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The Color of Love January 26 2017

I was out with Gabi today, you know my living muppet yogi dog, and a thought popped in my head as we passed yet another potential fan club member for Gabi. Are dogs really color blind? Turns out they are NOT (I did a tiny bit of research on our arrival home). They DO see a variety of colors, but akin to a person who is red-green color blind. Simply put dogs see orange, yellow, and green as yellow. Blue-green is seen as white and red looks as though it is brownish-black. That is starting to make my hair hurt, but bottom line, they see a lot more than gray tones.

I asked because, you see, Gabi LOVES everybody. Truly. I've never seen her growl at a person. Unless of course they are walking by and she's not out there to greet them. But I digress...

On every walk, she perks up the minute she see another human. Her tail wags. She begins to prance. She actually smiles in anticipation. She eagerly waits for the command from me or a greeting from them to perform her official hello which also includes massive leaning and if you're really lucky a slobbery kiss. She actually gets somewhat miffed when a person doesn't invite her over or worse yet; she is ignored.

It doesn't matter how old or how young. Although she does have a distinct fondness for children. It doesn't matter if they are purple, black, polka-dotted, yellow, white or striped. She truly adores and LOVES everyone.

What a novel idea. Love for what it is. Love no matter what. Love is not just skin deep. Love is real.

We could all learn something from that magical fur angel girl known as Gabi.

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 January 01 2017 1 Comment

Happy New Year Chatterers!

With 2016 still fresh in many minds of the tumultuous times, changing times, not sure which way to turn times...It is indeed time to start anew, fresh and create life as YOU wish.

Why this sense of 'urgency' now? Well, it's really not news if you have been following me and subscribing to the monthly newsletter, but NOW is pretty much the time to set the stage for the remainder of your life.

Want to start a new career? Look into it, even if it means going back to school. I know a young man (they get younger as I get older) that switched careers in his thirties and while he may be starting 'over', he couldn't be happier. There is always a way; if you wish it to manifest enough. Will it take time? Perhaps. Just don't let the 'if onlys' get you... you know... if only I had more money to go back to school (there are scholarships for that), if only I had more time (you can find the time), if only I had more support. (join our sacred group on Facebook and you will receive plenty of support there)

Why now? The numbers, 2017 add up to the number 10. This beautiful number represents completion with the '0' and new beginnings with the '1'. In other words, as the past year came into its completion (you may now breathe a huge sigh of relief), it is time to start fresh.

Even if that means you reinvent yourself. Isn't that evolving is all about? Not necessarily reinventing one's self, but coming back to your truest self. It is more imperative than ever to listen to the whisperings of your heart and follow its lead. It is time to stop listening to the dramas that society creates through the fear that ego is spoon feeding all. It is time to take that blessed breath, close your eyes and use this Askfirmation:


Why is it so easy for me to live the life of my dreams?


Then allow the angels to answer and show you how to get there. It's up to you to take that first step and the one after that and the one after that. It is time to break the chains that have held you back, whether they be those good intentions that folks reason with you on the whys you shouldn't do something or those ahem, blessed 'if onlys'. I speak from experience so listen carefully:

IF something doesn't get you juiced up and you are frustrated. LOOK INTO SOMETHING NEW NOW! Why? Because the angels hear your frustration and IF you don't take that step, no matter how small that step may be, they will end it for you. They only wish what is best for you and and will make 'it' end whether it is a job, living situation, relationship, etc. For that is what you ultimately yearn for. Remember, their only mission in your life is to help you live life on your terms. IF you are conforming to others and not happy in the process, they listen and heed your energy. While you may not cognitively concur that you asked for something to end, trust me that in a year's time you will be grateful it did; only IF you don't wallow (it's okay for a day or two) but then take those steps to move forward.

Here are some ways to help keep you focused with your soul's energy:

* Spend time in meditation.

* Spend time in automatic writing. You may not get discernible answers immediately, but with practice you shall. 

* Take a candle, of course I prefer one of mine ;), but no matter, take an unused candle. Wrap your hands around it and set your intention. AS BIG AS YOU DESIRE. Light it daily until gone. By focusing on your intentions daily, you are gently nudged to keep going. You may have chance meetings. You may have a call from a dear friend who has the answer. You may...

This IS your year to shine brighter than ever. The world needs you as you, not me. Not your great Aunt Gertrude, not even Buddha. YOU and only YOU.

It's time. 

I wish you success beyond your imagination.

I wish you love that curls your toes and lights up the sky.

I wish you happiness that is contagious.

I wish this and much more, now and always.

The Newest of Beginnings December 29 2016

Yesterday, December 28, 2016, marked the last new moon of this year. It falls under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

This brilliant new moon holds within it some of the highest octane energies. Many are sharing feelings of itchiness (literally and the proverbial 'I'm itching to go do something/anything!). Feelings of being antsy. Feelings of revving up before the start of a race. While we know life is not a race by any means, it is that sense that something BIG and magical is about to unfold.

You're right. It is.

This last moon, as I mentioned, falls under the auspices of  Capricorn's energy. What a PERFECT time to write down your ambitions, no matter how lofty they may seem. What a perfect time to list your goals for the coming year and beyond. What a perfect time to dream and dream BIG. We'll be exploring the energy of the moon more each month as it hits certain zeniths. As I'm learning (yes the everlasting student) and chatting with Auriel and the rest of The Gang, each moon cycle while repetitive, hold a variety of particular energies and when we harness them more consciously we can jump start our life in magical and angelic ways.

While I zonked out last night and did not do any moon ritual, keep in mind the energy of any moon phase is strongest at that night, but holds its energies for three days prior and after the event. So I shall write my list today and set it aglow in our fire pit. This will set my intentions firmly and allow the angels to intervene to guide and most likely wing slap me to do a new project and how to let it unfold. 

You see, 2017 is bringing with it energies of karmic proportions; you reap what you sow. You manifest what you dwell upon. All those things you have been thinking about, dreaming about and stewing about have a great opportunity to manifest in the coming months. As I write this, those blessed angel tears are manifesting as a confirmation of truth of what I write. 

There is truth to that old saying; 'Be careful what you wish for' Be every diligent on your thoughts and intentions. IF something feels forced at any level, it simply is not for you. 

Remember, all wish love, abundance, health, joy, ease and more. Isn't it time you received all of that on YOUR terms? 

Write down that list of desires and dreams. Burn it so it gets released to the angels. Now wait for inspirational ideas of how to achieve exactly what you want and how you want it.

