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Lean on Me March 08 2017 4 Comments

As I too grow and learn I realize on a daily basis how fortunate I am to have such a strong support network.

That includes you.

If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. Even if you only read these posts and leave a message, it encourages me. As we all grow on our individual path, we gather to us a loving community. A community that is always there, no matter what. A community that stands strong as individuals and stronger as a unit.

What kind of community have you gathered to you? If those around you don't cheer you on, offer a shoulder and even periodically call you on the carpet for not following through, then those my Dear Chatterer really aren't your peeps.

Those are what I call 'The Stand Ins' They are simply standing there watching. No real engagement. No real support. No real... well anything. Time to pull back a bit and allow room for true friends to enter.

Not sure how to go about this? Chat with Uriel; The Angel of Safety. Use his 'famous' Askfirmation -


Why is it safe for me to be me?


If you aren't showing up in your authentic yumminess, how can you attract those who really support you?


No worries, this big change most likely won't happen overnight, unless of course you are FULLY aware of these Stand Ins, like I was. YEARS ago, I had a bunch of friends, lovely women really, but deep down I knew they weren't my peeps. They would literally disregard the topics that were important to me and would often say 'There she goes again.' Insert eye rolls here please, very appropriate.

Well I knew they weren't true friends, but I didn't have a better offer. I was getting kind of miserable to be honest. I wasn't following my dreams and at that point I had just a mere inkling of what those dreams entailed. Sooooooo......

The Gang took the matter into their own wings. All four of those friends dumped me in the course of two weeks.

Yes really.

I carried on, went into the 'depths of my despair' (Anne of Green Gables fan here) and could have won an Oscar.

For one year.

Yes one year. However, in that year I did tremendous soul searching. I began to look beyond and get excited about other things that mattered to ME; energy healing, crystals, and of course angels... they weren't yet The Gang.

Am I glad I did! By the time we left the neighborhood, I thanked one of them in person. Deep down she understood. The kicking out of the nest was one of the best things that ever happened to me; unsavory as it was.

However, if you don't wish such a heart ripping experience, and yet feel akin to how I did, it may be time to start being a bit more proactive in YOUR dreams. A bit more proactive in coming out of the closet to shine your light, fly your freak flag and simply BE YOU.

You deserve a GREAT support group no matter where you and they live. Mine are literally scattered around the world. Family in Europe, Florida, California and more. Chatterers who have become family. I grin and shout HURRAH at your success ... that's no lip service; it's real. It's who I am.

Who are you?



Please leave your comments below...

Labels, oh how we succumb March 01 2017

Have you ever noticed that when you meet a new person, potential friend, that we will start off asking what they DO?

We immediate label them; entrepreneur, stay at home parent, garbage collector, plumber, angel goddess, etc.

That label stays and if we don't like what we hear either through fear or judgment (also fear) we look for an escape route. 'They are not our peeps!'

How often have you called some other driver an idiot (or worse)? True, they may not be driving consciously, but perhaps they just got bad news and are rushing to a loved ones side. Perhaps a relative is going into labor. Perhaps... 

We've all done it, don't lie. We've all experienced it. I remember a neighborhood gathering a few years back that included a buffet dinner and a chance for the entire neighborhood to gather - they ALL came! As a couple sat down next to me on the couch, they asked the most popular question, 'What do you do?' 

Another friend started chuckling and said, 'I LOVE to watch folks faces when you tell them.' I rolled my eyes and shared; very briefly.

They looked at each other and could not leave the couch fast enough.

'Nuf said?

It's gotten to the extreme lately; social media is a 'safe place' to body shame or shame another that is not of your ilk. THAT'S shameful... Not bothering to know of another's history, what gets THEM juiced up, how do they BE (vs. DOing) before throwing those judgment rocks.

Here's a new challenge for you:

Initially, just notice how often you label folks; fat, slovenly, gorgeous, nerdy, etc. I just finished reading a auto-biography of sorts written by Marilyn Monroe. My Story. It takes this blog post (which ironically I've been playing with for over one month) and succinctly shares how she was labeled from her perspective and not really given the chance to BE. Once you notice how often society labels and then bring it down on how often you label, you just may be in for an awakening. 

