prayer, or one that rolls off your tongue with ease, within each room and multiple times if guided. Depending on the size of the room, the energy, etc. you may find yourself repeating it many times per room. This is completely normal.

The Results of Clearing Your Space?

Things literally sparkle. It feels sublime, expansive and relaxing. If it has been a while since you cleared, do not be dismayed or disappointed if you feel tired. You have energetically battling the 'crap' for a while and it too now has left. 

You may now relax. Give yourself permission to do so.

I look forward to reading of your results and shifts in the coming days and weeks ahead. 


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