Remember, if still confused, that's why I'm here. I'm here to help via readings and private sessions.

Here's to a magnificent 2017!

The Shadow Has Emerged November 10 2016 1 Comment

With the presidential election still raw in many minds, I sat in quiet contemplation yesterday at various times trying to make 'sense of the madness' that was swirling around me; riots, family calling in tears, confusion at an all time high, well you know what I'm talking about; you are living it.

'What has happened?' is the common question and theme.

The shadow has shown itself. We all have a shadow side and it does harkens to the Robert Louis Stevenson child's poem:

My Shadow

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.
The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow—
Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;
For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball,
And he sometimes gets so little that there's none of him at all.
He hasn't got a notion of how children ought to play,
And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.
He stays so close beside me, he's a coward you can see;
I'd think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!
One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
I rose and found the shining dew on every buttercup;
But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head,
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.

While it is a sweet poem and one I loved reading to our children as babes, it comes to mind now with this passage: 

He hasn't got a notion of how children ought to play,
And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.
He stays so close beside me, he's a coward you can see;

He hasn't got a notion... what shadow side does? This shadow can seem to make a fool out of all of us in every sort of way because it is a part of us that we like to keep hidden, not acknowledged, not honored and certainly not loved. This shadow side is within each and every one of us. Yes we may take the high road often and frequently and live life to high karmic standards. It is a rare person that has indeed been able to love all aspects of self; including the shadow. 

Sit quietly today with The Gang. Sit quietly within. Sit quietly with your heart. Find that sweet spot that speaks volumes of LOVE. Revel in that sweet spot. THIS is the original you. Ask a shadow side to step forward that is ready to be honored and loved more. Does this mean it comes out to play? In a nutshell, no. It means it is a part of you that is now more fully recognized and another puzzle piece is clicking in to create the entire entity known as you. 

Love wins out every time. Don't fight it. Don't ignore it. Simply BE it. Recognizing you are a flawed human (newsflash - we are ALL flawed in some way) only stops that infernal argument of trying to be perfect (second newsflash - you will never be perfect for you are human). 

The time is now. Astronomically we have the largest supermoon since 1948 and the next one will not show herself until 2038. So this may be a once in a lifetime event for many. This moon is churning up the energy that is ready to be released. This moon is illuminating the shadow. This moon is ready to break down barriers and show you the way out and yet the way in. Living more from the state of BEing will only bring about pure happiness, more love, more everything that brings you great joy.

During this time, be sure to be quiet. Do not jump to conclusions. Do not jump in the fray. Do not open your mouth and contribute and engage the shadow. Hold it tenderly. Honor and love thyself.

Love November 01 2016

We were at a beautiful expo this past weekend and the common theme hands down amongst my many clients was LOVE. Many yearning to find their soulmate and twin flame. Many are in a relationship but one of them is struggling as the other grows in their brilliance. This theme has continued into my Facebook Group, Angel Chatter and has certainly prompted this blog post.

What does love mean to you?

To me love is pure, bliss filled, non judgmental and being a bit vulnerable. Okay a LOT vulnerable at times. After over 31 years of being married to my honey, apparently there are still aspects within each of us that are still tender and do come out to play periodically. This vulnerability and the ability to respect it as being vulnerable has only made our relationship that much stronger. This part rears its cute little head and is a scream that it requires recognition and as you know, recognition is a form of love. 

Love is about seeing the beauty within another and not desiring to change them. Love is holding up the proverbial mirror to them and allow them to see their great gifts in the hopes that they can come out to play permanently. Why? They are loved for who they are, not what they are meant to be become.

Shoot, my honey often says I did a bait and switch for when we were dating and well into our marriage this gift of chatting with the angels was not shared. How could I since I had really forgotten about it? However, my friends that I've had longer than our marriage yelled out 'It's about time!' as this field has always interested me. My gift finally came out to play permanently because my husband only challenges me to be me. He challenges me to be more of me, not somebody else. He thinks I'm beautiful, smart, funny, loving, caring and much more without trying to adapt to make him happy. All this safety wrapped up in a love hug allowed me to step out of the closet. In fact, we had a recent dinner party with some of his colleagues and they were extremely curious in the oh so positive way of what I do!

Love is letting them go to explore, play and grow and not feel threatened. In fact, I remember years ago my honey went to Italy, all by his lonesome for three weeks. Some new friends were truly shocked that I let him go! Seriously? Never gave it a second thought. He needed to this for him and we are blessed that he could go and oh the stories when he returned!

Love is unconditional. There are never conditions that are attached to love. If you find another doing this, it is not love. Let's break that stigma and simply love for the sake of it all. 

Love is not dictated by who 'holds the reigns' and controls the other. Love is a partnership. One may carry another and the situation flips. It all eventually evens out to a lovely balance.

Love is being silly and allowing the other to be silly no matter what.

Love is being grumpy and knowing that they will still be there in the morning with a nice cup of tea and hug.

Love is being there. Helping them through (no matter how big it may seem) a fear based situation. Remember, all is a reflection of what is going on within you. Try a bit of ho'oponopono:

I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


For Love is forgiving. Forgiving another and certainly self for acting human once in a while.

Love is Oneness.

Love is YOU.


To interfere or let go? October 06 2016

Hurricane Matthew has hit Haiti, Cuba and preparing to make landfall on the United States. While Haiti has suffered catastrophic damage of life and property, it doesn't stop me from still 'blowing' Hurricane Matthew East simply through using the power of intention.

I've seen folks thinking this kinda of ceremony or action is silly because we are attempting to alter nature, an Act of God, etc. Some compare it to the government (any government) interfering with nature. While I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I'm also a firm believer in IF I can do something to prevent even one loss of life, I'll do what I can in my power.

After all, wouldn't you try to save a drowning puppy or kitten? Wouldn't you report child abuse? Don't you try to help another in need through a monetary donation or some other kind of gift? 

Does this make you also guilting of altering history? Perhaps. Saving a life? Perhaps. Who's to say that one life isn't worth saving or protecting no matter if a furry critter or human.
I know I've put Big Mike (Archangel Michael) around not only our house, but our island simply to protect. We are under a BIG Shift energetically across the globe. Many of you have felt it, incurred its shift by getting sick, feeling lethargic and more. As mass society shifts higher, the kaka has to pop somewhere... sometimes it's in the form of a 'natural event'.
I'm letting you in on a little pet peeve of mine; I am NOT a big fan of the term Lightworker. It's too woo-woo to me and so many go under the false pretense of being one and are simply a charlatan to get others to come to their line of thinking or to soak them for their money. However for the sake of brevity, I'll use that term. Therefore, IF you are a lightworker, wouldn't you do light work and help another, no matter what?
Me too. 
I'm still going to try to save one life.
I think that's kinda worth it, do you?