No judgment - REALLY! It is what it is. However, now BEing a bit more enlightened, how can you switch it up? May I suggest you chat with Zadkiel. He will help to clear the kaka of labels so you may see the truth.

It's a bit of an Angel Rant, so bear with me October 13 2015

As you may have picked up by now, I'm not super regular with my blog posts. Everyone is busy, including me, and I only write a new post when I feel there is something important to say.

Now is that time...

I'm sure you have heard of the phrase 'unconditional love'. A rather new product for us at Angel Chatter - the Good Intention Line -

Yeeeaahhhh... this is so indicative of our society today. Humans have made love so conditional we feel compelled to say unconditional.

Phrases such as:

I love you, please be careful

If only you would/could....

I'd love you more if ...

I'd have love if I were prettier/handsomer, richer, thinner....and so on.

What other conditional phrases can you think of? Ones you may have heard? Or ones you may have even uttered yourself without realizing it?

You see, love is love. Love is pure. Love is freeing. Love is recognizing another for who they are and only wanting the best for them and this is accomplished by reflecting back to them their true essence. It is not accomplished by putting conditions on them ultimately making them feel inferior. Love has NO conditions. Do the angels ever say they will love you more if ....?

Of course not. So why do humans?

Join with me and starting today and place no conditions on the love you give. By doing so, I promise the love you receive will be just as pure.

Well THAT was rather freeing. Spread the word of LOVE! Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing of your responses.


Self Love - start within and then radiate to the world!

Can you do it all? Be a Goddess-preneur AND chat with the angels? August 04 2015 4 Comments

Is a balanced life possible or just a lovely concept? Are you seemingly trying in vain to stay connected with the angels as you go about your day and at times it all seems like a BIG muddled mess creating a barrage of feelings like this:

We’re all busy. We live a busy life; family, chores, job, career, hobbies, time for friends, errands and so on. Did you even take you into consideration during the process?


Most don’t.


Can you be productive and yet maintain a healthy glow from inner peace and ongoing chatter with the angels?


In a nutshell, yes.


Each day brings new ideas, new projects, new ‘must dos’; therefore, each day will present a variety of ways to keep balanced, connected to the angelic realm while doing all those human activities!


One can never go wrong by giving thanks. Why start there? It fuels you at a deep cellular level, expands your capacity to give, receive and be open to new opportunities as well as angelic messages. Each morning in my world starts out curled up in bed with all three of the ‘fur kids’ snuggled next to me. My poor husband has learned and scampers off to work giggling at the site. One of the cats nudges me and purrrrrs. It is the sweetest wake up call and am very grateful for it. People, places, events, etc. then present themselves as I add to the Grateful Chain; family, great new client, great new sales rep, and great new store carrying all of products. I then proceed to other matters; even if something hasn’t come to fruition yet, I give thanks for it being in my life and project outward to a time that it will happen. This all happens with more purrrrrs and hands over my heart to let that love and gratitude sink deep into the psyche.


Breakfast; never miss it. This is rather difficult for me since I’m not a perky morning person and certainly don’t desire food immediately. However prior to our morning walk, I down a large glass of water with daily vitamins. By the time we return, I’m hungry. Only high protein foods for breakfast are allowed; could be a multi-grain piece of toast with beet hummus sprinkled with sprouted beans, or eggs or …. rarely juice - too much sugar and throws off the energy. Coffee? practically every single day. Love those cappuccinos! It is what serves me.

The Balancing Act commences in earnest ….

The proverbial To Do List is created daily; usually over breakfast. As an example, today’s went something akin to:

* Chat with Sales Consultant

* Chat with friend about collaborative retreat

* Blog Post

* Walk Gabi - twice

* Bake chicken for cats

* Make sweet potato chews for Gabi

* Laundry

* Package orders

* Package more merchandise for product showroom in Washington

* Client call

* Submitting to great stores

* and so on…


It’s a full day, no matter how you look at it. However, the gratefulness ritual first thing in the morning has kept the angelic chatter open. If there is a scheduled ‘to do’, that stays. All others are open to discussion. The angels know me better than I know me at times. Therefore, I listen to what is to be accomplished on the list and in what order. They frequently remind me to go outside, even if it is for a few moments; it recharges the soul and I come back to whatever task refueled. I allow myself to go with the flow; one is simply not designed to sit at a desk all day long with no respite!

