The Day the Angel Goddess went mum... June 13 2017 1 Comment

As the world now knows, The Course has launched.

What a birthing experience! The support from family, friends, clients, customers and YOU have made it possible.

Thank you most sincerely.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to launching. There is most definitely a series of events that play into the final outcome (always does).

The week prior I had some dental work; two crowns and a filling to be exact - all in one sitting. My mouth was open for over three hours. While not the end of the world by any means, it's not typical, even for me - one who loves to chat! Talk about a clearing! In the midst of this, Honey Guy was sick. He's never sick. Low grade fever, coughing, the works. He recovered in a few days with about 36 hours to spare before our beautiful client came in for her private weekend. Lots of food to prep, rooms to clean and packages to assemble. Stepping forward a bit more in the spotlight.

Allergies then hit me during the weekend when again my mouth is open. Okay, this time I was chatting, but still. It did not close with exception of sleep. Or chewing of food.

Our weekend timeline was pushed forward as she wished to be home early afternoon on Sunday; it was their wedding anniversary after all! Push we did. By Sunday morning all were thrilled with the outcome, although a tad tired. 

By Sunday afternoon, the voice begins to go. 'I had my sexy voice on'. Deep, graveling, well you get the idea. I drank my tea, calendula laced with honey to coat and baby it. 

The voice wobbled on Monday.

By Launch Day of The Course, the voice was gone. Kaput, completely left the building. Friends and family were horrified. Me? Just tired and not worried.

Why? Because my voice is now heard within the course. For this is the biggest adventure I've ever done publicly. I put my foot, oh who am I kidding, my entire being is out there for the world to see. For better, or worse, I am now being completely heard for as many that wish to listen.

As I put this piece of work forth, my throat said, 'time for rest now' and rest it is indeed doing. True there are a few other physical ailments that are tagging along for the ride, but ultimately - my throat chakra has just undergone its major healing for this life and now it needs a bit of rest.

It is all in the way we communicate; not just in spoken word, but out attire, our adornment, our actions, and yes, even our written word. All of these things are linked to a variety of chakras, but certainly throat is one of the them; expression. I've known for years that this is the one I was to work on in this life. Some find that humorous since I love chatting. The secret is I don't chat with just anyone about anything. I don't share who I am and what I do easily. But NOW with The Course out there, guess I can't hide any more now can I?

Raphael and Big Mike are by my sides for healing and stronger power. I have felt a shift within, and many of you have shared this also. It's time to BE you.