The Power of the Black Moon September 30 2016 2 Comments

Today marks the SECOND New Moon this month and it is called the Black Moon. This is the first time this lunar event has happened since March, 2014. So somewhat rare indeed. 
Who said September was going to be powerful?! It is truly setting the stage for the remainder of your life on so many levels.
As tonight draws near, think of your intentions for this moment, tomorrow, next week, next month and the coming year(s).
It's that powerful.
Set those intentions in motion by writing them down. If you have been with me for a bit, you know how powerful the energy of fire is. It not only helps to release and cleanse, but to empower and set.
Therefore tonight, after you have written your intentions, alight that list and let it burn. Release all earthly woes to the universe and the angelics. Sit strong in that energy of EMPOWERMENT.
Drink in this energy. Savor it. Step forward confidently and knowing that you deserve all on your list and much more. As you are savoring, chat with the angels. Specifically Auriel to help harness that luscious moon energy as well as Metatron to illuminate (no pun intended) your soul's path and mission with greater clarity.
I look forward to supporting you on your journey of inspiration and empowerment. 

The Revolution is ON! September 29 2016

I've been listening, observing and listening some more; to clients, students and the many Chatterers as they share in our sacred space on Facebook , their concerns, their fears and all the 'things' that are keeping them from realizing their dreams.

The time for a spiritual revolution is upon us! It is time to stand tall in your truth. It is time for you to stand tall in your beauty. It is time for you to stand tall in your love.

It is time.

Following is typically how your spiritual revolution may unfold:

There are always 'things' that we latch unto that don't serve us; twinkies, bad relationships, drama and more. These 'things' are like an old lumpy pillow. We've gotten use to it. We may wake up with a neck crick, but who doesn't? (right?) WRONG. What would life be like to wake up refreshed, renewed and overjoyed to start the day? Pretty fantastic right? That's what breaking through during this revolution will give you.

It's recognizing the last big things that you are holding onto that are not of service to you. It's the last big labor pain before you stand taller and prouder and more empowered.

It's not fighting in that war fashion - so old school wouldn't you say? It's recognizing its value that was given to you over its tenure with you. It is then up to you to lovingly release it gently into that good night as the saying goes. Not for someone else to grab onto, but through that essence of love, it turns back to love. 

It is through love we conquer. It is through love we empower. It is through love we manifest.

In fact, I received a major compliment from a colleague just yesterday:

You walk your talk.

You are unafraid to do so.

You don't do the bullshit bitchcraft, and

maintain your serenity through all of it.


As I told her; she hadn't seen me when my blood sugar dropped or when tired; but through stepping forward and standing on the shoulders of giants I've learned and still learn to stand tall and be proud of who I am and what I am here to do:

To empower millions. To inspire and remind all that they deserve what they desire.

The revolution is on. Will you pick up wings and begin to soar?

It's time.

Want to know if your energy is clear? Ask your pets. September 12 2016

For those of you with fur babies, you know how sensitive they can be. They see 'imaginary' things, hear things you don't, play with things that go bump in the night and more. They are a true gauge of what is going on energetically.

Have you ever noticed how they mimic your energy? Not feeling well? Don't they cuddle more as if to give you some of their good juju? Feeling high energized? Don't they seem to pounce and play with you?

Mine do too.

Since my fur babies are well mine, they are highly sensitive and intuitive. I explained this recently to our vet and she was quite intrigued as the cats didn't do well with the 'calming' injection prior to their teeth cleaning. In fact, our most docile and cuddly lion got extremely agitated and exhibited it by hissing and lashing out. When I told her I was not surprised since they were mine; she listened and did not give this 'medicine' to the other who then sailed through his teeth cleaning quite easily.

This began the puzzle piecing exercise. I listened to what I said, having just assumed that they were quirky, like me, and sensitive like me. However, as I thought back to how they have acted over their life, the puzzle got put together rather quickly.

As an example:

We've moved often in recent years; Boston to Baltimore. Baltimore to Chincoteague. Chincoteague to a DC suburb. Our 'lions' have been with us for all three moves and therefore have now lived in four homes. Some would say this is more than most humans and they would be correct. They started out with us in Boston and then came to Baltimore with us. The Baltimore house was physically gorgeous, but as we learned over time it was very negative energetically. (for those of you that know me, know I don't use that word, 'negative' freely or easily.) The cats hid for over one week after the big move in. They would only go to the basement to use their bathroom (aka litterbox) and would race upstairs to their safe zone; our daughter's bedroom. This went on our entire time there; three years. Looking back they pretty much existed and certainly didn't thrive. It wasn't until we deeply cleared the energy of the place and scampered out of there ourselves did we all realize how insidious of a place it was energetically. Gabi joined us during our time in Baltimore and she was a big part of keeping things 'sane' while there. Her energy, joy and love knows no boundaries and helped us all.

Then we move to our beach home. It's high energy, vortexes abound and yes even UFOs have been seen by some of the most upstanding citizens, including yours truly. We regrouped and all began to embrace life once more; lions and dogs masquerading as small ponies included. We all woke up to life again; although it took a good year to do so.

We have just finished our most recent move and are still in the throws of unpacking, painting, organizing and everything else that moving entails. During the first stage of the move we discovered we had ghost cats in the house. Yes ghost cats. Gabi was a bit uncertain as to what was going on now (I do believe since there were many cats they were antagonizing her). We cleared the energy; sent the cats over the Rainbow Bridge and the 'Crazy Cat Lady' ghost with them. The lions then moved in and it's honestly been like they have lived in this house for years as opposed to less than two weeks. No hiding. Instead they are playing, engaging and are the ever demanding lions we have come to know and love.

Gabi? Since the most recent clearing, she doesn't look off as if conversing with another. She's calm, relaxed and is taking charge; well as much as the Alpha Lion will let her. It's incredible; the house, now our home, is peaceful, relaxing, joy-filled even amongst the chaos of settling in. We humans are interacting more daily as we re-discover what was in storage, we've gone on long walks and are enjoying our newest digs to the fullest.

Not sure how your digs are faring? Ask your fur babies. Notice how they act within your home; relaxed, thriving, loving, attentive and focused. Not sure how to interpret their actions? Chat with Archangel Thuriel; The Angel of Animals, for clarity. Do your furbabies act in ways that reflect being unsettled? You just may have unwanted and unknown guests! 