I admire what is on my desk. This mean I keep it pretty clutter-free and love playing with my crystal shards in a rose quartz bowl. It’s like those zen gardens you may see in offices, but only better. It’s all about LOVE!

These tips so far may seem rather mundane and boring, not to mention very human. True, on one hand, but on the other, it keeps me very connected to angelic realm at all times. It is the simplest of events that can keep one connected with great ease. It’s on those days I do not take time to eat properly or take the time for me that I falter and so does the chatter. All musings become mush at best, walks become drags and eating consists of whatever is closest at hand (good thing junk food isn’t a well known commodity in our home!)

Truth be told, there isn’t one magic tip. There isn’t one magic bullet. There isn’t one size fits all. Wish it did, but it just doesn’t work that way.

What does work is enjoying each moment as it presents itself. As an example, right this moment, as I type, the gulls are laughing, the pink roses are dancing in the breeze and the starlings are sitting on top of the sunflowers enjoying the bounty. THIS is what refuels my soul. It only takes a moment, but moments accumulate and become minutes which become hours. These moments connect to the nature’s beauty and joy. These moments keep the angelic chatter flowing. These moments are pure.


Living each day in a state of grace, gratitude and joy. This is what makes life ever joy-filled and ever present with the angels. This is what makes the chatter non-stop. This is what makes life, well life! Nuances are noticed. Signs are unveiled. Messages not only given, but received.


Report back to me how this has helped. What seeds perhaps became planted within you to spur you on to take those moments for you to BE and how this helped to expand your angelic chatter.


Until next time, remember you are adored, loved and revered above all.

New Moon = New Beginnings, but the journey to get there! March 16 2015 1 Comment

You may be feeling a bit off. You may be feeling a bit unsettled. You may be feeling...

All are very valid emotions and it's as though you are falling into a bottomless pit. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, these are part of the energies that the new moon is raising for so many right now. This moon combined with some astrological aspects that I honestly don't fully understand (it makes my hair hurt), but have chatted enough with the angels to feel this newness that is upon us all.

This newness is going to illuminate what is no longer serving at a personal up to the universal level. Pay note at what is triggering you emotionally and spiritually. An actual event may trigger these emotions; let's say a 'no' or misplaced item throws you into a game of you vs. ego.

Am I on the right track?

Am I too far out there?

Do I need to start over?

and more.

Instead of fueling the ego by playing its game of 'Woe is me', notice where you feel it hitting you emotionally within your physical body. While focusing on that area alone within, say:

I'm sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

This is the Hawaiian healing technique known as ho'oponopono. Bottom line? It heals through love. Isn't that the best? As you say this four-lined phrase over and over while focusing on the angst, the angst slowly diminishes and you become more empowered.

Isn't that the way you are meant to live? Empowered.

Keep in touch and let me know how this works for you.

Something to strive for March 13 2015

My last grandparent died the other day, or as I like to say, 'She skipped over to the other side.'

As we often do these days, we share our personal lives on social media. This was no exception. My family from across the globe began to share at the emptiness we now felt, but a wonderful thing began to emerge as others shared their memories of her. Keep in mind my grandmother was 99. She never owned a computer, smart phone or any of that stuff. Yet people remembered her from decades past. They remembered how quickly she was to jump in to help another. The remembered her smile and laughter. They remembered her hugs, which you always had to bend down for because she was petite. 

They remembered.

She was a nursery school aid. She loved hundreds, if not thousands of children in their young lives. In fact one of her students is now my sis-in-law. She kept a special spot for her for my brother for close to twenty years. Grandma drove 'the old people' around to their appointments, when in fact she was older than them! She provided, loved, nursed, adored, argued (don't ever under-estimate her intelligence and wit!)

