Stepping Into the Art of Blessings

Mary Magdalene via Christine Alexandria

As we slide into the end of the year that will most likely live in infamy, much has surfaced for me in the past weeks to drive so much home. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving here in the States last week and while we were to spend it quietly with my parents, we opted to stay home an extra few days to make sure we weren't carrying anything unsavory that would cause them to BE ill. 

Thanksgiving was quiet. Just Honey Guy and me and of course the small lions begging for copious amount of turkey that accidentally 'fell' as it was carved. Knowing all the members in our family were in the same predicament somehow offered comfort in that knowing quiet.

We ultimately did drive down to visit with my parents for a few days and I'm sitting at their kitchen table writing this musing. As I ponder the blessings we have, there is an expansion happening from within that is indescribable. 

The past two days, being the dutiful daughter, I decorated their home for Christmas; the lit garland graces their front entrance, the wreath with a handprinted face of Santa welcomes in the Merry, red bows are everywhere; mailbox, railings and front door. Their home has been dubbed The Red Bow House this year. A friend called it The Enchanted Christmas Cottage. The next day we moved indoors; Christmas tree, the mantle with an antique Santa and Sled and homemade Christmas Stockings, a small Colonial Williamsburg Village and well you get the idea. 

As I sit here, the eyes begin to water as the abundance, the LOVE that permeates everywhere the eye rests.

It's the little things that can expand the soul. 

How to Expand the Soul to Allow

As you sit reading this, look up. What is surrounding you? You may see a hoard of people on the subway. Look deeper. Do you see a harried parent rushing home? Do you see an elderly person sitting alone and looking into space? Do you see another wrapped up in the 'oracle' (electronic device)? Look deeper still. Do you see a parent in love with their family that they cannot wait to see them? Do you see an elderly person reminiscing days gone by that were filled in the great love and laughter? Do you see another with dreams yet to BE explored and manifested? 

What if you are sitting at home? Do you see photos of days gone by that harken laughter, joy and Oneness? Do you see art that recalls the time of purchase? Do you see twinkling lights that are filled with magic? Do you see hands that are strong, virile that are capable of doing magnificent tasks all day long without a thought from you in the how?

Take this moment and soak in your surroundings. Soak in the wonder of your physical body. Look at your hands, no matter how young, old, experienced or novice, those hands are magical. They hold your coffee cup each morning, can hold the hand of a loved one, can type away with ease, brush hair from your face and oh so much more. Revel and rejoice in those beautiful hands. 

Draw upon the magic of days past and the love that filled those days. Allow your soul to expand and fill that LOVE permeate deeper.

Allow all of your senses to awaken; taste, touch, feel, sense and know. When each one of our senses is activated, the others open their eyes metaphorically to see what they are missing out on and become more alert to join in the fun. Try it.

The Art of Allowing

We all ponder and at times pine for something, someone, to manifest in our lives. We may think we are being proactive, but ask yourself honestly, how have I changed, evolved that signifies I am ready for this to enter? How have I taken several steps to BEcome more empowered, accepting and owning my brilliance? This is not an ego trip Dear One, but a simple acknowledging and owning; truly owning your gifts. Tools are meant to be used to help you, but one must also do the work so to speak and that includes allowing.

As example, one may wish to win the lottery, but when is the last time they purchased a ticket or have done anything to signify vat amounts of money are entering their life? What could they do to allow that kind of money to enter? Oh there is a plethora of books and free videos on YouTube on this very topic. Will I share? Nope - do your own research and BE proactive. 

Same goes with health.

Same goes with romance.

Same goes with...

One must BE proactive in the manifesting of the desire AND step back to allow shifts to occur from within that can the desired outcome to enter, BE recognized and obviously received.

It is an art, a dance if you will, but once embarked it is difficult to imagine going back to micro-managing days or days filled with non-productive busy. You know the kind of busy I am referencing. 

Who to Call Upon?

The Magdalene quickly stepped forward in her brazen confidence and Mona Lisa smile. 

The Magdalene is a perfect example of never giving up, always moving forward against all odds to BE recognized. It has taken her centuries to BE more recognized as the powerhouse of Love and Wisdom that she exudes, but prevail she is. Must you wait centuries? Of course not. Let's face it, the odds of your mission BEing as lofty as hers is slim. 

BE forewarned, once one decides to consciously work with The Magdalene, life is never the same again. She is bold. She can be rather bossy, okay IS bossy but only BEcause we don't typically listen to her sage wisdom the first time around and yet continue to complain. We are great at whining, aren't we? Not so good about taking proactive action.

The Magdalene will work by your side, step by step. She will support you with great Love, Respect and Honor. Remember that you have asked for her presence to enter and you best BE ready for major life changes that will certainly follow. 

You will see, read, know more of her energy in the coming months from me personally. Her journey has melded with mine or have I just BEgun to own that aspect? Will YOU say yes to YOU and allow The Grace, The Love and The Wisdom to enter? 






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