Wishing an all purpose crystal? Check out Tiger Eye September 01 2016 1 Comment

The crystal, Tiger Eye, has long been a favorite of mine. I remember going on school field trips that ended in the science gift shop, I couldn't wait to get my hands on more Tiger Eye. This beautiful crystal illuminates layers within and melds light and dark in such a dance it's difficult to not be captivated by it and its energies.

The more easily found version of this stone comes in various shades of brown and once spied it is easy to understand why it gets its name as you can see a 'tiger's eye' staring back at you as the light dances across the stone and reflecting the prisms within with great light. This version of Tiger Eye has always made me feel centered, grounded and very alive. The energies of this stone helps to weld our innate power wisely while infusing that very power with great love. Those luscious browns mixed with gold can also bring in great monetary wealth especially when focusing on your passion and soul's mission. It is also a great stone to carry while traveling thanks to its natural protective energies. 

One might think that the natural brown version of Tiger Eye would connect with the Earthstar Chakra and Sandalphon and that would be a lovely, but wrong guess. This stone because of the protective energies (as it reflects back to those nasty naysayers and ill wishers), the centeredness, the confidence, the courageous energy, the ease in which you can see the cause and effect of situations, the creative inspirations, the ability to manifest at the highest level (your soul), healing for all chakras (that's a hint) it is a stone worth having in your personal collection! As you can most likely tell by now, Natural Tiger Eye doesn't connect with one chakra directly, but rather many (note not all). Many experts would agree that it connects with some, but I would disagree and make an argument that Tiger Eye is the most ideal stone to have as it does connect with all the chakras (the ten I work with and more).


Tiger Eye


As most stones, Tiger Eye is known to be also found in shades of blue which naturally resonates with your throat as well as you third eye chakra. The blue version of Tiger Eye brings about great integrity as you communicate in any form; speech, written, prose, etc. As you are a creative person, it can be difficult to know which project to address first, if at all. Blue Tiger Eye will help to shine light on the most appropriate one(s) for you specifically. As you most likely know by now, the color blue is associated with Archangel Michael. However, not all blue stones connect with Big Mike, but Blue Tiger Eye does and therefore, offers protective energies as you go about your day.


Blue Tiger Eye


The other color that Tiger Eye comes in is red. Red Tiger Eye connects strongly to the root chakra and enhances your life force and brings about a sense of vitality when it is near you or on you. Just like all blue stones don't connect with Big Mike, all red stones don't connect with Uriel. Once again, however, because of Red Tiger Eye's energies; aiding in returning to life with zest, putting you first with the knowledge you can then tend to others with greater energy.

Red Tiger Eye


Both red and blue Tiger Eye hold dear the properties that are found in the brown version. So all are a stone of monetary prosperity, protection and offer clarity and integrity. You of course can fine tune or expand upon this by choosing to work with red or blue. Such choices!



What's 'right' and what's 'wrong'? August 23 2016

As many of you know, we recently moved across the Chesapeake Bay. It's been non-stop loving frenetic energy since Stage One of the move commenced (we're past Stage Two now). We are now amongst our things that were in hiding for over 3.5 years while in storage! Of course as the Clutter Clearing Goddess of our family, I thought I had done a pretty good job of not storing things we no longer needed as I had given the entire place a healthy purging prior to the previous move.

Was I wrong! We already have at least six rather large boxes of clothes, books and who knows what else that is being piled up for donation, consignment or one heck of a garage sale later this autumn.

However, that is not why I'm writing today. Many folks, even as recent as today with my new hair stylist, ask 'why did you get such a large house if it's only the two of you?'

Simply put - we wanted to.

Believe it or not, after 30+ years of being together, we've accumulated treasures; art, books, office furniture, piano, etc. We love entertaining and wished to have guest rooms. (This applies to you starting next year as I'll be offering private weekends only four times a year in our home for training, healing, consultations, etc. so stay tuned)

We were shocked honestly when the moving van pulled up and we saw how FULL it was. Each box, doesn't hold as much as you think it does - really! However, we've put a big dent in the unpacking and I've even painted two rooms and have begun adorning the walls with our art. Gabi and I have explored the walking trails near our new place (we did keep the Beach House) and love being so close to nature and all it has to offer. I look forward and she does too, I hope, taking even longer walks as the weather cools.

The New Digs, as I've begun to call it, now begins to feel a bit more like home; even with the sea of boxes staring at me in the piano room and basement. Does everyone need or wish a largish home? Of course not. Ours compared to others is huge, while compared to others is miniscule. It's all perspective. The angels approve as I have found countless signs from them; feathers in non-logical places, seeing them literally move throughout the place clearing it and checking it out for us.

What does matter is that it feels like home... to you and your family. Ours just happens to be one that is filled with love, laughter, family, friends and of course Gabi and the furry lions.

As always, that is my wish for you; you living life on your terms.

Want clearer and more angelic energy? Try Selenite! August 23 2016

Selenite is one of those unsung heroes in my mind. Its sublime energies offer great clarity, amazing angelic connection and it clears its area (and therefore yours) of lower energies.

What more could you ask for?

Selenite does come in many colors, green, orange and grey blue. However, it is most easily found in the opaque white version. This variety is found throughout the world which makes it very accessible and affordable as it comes in a variety of sizes from a few inches to a few feet.

Selenite, as I mentioned, strengthens your connection to the angels. I was gifted the one below many years ago:


Does it remind you of your favorite Angel Goddess' logo? That's exactly why it was given to me; selenite in the form of angel wings! For those that have had a private session with me at the expos we do around the country, will have met this beauty as it adorns my reading table. I travel with this angel to keep my crystals clear and high in energy as well as to keep my channel pristine for each and every client that sits before me. 

The word 'selenite' comes from the Greek word, moon. You might easily see how this came to be as its natural glow is very moon-like. You might also think it would then be associated with the Moon Angel, Auriel. It does, but not just Auriel; it really doesn't connect with any one specific angel for it enhances all angelic communication. It offers greater clarity, chatting and enhanced visualization with the entire angelic realm.

We also keep Selenite near every major electronic equipment we have in our home; TV as well as computers. The crystal works diligently to keep those radio waves (EMF) from hitting us and doing ultimate harm. Some of these are more hidden; within the entertainment unit while another is in full display as a massive (2' in height) twin tower in our family room. They all help to block those kaka energies that are physically unseen while clearing the others that we may inadvertently bring back home while out and about.