So while this post is typed admist tears and sorrow, she left a legacy that only a few will ever achieve simply by being her. She never felt the need to be something she wasn't. She didn't care what religion, color, sex you were. You were fantastic as you were and she was quick to remind you of that. She was love and loved by many.

Now that is something to strive for, wouldn't you say?



Today's the Day February 13 2015

The first thing I heard this morning upon awakening was...

Today's The Day

For what? I asked. This is when they got really chatty...

  • To stop using others as an excuse for you not being where you wish to be
  • To sit and be
  • To go after your dreams with a full heart, not head
  • Take everything in its entirety, one step, one event, one task at a time. Don't get wrapped up in the schematics of it all at once. Address each one as it stands alone. This goes to for the celebrations. CELEBRATE, then move on. There is much in store for you and all of the those actively going after their dreams.

Today's the Day

Super New Moon ~ January 20, 2015 January 20 2015

Dearest Chatterers ~

Today marks the beginning of the rest of the year on so many levels. We will experience a Super New Moon today and the energies are without a doubt intense in that very expansive sort of way. Expansion can be daunting for so many and if you are feeling a bit off kilter and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, then please sit down, close your eyes and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.It can be that simple and within that simple act, profound insights can occur.

We had a day of pure sunshine today; temperatures higher than average and I took full advantage of it. Gabi, our fearless yogi dog, and I sat out on our deck. Me without a coat, and since she wears hers... well you know. After lunch, I continued to soak up the sun and the surrounding energy. Gabi then became my sentry and laid there as a sphinx guarding her territory.

I completely relaxed and felt my body sway in the pulsations offered, within each pulse another glimpse of the very near future was shared. Upon reflection there were probably about twenty or so 'glimpses'; a very quick slide show indeed! Ironically it never felt rushed. Each glimpse felt very settled, real and when I emerged, I truly expected to hear the great news from my honey. Or a phone call or...

I know what I saw was real. Just as your vision of your future can be. So here is your challenge:

Take ten minutes. Relax into a comfy chair, a beam of sunshine and allow yourself to be transported and experience how life is truly meant to be for you. Yes you - all the love, health, joy and yes even vast financial abundance is yours for the asking. 

This is a bit of a nagging reminder, but there is still time to make your vision board for 2015. Have fun with it, enjoy your dreams taking flight. For it is time for you to soar like no other time.


Get Ready for the Year of Abundance! December 10 2014

Dearest Chatterers ~


According to the angelic realm, 2015 promises to be The Year of Abundance!  Woohoo you say! Me too. However, it is up to us what kind of abundance that is attracted. Think about it, you can have an abundant pile of cash, joy, health, love ~ you know all that yummy things that daydreams are made of.


Or… you can have an abundance of indecision, fear, busy-ness vs. being-ness, and the stuff that keeps you up at nights.


Which do you prefer?


Hopefully the former. It is not a new paradigm or revelation that thoughts do create realities, but did you also know that questions asked can play just an important role? True. Think about it, how many times in the midst of being very frustrated, annoyed or worried you metaphorically or literally shout out your frustrations to the universe? Questions such as:


*  Why do things like this always happen to me?!

*  Why can’t I ever make ends meet?

Why do I date such losers?


and so on.


Funny how the Law of the Universe works. It answers every question you ask literally. It never interprets! Sad but true. Using the above questions as an example; those ‘things’ continue to happen, ends actually get further and further apart and those losers? They keep waltzing up to the door. They may change their clothing, but it’s the same kind of loser.


In the vein of using affirmations and mantras to better any situation in your life can be very helpful. Funny thing about those though; affirmations don’t always work. In fact they won’t work at all if there is a morsel within that doesn’t believe what you are affirming. As example, have you ever purchased a lottery ticket and thus proclaimed you now held the winning ticket in your hands? Me too.


Have you won yet?


Me either.


This is how powerful you are though. IF you truly believed you had the winning ticket in hand, it would be akin to that scene in the movie Bruce Almighty when Bruce, aka God for the moment, grants everyone’s wish. They won mere pennies and the lottery went broke.


Think about that. You ARE that powerful. Let that thought sink in.


