The Angels Have Your Back

The Angels Have Your Back - Angel Chatter


We have just gone through an energy grinder of sorts, and it’s not done yet. 

Energy Grinder?

  • Two Eclipses, hence Eclipse Season
  • Mercury Retrograde. While this has ended, the shadow period has not. Do not make any rash decisions!
  • The last part of this quad is the upcoming Strawberry Supermoon. We are experiencing Luna’s bold energy already, and she won’t climax until Thursday, June 24, 2021. Everything will become more transparent and magnified. 

That’s a LOT of energy that has been hammering us since May 26, 2021.

Don’t unbuckle your seatbelt yet!

During this month, have you felt yourself second-guess, stumble, and perhaps crumble?


You’re not alone.


I even found myself second-guessing my direction and life choices.


Was I doing it ‘right’ (damn, those good girl thoughts!)
Could I do it better?
Could I?



Have you found yourself asking these questions or similar ones? Honestly, that is a GREAT thing!

How so? 

  • You are looking for ease. 
  • You are looking for power via the energy of LOVE. 
  • You are searching, the consummate student who desires to learn and grow. 


When you combine all the energy events that have been packed into ONE MONTH, we have been forced to stop, search, and question before moving forward. At the very least, you cannot say the angels haven’t given us all ample opportunity to do just that and more. 

As always, it is up to you to stay hunched in your current lifestyle or permit yourself to move forward. 


Scenarios can go like this:


  • I want to, but I’m afraid it’s worse ‘out there.’
  • I want to, but not sure how
  • I want to, but…. Fill in your inner dialogue.


Your desire is there, but it comes back to the fear of the unknown. What IF it IS worse? It won’t simply because you are learning more about yourself and THAT is courageous and empowering. 

Your desire is there, but you don’t know HOW. Let us help you. The angels and I will offer you tools while holding you in a sacred space to begin your metamorphosis. 

What to do NOW?

Take a breath. Just the other day, I talked to a family member through focused  breathwork to step away from that anxiety ledge. It’s so simple of an exercise that it is often under-valued as to its power. It goes like this:


  • Place your hands over your heart
  • Inhale for four slow counts
  • Hold for four counts
  • Exhale for four slow counts
  • Repeat as necessary


While you are breathing, notice the cadence of your soul beating. Feel your shoulders relax. Feel yourself releasing the mindsets, toxins, and woes that surround you. 

Relax into the energy. 

Thank Haniel, Angel of Manifestation, for the breath-filled beauty. She gave me this tactic years ago while in meditation, and it hasn’t wavered since. It is short. It is powerful. It is now your tactic to implement into your life. 


This is just one of the many things that are uncovered and shared within private sessions. When you are ready, I’m here for you. Until then, I hold you in a sacred space. 

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