Do you have your own business or frequently work from home? Place a log of Selenite on your desk to make truer decisions and increase the ability to listen to another's input. It also helps to make wise choices; the right folks to work with, the next new project, timing of projects, etc. It promotes honesty and the ability to see it or lack thereof from others that you are working with. 

We also have four smaller logs, one at each bedpost, to support our marriage. Selenite with its natural truth serum helps keep communication pure between loved ones and reminds you that you are here to learn and listen wisely to others in your inner circle.

Perhaps now you may better understand the power of the gentle stone and why it was time to sing its praises!



Citrine, it's not just a sparkly stone August 08 2016 2 Comments

This week's crystal choice is citrine.

Did you know that most citrine is actually heated amethyst? During this process, the stone literally gets bleached out and reveals the gorgeous golden sparkles that most have come to associate with citrine. 

Natural citrine is a very dark translucent brown that is often confused with brown tourmaline. Here's a picture of a natural citrine to share what I mean as a picture can speak much better than words at times:



You can see the underlying golden sparkles, but yet it naturally feels a bit heavier. I have a rather large natural specimen in my collection that is adored and often have it sitting near me as I create new products or course offerings.

Now compare the natural to its altered counterpart:

Both are indeed citrine! Both will work predominantly with the sacral chakra and deal with abundance. However, since they are different in their looks, very different as you will agree, they are also different in their energetic offerings.

The natural version will offer more grounded energy. It is darker, think more earthstar chakra; therefore more grounded. It also offers energy to help you overcome that squeamish feelings of not being good enough. In other words, it offers you courage!

The heated version will be lighter in its tactics to get you motivated in reaping abundance in all its glory. Due to its lighter coloring, it offers you to also be lighter in your energy and while doing so help to create better boundaries. Boundaries? Yes so you are better able to stand strong and no longer be that doormat that folks can mistake you for periodically.

To my knowledge the natural version is only available, or certainly more readily available, in its raw state. Therefore, if you find it in jewelry, it will most likely be wire wrapped.

The heated version can be found in its raw state or as the picture above, polished. Jewelry stores, even the higher end ones, will most likely carry polished, heated citrine in their inventory. This option makes the heated version quite easy to find at any well respected metaphysical, jewelry and healing business. 

Both kinds of citrine work well with Gabriel's energy. Heightening your creative juices will creating an 'empire' of your liking whether it's an empire of joy, money, health, and of course love. 

 Enjoy your citrine, it is a lovely stone that wished to be shared this week; it woke me up as I had asked which one was to be this week's topic. Who's next? Only they know at the moment. 

Change August 05 2016 1 Comment

Change is often coveted and chatted (and dare I say whined) about daily:

* I wish my life was more abundant

* I wish I had my soulmate

* I wish I was ten pounds lighter

* I wish...

These are all desires of change, right? Right. If that is the case, and it is, why do folks drag and I do mean DRAG in changing circumstances so they can get what is desired?

Do you really expect things to change if you aren't? (Yes, this is one of those things that make me chuckle.) It just simply doesn't work that way. Want more abundance? Look for higher paying jobs or taking a course to help you get there. Want true love? It all starts within first. Want to lose weight? You know the drill; more exercise and better food.

And so on.

I get it, inertia is a wonderful mind numbing thing. I go there too; doesn't It feel more cozy to snuggle up with a great book? Good book vs getting up early to tackling the next task at hand; more course offerings, making memes, blog posts not to mention my domestic goddess duties? Luckily at this exact moment I have the best of both worlds; one cat is snuggled in close while I write so it's a bit of work and love going hand in hand.

Change is inevitable even if you are the Inertia Goddess/God; change is going to happen. How things change and how pro-active you are in its event and how you respond is up to you. You can make it difficult or certainly more joyful. 

It comes down to, as most things do, how much do you love yourself in order to activate the changes YOU wish. Chamuel is my go to angel for this; The Angel of Self Love. Remember, the more you love yourself, the more you give yourself permission to ask for what you desire AND receive it. As the other angelic gang members, Chamuel resonates with the crystal Rose Quartz; see my blog from earlier this week on this juicy crystal that is chock full of loving yumminess to kickstart your life in magical ways.









Change isn't always easy and can take a while. However, as the old fable goes, 'Slow and Steady Wins The Race'. Taking one step daily towards your goal will result in the ultimate Big MAGICAL Changes that you yearn for. 

Take me for an example, as many of you know we just moved; well Stage One of The Move has been completed. Once again, I did not go gently into this change. I LOVE our beach home (which we are not giving up - so many of you have asked), and going to the 'Big City' was 'eh', in my book. However, our new home has great, great energy. Things we've been carting around for years have already found a great home; it was like that spot was made for 'it'. The new home is surrounded by trees, lots of trees and a gorgeous pond just a few moments of a walk away. Gabi and I have already explored the immediate surroundings and look forward to more as the days begin to cool that allow longer walks. The vision is constantly changing, but I now have officially my own office! This is a first ever! Instead of carting my laptop to whatever spot felt great; there is a designated room getting filled with crystals, sacred objects and tools and you know what? It feels glorious. 

I changed and what I expected and allowed myself to receive changed.

I've thanked my husband countless times for finding this beauty and he just beams. I know it is time for me and us to share our gifts in a larger and bigger way and we're ready. In order for that to happen, we needed to get off our island for longer periods of time but in an area that was more populated and yet offered peace.

Change. It's a good thing. Give it a try.

Let's Chat Crystals! August 01 2016

I'm often asked which is the best crystal to start with when a newbie to working with stones?

The answer is an easy one; Rose Quartz


It's very easy, incredibly easy in fact, to find and its very essence makes it less complicated for a person to keep stepping forward on their chosen path. You see, rose quartz is the premier stone of Self Love. The more one loves themselves, the more they allow to ask and receive for what is deeply desired. 

If you think about it, it's an epidemic of sorts; ALL could love themselves more. In fact, that is one of my theories of why this beauty, that comes in all shapes, sizes and finishes is so readily available. It's true, you may find raw versions like you see in the photo below. You may find rose quartz in polished versions that include various shapes such as hearts, geometric, etc. Lastly, you may find rose quartz woven into jewelry in its polished or raw state. So it is really up to you and your personal tastes as well as your goal for each piece you obtain. As an example, I have a beautiful bracelet that includes polished rose quartz. Likewise we have 7lb raw chunks throughout our home to keep the love going for all who enter.