You ARE that powerful.


Keep in mind an affirmation is a statement. A statement in which the ego eagerly jumps in to argue and blow raspberries at you. It often throws phrases at you such as; Who do you think you are in wanting that? Being a bit greedy aren’t you? You want better? Get use to it, this is life and it’s not getting any better; suck it up. The ego is a nasty spoiled child and very often gets its way by keeping you in your place and somewhat stuck.

Now hold on, there is a way to keep the ego stuck in a corner with the proverbial lollypop. Ask a question! The ego simply isn’t equipped to answer questions. You’ve already been reminded of those not so nice questions asked in frustration, so don’t ask any more those please. Instead, use an Askfirmation. An Askfirmation is a positive present-tense question that you pose to the universe, just like those that you say in frustration. No need to find the answer! The universe will work in the same magical way and answer for you.


Let’s start with the beginning. You. Are you living life to the fullest? Are you jumping out of bed each and every morning giddy with excitement about what the day may hold? If not, then there are aspects of you that are still hiding for a variety of reasons, but at the very core of it all will be your unease to share your brilliance with the world at large. In other words, not feeling safe to share your brilliance in its entirety. I was no different until a few years ago. I hid my angel intuitive talents well. So well in fact I developed a nervous twitch. However, when I began to use the Askfirmation, Why is it safe for me to be me? The twitching stopped, I have literally grown one inch in height and the best part? I can now look folks in the eyes and tell them with great joy and love what I do and why:


Hi, I’m Chris Alexandria. I’m an angel intuitive and I’m here to inspire and empower millions.


How about you? What are you hiding from us? Begin asking:


Why is it safe for me to be me?


Remember, do not look for the answers. Allow the universe and angels to answer and show you. Magic begins to happen. Based on my experience and the experience of clients and customers of the book alike, the path before you becomes clearer. You gain a deeper insight to you; your mission, your glorious journey and the best part? Begin to be excited about you again AND feel comfortable to share it.


Will you grow in physical height? Perhaps. Can’t guarantee it, but others have. Will you win the lottery? If it’s in your highest interests. Will you live the life of your dreams? Yes by asking and using Askfirmations regularly.


I’ll be asking this one Askfirmation, Why is it safe for me to be me? daily until the day I skip on over to the other side. Why? As a human, we continually evolve and that means more aspects of us wish to shine. As each occasion arises, it can be scary to proclaim our truth and and walk taller. It’s part of being human. However, every time I ask, Why is it safe for me to be me? I feel my spine elongate and grow stronger.


Folks have mentioned it. Friends, family members even total strangers have inquired how I’ve gotten to be so tall (I’m now 5’9” by the way). We have begun to find great humor in this constant confirmation that I AM walking my truth more openly than ever before.


As another lovely affect of just asking this very question, you will begin to feel empowered to ask for what you truly desire and begin to allow yourself to receive it all. That is my wish for you for 2015, the Year of Abundance. For you to be abundant in self, embracing every juicy morsel of you and shining like you have never shined before.


Wishing you a joyous and abundant 2015!

Shifts Happen! November 02 2014

Chatterers ~

No doubt about it - many have been slammed lately energetically!


From Mercury in Retrograde - my IPhone refused to act as an IPhone for a couple of weeks. Really. Even it was having an identity crisis!


So many clients and customers are 'treading' water - meaning they aren't really treading, but the newness of these energies barreling in have many second guessing. Me too at times I must admit. There are many appropo sayings:


Let go and let God
Leap and the Net WILL Appear


Trust? Seriously? 


Yes, Dearest, TRUST.  Trust in self. Trust in the angelic realm to deliver what you most desire; job, monies, clients, security, love, joy and ease.

The question ultimately remains ~ are you caught up in the dramas of life or allowing you to receive what you desire most?

We are still in the Year of the Harvest. Remember, you ARE harvesting whatever seed you are throwing out there ~ abundance/lack?  Health/illness? Love/emptiness? Conviction/fear?

It IS your time to shine in your truest element. How are you sharing it and allowing it to come out and play?


Why is it so easy for me to trust me that my desires are manifesting now?