Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Archangel Shamael Angel of Harmony, Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

I know, I know, there was no blog posting from last week. Please accept my apologies. 

This week we've much going on energetically as well as literally. Buckle your seatbelt it's going to BE a crazy ride!

The Literal Ongoing

We've the presidential election upcoming next week and no matter which side you are on, saying the energy is intense is an understatement. You are obviously a spiritual person and at the very least you are highly sensitive, but most likely you are empathic. 

BEing empathic is a gift and so not a curse. It is due to your empathic gifts that you perhaps feel overwhelmed, drained, on edge and all around meh. Why so much so now? That's easy; during this year, our empathic gift has been more than tested. We've been reminded, more than once, that taking care of ourselves, first is paramount. If you haven't paid attention to those reminders, you are not alone, but certainly you've been given ample opportunities as the world was in lockdown at various times and lengths. Heads up, it's likely to happen again and sooner than you may anticipate. 

Therefore, during the remainder of this year. Remember that fact. For no matter who wins the presidential election in the United States, turmoil will ensue. 

If you haven't already, start making daily Self Care a priority. You may, in fact, ask Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, how you can tend to you each and every day. As an example, right this moment, I'm snuggled up in my bathrobe with a cup of hot tea by my side, Schroeder is laying across the desk and offering purr therapy. So even in the midst of working, I can still do a bit of self care. 

Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria Sit with Chamuel's channeled mandala to the right. Allow the energy of LOVE towards self to consume you. This is not narcissistic, but rather self preservation. Remember, you cannot take care of another if you are drained and depleted. 


As if the election wasn't enough of a stressor, we've also a Blue Moon on Samhain, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve. (It's the same date; October 31, but called a different name depending on your beliefs and practices). A Blue Moon is the second full moon in any calendar month and they are on the rarer side. Miss this one? You have to wait until 2039 for the next Blue Moon on Halloween!

Oh but there IS more! Mercury is still retrograding; it goes direct on November 3 - the irony is not lost that it is also Election Day. What havoc can Mercury create? To make it a bit personal and put some things in perspective; our oven is dying a slow death. I've seen computers going kablooie (how's that for a technical term?). TVs go dark and have no desire to work. PLUS communication can be challenging in the best of times. Pay attention to your words, thoughts and certainly deeds. Is there a lot of gray matter or are you communicating in a very clear manner?

How does this Wrap Up Together and Affect All Energetically?

Sit with this for a moment.

  • Presidential Election that is tenacious at best
  • Blue Moon on Halloween
  • Mercury Retrograding

Can you now rationalize why you may be tired, irritable, running for comfort food and all around a bit more run down? Of course you can and it's naturally affecting your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

Your Physical Body During This Time

Your physical body is most likely tired and somewhat drained. This is not the time to push through. If you are compelled to exercise - first bravo you - think of Forest Bathing. This is a luxurious walk in natural without looking at your phone. Allowing nature to offer and give back to you. When I go on my 'Get Lost in the Woods Walks' I pay tribute to a beautiful old Sycamore Tree; Grandfather Tree. The result? Immediate grounding, heart expanding and it's as though a film is lifted from my eyes. Forest Bathing is a very real 'thing' and all would greatly benefit from spending as much time in nature as possible. it is truly balm for the soul. Feel more energized? GREAT! Exercise, in any form, helps to raise your endorphins (those happy chemicals we naturally have) which of course aids in keeping you from sliding down that slippery slope of despair. Allow your physical body to guide you what you need at this moment; slow or faster pace. 

I highly recommend you set up a schedule of bedtimes and arising times. Why? With schedules all over the place this year, it's easy to wake and sleep according to what you wish to do. However, this does not serve your body while under long term stress. Did you know our body literally does its best regeneration during the hours of 10pm to 2am? It's true. Attempt to be in bed prior to 10 to unwind and lights out shortly after.

Your, mine and the world's adrenals are most likely shot. The adrenals play in the Fight or Flight Syndrome. Unless you are eating a very balanced, high vibration diet and tending to your physical needs, odds are your adrenals could be addressed in the most loving way. Explore adrenal fatigue symptoms, supporting diets and more.

Your Mental Body During This Time

Your mental body. Oh boy. What a topic this entails. Society in general is bombarded with ill will throughout any given day. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast at the moment. However, you can control what you actively chose to expose yourself to. Here are some practices we have implemented:

  • If we eat while watching TV, it is never, NEVER the news. NEVER. We watch non-confrontational shows; HGTV, silly comedies, or a rom/com. By watching these diversionary shows, our digestive track has less stress to deal with while processing the foods we are consuming. 
  • This holds true for just prior to bedtime. Seriously, why watch something that riles you up just as you are headed in for rest? I'll watch, if anything, a Fred Astaire routine, or two. I am in awe of his dancing skills and he makes me smile. Typically, however, you would find me reading. Currently I have about 3 or 4 books on my nightstand:
  • Codex of Love
  • Leave the World Behind - a bookclub book
  • The Woman in Read Magdalene Speaks
  • You Were Born For This

Each of these books appeals to my spiritual growth, escaping and business growth. It all depends on my mood and how awake I am when going to bed.

  • Meditation. This cannot be emphasized enough. While meditation can prove difficult when the monkey mind is at play, it is one worth addressing daily. Besides, if you wish, there are some great angel guided meditation recordings here.

Your Spiritual Body During This Time

Believe it or not, we are collectively ascending. It is why the difference between the third and fifth dimension is extremely obvious to you. You are more actively pulling away from the anger and fear that is so prominent in the third dimension. You are now finding that kind of energy annoying and not even funny in that warped way you use to. 

Welcome to the Fifth.

However, it is easy to slip back and forth as we consciously and unconsciously attempt to wake another up and share with them the ease of the Fifth. We are, okay, many of us are, doing this without realizing it. 

It's an odd dance many are doing at this juncture. Remember, when you feel off, you are off. Place your hands over your heart and breathe. 


Inhale slowly four four counts

Hold for four counts

Exhale for four counts


Attempt to make the cycle balanced, 1-2-3-4, not 1234. Even spaced counting for each section. This has been proven to relax your shoulders, calm the mind, ease the heart and most certainly bring you back to your center which of course is LOVE.  This is a pattern the angels offered up while channeling the guided meditations years ago. I found out years later this is the exact same technique that the Navy Seals use. Yes those Navy Seals. See, woo-woo can become mainstream. 

What Angel to Chat with NOW?

So many!

Feel more aligned with Luna, the moon? Chat with Auriel, the Lunar Angel. She can help you navigate the amazing lunar event happening this week and how you can tap into her energies. 

Archangel Auriel, The Lunar Angel, Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria


Feeling as though you could use more Self Love? Chamuel, Angel of Self Love is now your bosom buddy life long pal/angel. She will infuse you with a variety of ideas and inspirations of what you can do day to day to help you stay centered and replenished, mind, body as well as soul. 

Listen openly and willingly. 


Feeling as though you could use more harmony in your world? Shamael is now 

Archangel Shamael, Angel of Harmony Mandala. Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandriayour go to. Shamael is the Angel of Harmony overseeing Music and Water. Both metaphorically are quite harmonious, even while altering your reality. Relax into the flow surrounding you. Ask your bodies what they require to support you more. Listen and comply. 




Without a doubt we're getting slammed from many directions at this moment. Anyone who says they LOVE 2020, is such a liar, liar pants on fire. All of use have faced our enemy and we are realizing we are the enemy. We have created, contributed and more the world in which we live. It is up to us, truly up to us, to take responsibility and BEgin the change. 

Remember, change starts within. As The Magdalene shares; Grace Always BEgins Inside.


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