Look at these beauties! That soft pink color (also the color of self love) exudes gentleness, softness, and yes love. However, don't under-estimate all the gooey love stuff for weakness! This stone, in its gentleness, is a power house of crystals.

IF you are new to acquiring and working with crystals, I strongly suggest you visit your nearest metaphysical store to pick them out. See which one(s) catch your eye or simply feel good to you. Once you are more comfortable with picking out the right stones for you, you can then venture more safely and securely into ordering online through trusted sources. 

Let me know how you love your rose quartz and how you have implemented its energies into your life; it's a great journey once started.


To Meat or Not to Meat... July 25 2016

I'm often asked what I eat; veggiesaur or carnivore...

Honestly I prefer vegetarian, and went strict vegetarian for over two years, but my body revolted and let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed meat periodically. The two plus years of being vegetarian was in many ways a gentle detox of cleansing out my system of what it had held onto for years as toxic.

I grew up on meat; it was a stable in my household. Chicken especially. Growing up in Delaware chicken farming is one of the major sources of income for the area and being local, it was very inexpensive. Who knew over the years I eventually overdosed on it! It became a toxic substance. Now chicken is very, ahem, cleansing to my system shall we say? 

Also growing up on the Eastern Shore fish and shellfish were aplenty. It was a regular occasion when we received fish and crab caught by family friends. In fact, I spent many a day crabbing with my dad and enjoying the bounty later that evening! If you have never participated in a good ol' fashioned crab feast, please put it on your Bucket List. 

Shellfish is not enjoyed so much these days. You see our bodies change over time and how it responds to food changes accordingly. I'm sure you can think of one food that you ran from (mushrooms were my evil enemy and was known to pick out minuscule pieces from gravy), but now make dishes that require mushrooms as the featured ingredient. Likewise, foods I LOVED (tastykake pies anyone?) I now gag at the thought.

Think about it, haven't you changed? You've grown, your styles have changed, where you live has even most likely changed. Why wouldn't your diet also change to reflect who you are now? Just because you loved something as a child, doesn't mean it's still a favorite let alone good for you. 

The key is to LISTEN to your body. What works for one, doesn't work for another. As I mentioned, I prefer vegetarian, but lately I am slightly obsessed with salmon. My body has announced it needs what salmon offers and I comply. After a string of shows back to back, I'll crave a good piece of beef. Once eaten, I most likely will not have it again for a couple of months.

Not sure where to start? Keep a mental food diary. Pay strict attention to how your body feels after each time you eat. Does it feel energized? Does it feel lethargic or worse? Take note and begin to adjust your food accordingly. Does this make a doctor? Hardly, just use some common sense and your body will thank you.

From a spiritual perspective, I seriously doubt I will ever adhere to the mindset that you MUST abstain from any one food; chocolate Horrors! Seriously, can you imagine a world without chocolate?! Coffee. Now you are talking silly talk. Or meat. You must eat what is best for you. Yes, even a piece of chocolate now and then.


Breaking Free to BE July 18 2016 1 Comment

Let's face it, inertia is tempting. It's safe, it's known, it requires no action on your part to keep it going.

Oh, but then the heart starts to pitter patter in its yearning to BE. 

Shakespeare had it right:

To BE or not to BE, that is the question

 Was he thinking spiritual thoughts when he wrote this? We may never know, but how appropriate in today's world! You've heard the story before from many other great sages across our globe; when we BE there is nothing wrong. When we BE all is right with the world. When we BE we are simply and profoundly ourselves.

Oh but the journey to BE!

As many of you know, 2016 has been a whirlwind of activity for me personally. To recap, my dad had a massive heart attack in the spring (luckily we were visiting to help out), my honey got a permanent gig, we are in the process of moving (yes we are keeping our island home - thank you for all those concerned queries), our daughter had surgery (she came through it with flying colors), I got blessed yet again and now have a top book agent that loves the book that is FINALLY getting truly finished and well you get the idea.

Be? Who has time for such glorious nonsense when there is so much to do?!

This past weekend it hit. I sat. I read, two books in fact! I conducted private ceremonies for us with the angels assisting of course. I went to the beach and contemplated the lint in my navel; no seriously I simply sat and watched the waves, the happy tourists and dolphin watched. I slept. Gabi and I took walks. One was into town where she promptly became the toast of the street with everyone ooohhhhhing and ahhing over her. (She TOTALLY loved it all)

Today? Better. The bottom line is that we all yearn for that moment of BEing. We yearn for that balance so we can refuel, recharge and go back out into the world. How to find YOUR Beingness?

That only you can answer. If you only get snippets of it, 30 second even, your soul rejoices. It reminds you how great it is to BE and not think about the past or the future for you are currently in the present. 

Here are some things that have worked for me and my clients:

* Meditation. When Gabi & I walk I don't talk on the phone or listen to music or a book. I enjoy the nuances of the day. Try it as a conscious meditation.

* Yoga. Something gentle and soothing that allows you to connect with your body and soul

* Sitting with your pets if you have one. They live in the present and are fantastic teachers

* Sit in a park, the beach, the mountains. Take off those shoes and feel the earth's energy power into you

* Call a friend. yes really. Not to whine or complain, just to be in each other's company


What are some others you can share? I'd love to read what works best for you.

Wishing you a day of BEing


Askfirmations - Why is it so easy to BE?



How can I find the peace and joy now? July 15 2016

With today's events brimming over with fear, ego, sadness and yes even hatred, how can anyone find and embrace love and joy?

Oh boy. It's not apparently easy, is it?

There is an old saying, 'Peace begins with me' 

It's a nice saying, isn't it? Difficult to feel at times though, isn't it? Take it easy on yourself, you are human and as a human will encounter human thoughts and emotions. The key is to not become them. Yes, this means experience them, but don't identify with them.

I can DO angry, but not become anger

I can DO sadness, but not become sad

On the reverse, I can become Love

I can become joy

I can become forgiveness

Who knows what propels another to act in such ways that they wish to kill others? It's unfathomable to me. How has hatred become so embedded in one individual that they feel that this act must be accomplished? 

I simply, as a human, cannot answer this.

However, after chatting with the angels last night, at the prompting of a dear Chatterer, this is what they shared:


Dearest - as the energies continue to magnify and lighten, the lower, darker energies are going to do their damnest to stop all from ascending and lighting the soul. Rest assured that this too shall pass. While this may sound trite, take heart and heed. Stay focused. Meditate, pray - whatever word you resonate with. Connect with us. There will be more global tragedies, they have yet to climax, but by year's end, will begin to dwindle in frequency. All starts within. YOU. You make the change within you and it does have a trickle affect outwardly to the world and universe at large... For those of you who are empathic, anger will become a new 'friend'. Self care is the utmost importance for all, but most of all you at this time. Avoid large public gatherings (no this does not mean 'they' win, but rather you stay here to help as only you can to lift the light and shine for all.

