The crazy things can happen while flying

Seraphim - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter all rights reserved
As with most things in my life, this post is writing itself. This time it is via the Seraphim. Yes, really. I find this rather amusing that they chose this time to chat as I am as close as I can physically get to them as I'm in an airplane somewhere over the United States flying home.
Here is what they wish to share and hopefully help you connect back to you with stronger cords of Love. Please bear with me as their words and mine continue to meld, merge and unite throughout the post.
I have a confession to make, I am a channel of the Divine.
The Angels
The Divine Feminine
The Divine Masculine
Isn’t it all the one and the same? Isn't energy, well energy? Certainly some come across as stronger, softer, funnier, etc. However, who the Divine is entirely left to your suppositions; feminine vs. masculine, masculine vs. feminine or a mixture of both. After all, balance is what we often crave throughout each and every day. 
Remember, you are The Divine.
The Divine is within you.
Yes, you.
Grace infuses your actions and at times, inactions. 
It is when the ego relaxes the grip and control of how it can, or more often, cannot happen. Remember, the ego is a control freak and will do its very best to keep you in a state of flux, fear and frustration. In other words, on that blessed gerbil wheel; allowing you to make great time, but ultimately going nowhere.
Take a small leap. Trust your inner knowings and jump off that blessed gerbil wheel and into The Divine's energies. You shall be caught. You shall be caught with wings wide open that are filled with Knowing, Love and Power. Once you accept that that are indeed higher energies at play that wish to assist you, life gets so much easier. Why? You are stepping into a State of Grace that simply allows.
You allow what is not serving you to Leave.
You allow what is in alignment with you and your mission to Enter.

Easy tips to know if it's 'real' or 'not':

  • Anything that grips your solar plexus in a state of angst is fear based, aka the ego.
  • Anything that causes a smile, a heart expansion of what if is The Divine.
Think back over your life. Have you ever experienced the unexplainable?
  • Perhaps you had to call a friend, family member, colleague only to find that they needed you at that very moment.
  • Perhaps you took a different route only to find later that a major accident happened on your normal route that would have involved you. Stories of this nature are plentiful from those that did not head into New York City on September 11 many years ago.
  • Perhaps you felt squeamish entering a situation, stayed and then understood why it was best for you to not be there.
  • Perhaps you felt squeamish entering a situation, left only to be informed at a later date what transpired.
  • Perhaps...
At that moment you were compelled to follow your inner yearnings, your gut, your heart, your soul. You listened to these moments of inspiration and allowed The Divine to take the lead. Metaphorically you dropped the reigns of control and stepped into Grace. By so doing, you followed your soul along its chosen path and I bet magic happened in the moments following. Perhaps not big magic, or miraculous magic, but isn’t magic well magic? Do you put a bigger ribbon on a larger coup vs. smaller ones? Each juicy morsel of magic keeps adding to the already existing morsels. (true story by the way). The more morsels existing that you willingly accept, the more that can join in the Magic Morsel Party. 
Each Morsel of Magic blazes your journey with metaphorical pixie dust. Each Morsel of Magic reminds you to Relax, Allow and Receive. Each Morsel of Magic helps you to remember your true essence which of course is filled with Love and Grace. Does this sound a bit too woo-woo for you? Get use to it Dearest One, for this is your true essence. Your true essence is not programmed to fight for what you desire. Your true essence isn't programmed for scarcity. Your true essence isn't programmed to suffer. Certainly there is karma at play in many situations, but your essence is here, right now on Gaia, to learn, grow in Love and BE empowered. 
Are you ready? Will you say YES to you? We certainly hope so.

Speaking of Karma

Speaking of karma, there are certainly are times during your life when it didn’t happen according to plan; however, upon reflection, can you honestly now reflect upon its absence and see why it didn’t work out according to plan? If you are honest, you may not have been ready for it. Your ego may have said you were (remember it lies all the time). While it may be in alignment for you, timing of an energetic match is equally important. Why? You feel as though it is the next logical step, you simply step into it with little or no effort on your part.
Remember, better is what you deserve and better is what you will be offered and given, if you allow yourself to receive. Better? Yes, better. Not that what may be offered isn't good, but it is ultimately not in alignment with you.

What is YOUR Plan?

The Plan as one thinks it is, typically stems from egoic thinking which as you now better understand, is about as far away from the soul as one can get. It is that kind of determination that may get you what you think you yearn for, only to realize you continue to feel empty on the inside. One can feel and BE in a high state of gratitude in a two bedroom cottage as one can be in a 5,400 square foot mansion. It does not matter, truly, as long as it is in alignment with you.
I will use myself as an example. Once upon a time I felt guilty for the monetary gifts bestowed upon us. Yes really. Others could benefit more and so on. (Good Girl Syndrome anyone?) Bit by bit it was taken away. True story. We moved to our beach home, while romantic on many levels, it was a beach cottage and initially felt cozy. Over the course of the five years we lived there full time, cozy began to feel cramped. Cramped began to seep into all levels of my Being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As many of you know, we moved to our New Digs approximately three years ago. The New Digs is easily three times the size of that adorable beach cottage and my soul is at peace. I now fully own that I require larger spaces in order to BE. Does that make me greedy? Of course not, it is in alignment with whom I am. I know I require balance in energy, water on or VERY near the property, nature in abundance and an expansive sacred space filled with art, aromas and of course LOVE. 
Our next home or homeS (yes allowing what is to BE will BE) will continue to not only support us with a beautiful roof over our heads, but energetically as well. It will continue to allow us to BE expansive in energy, gather with friends and family while creating sense of sacredness for all who enter. 
This, of course, is but a small example of allowing and accepting. We are truly no longer concerned with the how’s but I completely own without a shadow of a doubt of how I AM here to serve; not only you, but The Divine. Remember, it is not just or only your will, but Thy will. It is indeed part of the Divine Plan for you. What are you here to do, BE and Love?

Who exactly are the Seraphim and why did they show up this week?

The Seraphim are known as the highest order of God/Goddess. They are filled with such light that it is said if a mere human gazed upon them, they would instantly go blind for humans are literally so dense they cannot handle that level of purity.

The Seraphim informed me that while their three (yes three) pairs of wings support not only them, but all of humankind to soar. Their eyes are always covered for one must go within themselves in order to find true answers and of course Grace. 

They are said to chant Holy, Holy, Holy daily. Again, you witness the number '3'; three pairs of wings and now the chanting. Why three? The number three often represents completeness as well as stability. You experience this almost daily if you watch TV or listen to radio; commercials will tell you the company's name three times. You've heard of the three little pigs, three blind mice, the Holy Trinity. Not that any of them have anything to do with another, or do they? That is a comparison for another time. 

Below is a commissioned piece of art I had done of the Seraphim. Feel free to gaze upon it and allow fire of purity to grace your BEing. 


Seraphim, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Until next week, I wish you grace-filled moments that remind you whom you are. 

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