Special Edition ~ Word of Warning

Many of you have reached out over the years to inquire about another's qualifications to perform their tasks in the metaphysical world and those queries have increased ten fold in recent months.

Why more now? Let’s face it, the world is unknown. The future is unknown. Going back to ‘normal’ is a pipe dream for our world has changed and is continuing to change before our eyes. 

I have predicted this as have other experts in their chosen field, metaphysical or not. 

However, this indecision, fear, anxiety and more has opened doors for charlatans to step in a sell the proverbial snake oil. 

What can YOU Do?

Ask questions, LOTS of questions. Anybody worth their salt to so speak does not mind the intelligent question. Questions such as:

  • How long have you been doing this or that?
  • Where did you get trained?
  • By whom did you get trained?
  • What other qualifications do you hold?
  • And so on

For example, I have been trained by some the very best in their fields; Denise Linn for Soul Coach Training. I spent a glorious and gut wrenching ten days at her private home, Summerhill Ranch (has since sold it), in California years ago. 

I studied with Hazel Raven. A revered angel expert in the UK. In fact I was her very first online student - after months of pretty much begging her to do so for traveling to the UK six plus times a year was a tad cost prohibitive for me. This course lasted well over one year which makes my 8 month course a walk-in the park. 

Traveled to California again (such a hardship ;) ) to study with Wayne Dosick for the healing of the Indigo/Spiritual Soul. 

I’ve taken classes by some other amazing teachers although not well known. 

I’ve traveled to far off lands to learn. Yes going to France with Kathleen McGowan and following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene was a very personal trip, but educational beyond the scholarly. It was there our connection was forever cemented and she has honored me to channel her and her messages. Yes, stay tuned, another oracle deck is forthcoming.

I have always been and always will be forthright with my trainings. I’ve done the work. I’ve marinaded in that work to allow my energies to meld better with it to better serve you.

Natural Gifts vs. Taught Gifts

If one is in this line of work, a natural alignment of course is present. Just as if your gifts naturally fall into gardening, rent shui, crystals, business, marketing, sewing, cooking/baking,etc. You have a natural gift. I, for example, come from not a strong line of intuitives, but from a line all the same. My maternal/paternal great grandmother interpreted dreams. My paternal grandfather created hundreds (yes we’ve counted) drawings that are sacred geometry. We’ve always woven the science with metaphysical. A man dear to my heart created ‘Utopia’ something he still holds close to his heart which I why I respect that and won’t divulge his connection to me. 

Yet as each gift becomes honed, nuances grow, T’s crossed, I’s dotted, horizons expanded via classes, education as in certificates, etc. If you have read my latest book, you are aware I’ve had my gift since a babe in the crib- thank you Pinky for confirming this to me. 

However, it was through training, intense training, I became comfortable with it. I and those worth every penny you invest in yourself, have read more than books or blog posts. Their education is never ending. They constantly strive for better for they are doing ‘service’ oriented work. Because their integrity is high, they never stop questioning, exploring, improving what they do and how they can offer to be more of service. 

BE Savy

There is an old saying, If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is. The same holds true for what folks can do for you.

I will never say I can fix you. Never. Nor will others that have high integrity. 

I can offer you tools to do so. 

I can offer insights. 

I can offer a bevy of ways so you can help yourself. For remember, YOU are the cog that holds your personal world together. If your world sucks, (first I’m sorry), but the question is how can I (meaning you) improve my mindsets, daily habits, etc to get me out of this so I may LOVE my life?

Nobody can fix you. Even medicines, not all but many, are covering up. You may take a pill for diabetes as example, but if your diet doesn’t alter or exercise increased, how are you empowering you?

It’s taking responsibility. This includes hiring someone to help you navigate these unprecedented and unsure times.

Please chose wisely. Ask questions and never be embarrassed or forced to do something your heart says is a ‘no’.

 YOU have the power within. I can personally recommend the students who have trained under me for I know what dances they danced to get where they are. Each and every one of them has had their life change and in some ways, VERY much a 180 degree shift. 

We are here to serve. Thus so, respect the amount of training it has taken to get where they are to serve you.



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