Stay true. Stay strong. Stay love



For me, it further deepens the lesson of being present. Listening to another. This means no multi-tasking. This means listening to the nuances of their voice or written word. You're sensitive, you can feel the underlying meaning of what they say. Finger pointing is so not allowed (that's all ego), but listening and responding from the heart. If you need an extra moment or two to respond, take it. The world will be better if all would listen, just listen without judgement. 

The world is changing. The energies are very heightened right now. The light is winning. However, the darkness of course does not like it and will do its best to stay alive. It's up to each one of us to pick up the mantle of love and be present.



Peace July 05 2016 2 Comments

When signs come in, signs come in!

I'm sitting in 'my outdoor office' - aka the screened in porch.

A family of Mockingbirds have nested in a pine tree just off the deck. I've witnessed the male and female come and go for weeks; however the nest is up just high enough that I could tell if eggs were present or not.

They were!

Those babies have hatched and thanks to their parents tireless efforts, they are fed literally all day long! Each parent comes in, the babies cry out, fill their adorable beaks and the parent leaves.

You would think by now the parents would be used to seeing me; hanging out laundry, going to and fro, but noooooo.... They will sit on my deck railing and watch. They sit on our shed and watch. IF I dare get too close (aka hanging laundry) I get yelled at. 

The parents are working as a team. What a lesson! Neither one is pulling more weight than the other. They will sit on various structures in the yard; shed, railing, porch swings, neighbor's shed, etc. and talk. Yes really. One tweets out, the other responds. If a storm comes in, one sits on the nest while the other is close by. 

What a lesson for us. Working together for a united goal. Why do so many feel they are an island onto themselves with no support? Why do we allow ourselves to drift so far out that it seems, repeats SEEMS impossible to tether back in? Bottom line; why do we self-sabotage?

Easy, we don't feel we deserve what we desire. 

Just stop it!

You DO deserve all. While you may feel you are out to sea all by your lonesome, you're not. Just ask. Pop a note to the angels . Remember, it is not humanly monitored, so if you get a response, please let me know!

Join my Facebook group, Angel Chatter.  If you are already a member, start chatting!

Start meditating daily. Does this require an assigned time and have you doing all sorts of spiritual stuff? No. I meditate daily while walking Gabi. I poise a question to the angels just as we leave and let it go. I'm constantly surprised and amazed at what catches my attention on these walks. Don't have a dog? No problem, you can still use this philosophy. Works for me every time. 

I look forward to hearing from and wish you a message filled day!

New Beginnings=Change July 04 2016 2 Comments

Morning Loves!
It's the fourth - a Day of Independence here in the US AND it also happens to be the night of the New Moon.
New Beginnings are afoot.
Let's face it, some new beginnings are scary - you are breaking out of your comfort zone. Inertia is no longer an option. You MUST do something different in order for the new to be presented and to take hold.
Sounds great in theory. I can change!
But when it comes down to actual action, not so much... every time.
Take dieting as an example. It's a human past time; must lose weight in order to ______. We're committed when we go to bed at night and the next day all tends to be forgotten or the phrase 'I'll start tomorrow' crops up.
Any other newness is no different. The bigger the concept, the more we must change and adapt to a new way of being. A way of being that is soooo desirable, but something we can inadvertently sabotage it from every happening. They we get to moan and groan about 'we knew it just wasn't meant to be.'
Look at the large picture certainly. That is what gets us excited and thinking and wondering about what if? Look beyond what needs to happen, initially. How does it feel, even if it's only your imagination, once it has manifested?
Pretty great I imagine.
Take those feelings and emotions and now ask yourself, and the angels of course, what sorts of steps need to be done before it happens. Do you need to alter something of your daily routine? Different foods? Different clothes? A class to learn. Networking events. Asking for a mentor. Even down to painting a room or de-cluttering, in order to signify that you are ready. Check in with those feelings yet again; still feel great?
What's the next step?
Taking each manifestation dream into the large picture and then allow yourself to be taken on a magical journey. Step by step so it doesn't seem to be as scary or overwhelming. Don't be afraid to say 'I'm nervous'. It's only human nature and if you are honest with yourself, you can be honest with others.
Today is the day of New Beginnings. This newness lasts quite a bit; at least until July 10. That is three days after an energy portal opening on July 7. Stay with it. Ride the wave of things breaking up in order to let in the new. 
You got this.

New Beginnings=Change July 04 2016

Morning Loves!
It's the fourth - a Day of Independence here in the US AND it also happens to be the night of the New Moon.
New Beginnings are afoot.
Let's face it, some new beginnings are scary - you are breaking out of your comfort zone. Inertia is no longer an option. You MUST do something different in order for the new to be presented and to take hold.
Sounds great in theory. I can change!
But when it comes down to actual action, not so much... every time.
Take dieting as an example. It's a human past time; must lose weight in order to ______. We're committed when we go to bed at night and the next day all tends to be forgotten or the phrase 'I'll start tomorrow' crops up.
Any other newness is no different. The bigger the concept, the more we must change and adapt to a new way of being. A way of being that is soooo desirable, but something we can inadvertently sabotage it from every happening. They we get to moan and groan about 'we knew it just wasn't meant to be.'
Look at the large picture certainly. That is what gets us excited and thinking and wondering about what if? Look beyond what needs to happen, initially. How does it feel, even if it's only your imagination, once it has manifested?
Pretty great I imagine.
Take those feelings and emotions and now ask yourself, and the angels of course, what sorts of steps need to be done before it happens. Do you need to alter something of your daily routine? Different foods? Different clothes? A class to learn. Networking events. Asking for a mentor. Even down to painting a room or de-cluttering, in order to signify that you are ready. Check in with those feelings yet again; still feel great?
What's the next step?
Taking each manifestation dream into the large picture and then allow yourself to be taken on a magical journey. Step by step so it doesn't seem to be as scary or overwhelming. Don't be afraid to say 'I'm nervous'. It's only human nature and if you are honest with yourself, you can be honest with others.
Today is the day of New Beginnings. This newness lasts quite a bit; at least until July 10. That is three days after an energy portal opening on July 7. Stay with it. Ride the wave of things breaking up in order to let in the new. 
You got this.

New Portal Opening... July 02 2016

Chatterers ~

July 4th is just a few short days away. It also is the night of a New Moon. How fantastic is this?! If you remember, last month the Full Moon was in alignment with the Summer Solstice. This month, the moon's cycle is in alignment with a portal of energy heralding in NEW. A Day of Independence to be sure.

Who says energy isn't afoot?

Who says doors, gates, pigeon holes aren't opening for all to step through and shine brighter? It's true, it's all happening. This of course completely annoys the lower energies who are doing their best work (or so they think) to keep us all 'fat and stupid'. Not to dwell on their energies, but here are some things that may arise courtesy of your local lower energy:

* arguments

* lack of sleep or too much

* feelings of insecurity, self worth plunging downward

* eating without thought contributing to the foggy brain, lethargy and entering the 'fat and stupid' arena.

Now let's flip this energy to benefit you: Stand true to you. Be a bit more mindful of what you are eating. Honor your body's needs. It's all part of the program, but bottom line, do not give in to those energies; that's exactly what they want you to do; give up.

Spend a bit of time outdoors. Reconnect with nature and all she offers whether it is a ferocious storm like the kinds we've had hit our island lately. How cool is this though, as the storm raged yesterday, and I do mean rage, my neighbor was sitting outside underneath his carport enjoying the entire show. Smartest move in the world? Perhaps not, but he was reveling in the energy. I on the other hand stayed safely inside with Gabi and enjoyed the lightning show. Today we've already taken a beautiful walk before the sun intensifies and saw many happy flowers. Oh, almost forgot to share that since I've been grounding more and remembering to stay ever present, I get to witness two nests in our yard that now have beautiful babies chirping the day away. 

Spend time just for you. Whether it is in meditation, bike riding, journaling, etc. Something to allow you to be present which then helps you to connect back to you. These acts help to quiet the mind (ego) so you may settle more in your heart and see the underlying truth of all. 

Between now and the 7th, write down some things you would like to switch up and become 'new' again. Whether it is stepping more into your power, latching onto your dreams with both wings and committing to never letting go again. You deserve your dreams to manifest and now is the time.

Will it be easy? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Some, most actually, is up to you and how your mindset is and how proactive you are. Remember you are human and life is about having those blasted (or is it blessed?) life adventures so we all can grow and become more empowered. It's up to us how we act and react to each one individually. Not backing down, but perhaps explaining better to allow more to understand where we come from. 

Wrapping all this up; Welcome to YOUR Independence Day! Welcome back to you! Welcome to the brightest and most beautiful life ever.

You so deserve this.

Could this be your 'Once In a Lifetime Event?' June 19 2016

Tomorrow, Monday, June 20, 2016 marks this year's Summer Solstice. Did you also know it is the night of the full moon?


Moon Energies



The last time this occurred I believe was in 1967. For some of us, we are blessed to have it happen twice! The next one is not until 2097 ... so indeed this is the last time for most.

What does this mean for us energetically?


How so? The sun is very masculine in its energy; fire, hot, intense, receiving. Think about it, have you ever used or heard the phrase, 'The sun is draining me today?' Receiving; it takes back. While the moon is very feminine in its energy; soft, illuminating, giving. One of the more common phrases associated with the moon tends to be 'Wow! I couldn't sleep at all, the moon kept me up!' It gives. It helps to illuminate your path - Thank you Archangel Auriel. 

The summer solstice, as you most likely know is the longest day of the year. The sun shines the brightest and the longest. To balance this act, the full moon is also the strongest, the brightest at this time.

Therefore, this once in a lifetime event is the perfect day, to focus on balance. Creating more balance in your world. Perhaps even going so far as to garner insights on creating your heaven on earth reality.

I strongly suggest you meditate today on your desires (don't forget to call on Archangel Michael first for that added protection). Ask and be honestly open to receive the answers (some may not be the ones you desire or think you will get). Are you pipe dreaming (pie in the sky kind of mentality of wishing, but not being proactive?) or is this truly your mission, your passion, your destiny and you find yourself doing something regularly towards that goal?

Start with a yes or no question and build from there. As you get more comfortable with each answer's truth, build upon it and ask another and another and another. As you get more proficient, you may then ask more in depth questions that will allow the angels to offer more details, etc. You are the most important person in your universe; therefore, no matter how long your meditation takes, you deserve that time out for you. No fair asking questions about a loved one unless they directly affect your day to day living. This is situation all about you.

Chat with Auriel to help more brightly illuminate your chosen soul's path. Ask her to shine brighter the folks that are of your tribe whether they be your cheerleading squad or mentors, or ....

I would also gather all sacred objects right now and put them in the energy of this day. Outside if possible. I've already gathered all of my crystals and honestly, they are getting giddy as they feel the energy building, this energy of balance of the feminine and masculine.

Such a beautiful gift at this moment when all seems to be going topsy turvy in the world. What a gift to take time out for you and set your intentions strong by getting clarity with the help of the angels, of course. 

Let me know how your meditation goes!

It's Time... for a bit of R&R May 27 2016


Okay, I get it, I'm not the best blogger in the universe. I can be erratic in posting. It's not that I don't care, but like you, my life can be over the top busy. We just finished a run of three expos back to back. WHEW! We really enjoy the shows; I get to see you, some new and some not so new Chatterers. Help to empower others through lectures and private readings.
But then... need a break are simply tired's okay to say ENOUGH and I'm taking the day off.
This certainly applies to you! Change is upon us. BIG change actually. Most of it extremely great stuff, so I'll focus on that. We'll never see the opportunities if we aren't rested. If we can't see them, how in the world can we accept them? If we can't see them to accept them, how will we embrace them? If we can't see them, accept them, embrace them, how in the world can we manifest our dreams?!
(I feel like this is the diddy...'There's a hole in my bucket')... but it just goes to show in a silly sort of way that one thing does beget another. One small event of taking care of one first before another event can be recognized, accepted, embraced, fully received and acted upon. 
So what ARE you waiting for? Grab your journal. Put up your feet. Relax and start writing. Write down what it is you desire (no item is ever big enough when it comes from your heart). Sit with your musings. How does it feel? Take a nap dreaming about them. Rest, Rejuvenate, Replenish. All required today.
Not sure how to do this? Chat with Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. It's more than OKAY to love yourself first. If you haven't already used our candles,  I cannot recommend them enough; especially Love Central AND Chamuel. Both are imbued with high energies to help break through any barrier preventing you to take care of you.
You deserve it.